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What if when Vax made his deal with the Raven Queen, what he was really giving up wasn’t his life, but his death. And by that I mean that, essentially he has been frozen from the moment he made his deal, unable to age or die via natural means. His is an existence of service until an enemy of the Raven Queen ends his life violently. 

And so he goes on and it’s a few years before anyone notices. Half-elves age slower than humans after all. And at first it’s just some teasing with his sister about her getting some “stress lines” and “crow’s feet” before he does. But when Vex is pushing 50 and Vax still looks as young as ever, they realize something is wrong.

Imagine him confronting the Raven Queen, and being told that his “death” belongs to her. Imagine his rage and terror at the thought of possibly outliving everyone he loves. Tempered with the hope that at least Keyleth won’t be so alone.

The inevitable happens. Grog dies. Percy dies. Allura. Gilmore. Kima.

Vex’ahlia dies.

He curses the Raven Queen. Begs her to undo it. But no. A deal was struck. The only thing keeping him sane anymore is Keyleth.

Time passes and Vax makes his peace with the Raven Queen and his new fate. He will see his friends someday. But not yet. 

Scanlan dies. Then Pike. It’s painful. But he’s prepared for it this time.

Now there are only two members of Vox Machina left: the Champion and Headmaster.

Love Isn’t a Memory

“My name is Dean Winchester

Sam is my brother

Mary Winchester is my mom, and

Casti–Cas, is my best friend.”

Dean popped his eyebrows high and shuffled unsure.

“Yes, that’s right,” Cas urged.

“You,” Dean said throwing a finger between them. “You’re Cas?”

Cas nodded, “Yes.”

Dean looked back and a stark vulnerability in his face caught Cas between the ribs. The low room light lit him kindly; the crows feet around his eyes were showing. Cas liked those little smile lines, liked them more everyday.

Dean scrubbed his chin. “No, that can’t be right,” he mumbled.


“That can’t be all, I mean.” His jaw jumped as he worked a timid nibble into his bottom lip, “You an’ me.”

“All?” Cas frowned, tried to seek an answer in the filtered sunlight at the motel window before he gave up and shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Are we… only friends?”

Heat hit Cas’ face in a quick bloom. “Why do you ask that?”

Dean was fixed on Cas now, face thin and brow folded. He’d just struck a nerve, and he seemed to know it.

He felt the lapel of Cas’ coat, and briefly brushed a thumb down his tie. He shook his head like he was trying to knock something loose – or knock something away, and he grabbed Cas in those wide green eyes again. “Because I feel like… it’s more than that. I feel like I look at you, and…  I’m in love with you.”

Cas shied back. “Oh,” he puffed, blindsided.

It was incredible how easily an unguarded Dean Winchester managed to rip their lives open. Although, Dean had always been good at turning Castiel inside out.

kayceejoy  asked:

How do the boys age? Y'know, who's going bald, gray etc?

Noctis: He’s the type to look good for his age up until he reaches 70 and it hits him all at once. Gets a decent amount of wrinkles, but they aren’t too deep. Like Regis, he’d have a full head of hair well into old age.

Prompto: His face gets fuller, and he also gets a few gray hairs. He ends up dyeing them before they get out of control. Prompto also finally decides to change his hair, going for a short side part that is significantly more tame but still familiar.

Gladio: Doesn’t start to gray for a surprisingly long time, but the deep laugh lines and crows feet make up for it. Once those grays start to show Gladio opts for a braided man bun to keep his mane contained.

Ignis: Virtually ageless, save for the salt-and-pepper hair he starts developing in his mid-forties. Once Ignis starts going gray he chooses to not color it and goes for the au naturale™ look. His hair would thin a little, but he wouldn’t go bald.

Season 1 magnus quotes

Just a collection of my favorite quotes from Magnus. He had some great lines.

Will do season 2 next. Hope you enjoy them too

Season 1  Ep.2 descent into hell isn’t easy.

“Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter?

” Ep 4 Raising hell

You may be immortal, Elias, but you’re not immune to crow’s feet

”“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly”

“who are you?”

Alec: “well done

”Magnus: “more like medium rare”“

Normally I love a dirty lair, but this one’s just sloppy”

“About Alec, is more a flower or cologne man?”

“pretty boy, get your team ready. (stops Jace) I’m not talking to you. (points at Alec) I’m talking to……”“

Oh the only other person who I’ve known who could draw as well was Michaelangelo, who excellent in bed I might add

”Clary; ‘is he going to be alright?

”Magnus: I dunno. Does he normally lay like that without moving?

”Magnus: ”there’s nothing to be ashamed of Alec

”Alec; “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Magnus; “you will”

 Ep 5 Moo shu to go

“Playing hard to get, I love a challenge”

 Ep6 of men and angels

Magnus; “one more thing I need Alexander”

Jace: ”why do you need Alec?

”Magnus:” virgin Shadowhunter energy.Magnus:”

 stir, we need to have it ready before your boy toys get back

”Clary: ”what if they don’t get back in time?

”Magnus: ”you can’t think like that, Biscuit

”Magnus: “’help me I need your strength”

Alec:  ”take what you need”

Alec: ”are warlocks always this cryptic?

”Magnus: ”I’m not being cryptic, I’m being coy. Let me spell it out for you, I wanted to see you again”

“for almost a century, I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone, man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me”

 Ep 7 Major Arcana

“if Valentine started creating Shadowhunters or regain control of demons it would be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur through Time Square. People would notice

”Clary: ”this should be easy”

Magnus: ”that’s what General Custer said

 Ep. 8 Bad blood

Izzy: ”I want to get my hands on that thing”

Magnus: ”speaking of which, how is Alexander? I was hoping I might hear from him”

“It’s just so hard to tell if Alexander is even interested. I can’t fathom why he wouldn’t be”

(looking at Alec training) “ok, I’m back”

“Oh you don’t have to get dressed up for me. Fine. But I like what I saw”

 Ep. 9 Rise up

“your both going to owe me. I’m talking 14th century, gold, rubies, definitely diamonds”“

what can I say, I have a deep understanding of the human psyche, at least that’s what Freud always said.”

Alec:” I’m getting married

”Magnus:  ”whoa, that’s a tad sudden isn’t it? I mean we should at least go to dinner first”

“solid partnership. That’s hot”

“well ok then. Marriage is a wonderful institution. Not that I would know”

“goodbye, Alexander” (insert me crying in puddle on the floor)

 Ep. 10 This world inverted

“this is the longest I’ve abstained, from a lot of things”“

Now that’s what I’m talking about. We have lift off.”

 Ep. 11 Blood calls to blood

“As you all say the law is the law there’s no stopping me from slipping through this gaping loophole”

Alec: ”name it

Magnus: ”you. In fact, I’ll do you pro bono

Alec: ”so you get it

”Magnus: ”No Alec. I get her. I like her. But you don’t have to marry her”

“you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she Neither of you deserve it .And I don’t either

 Ep.12 Malec

where’s the honour of living a lie?

”“what about love? Even Shadowhunter fall in love Alec. Just tell me you’re in love with Lydia and I’ll stop.

”“confusion is part of it. That’s how find out if something’s there. Emotions are never black and white. There more like, symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath.”

“I know you feel what I feel, Alec”

“you have a choice to make. I will not ask again”“

it’s happy hour somewhere, my dear”“

I’ve played my last hand here, even I know when to fold them”

“I’m sorry I asked. I came here with you to escape my relationship drama not  get front set to yours.

”“Maryse, this is between me and your son. I’ll leave if he asks me to

”‘You never cease to amaze me Alec

”“I have to hand it to you Alexander, you certainly know how to make a statement”

 Ep. 13 Morning star

“and yet true love cannot die”

“well, this is awkward”

“if I know Camille she’ll have a trick or three up her sleeve”

“Alexander, I may be the high warlock of Brooklyn, but even I can’t see the future”   

Day 5, March 24
  • OST (General): Peaceful Days
  • Saitama Prompt: “I picture the future in my heart”
  • Genos (AU Prompt): Domesticity/Domestic AU

They own a house in the suburbs, saved up and moved out there a while ago. They’re still heroes, but now their house has a veranda and Saitama likes to sit out on it and usually, Genos will join him.

One night, when the moon is full, they’re sitting side by side. Saitama wanted to have sake to celebrate the full moon but Genos said it would be best to cut down. So they have hot tea instead, the tendrils of steam, illuminated by the moonlight, coil upwards.

Saitama can’t actually remember what they’re talking about. Something about their neighbours, meeting them at a sale, he’s staring at the laugh lines on Genos’ face and thinks, ‘those can’t be real, no way’. Maybe he’s imagining things out of spite because he knows he’s got crows feet and the backs of his hands have started to pinch up.

He’s getting old.

And he’s struck by the same silly idea that Genos should be in this nice suburban house with a nice wife who’s petite and pretty and practical. He shakes his head to get the thoughts out of his mind. It’s become easier over the years.

“Sensei?” A warm hand brushes over his cheek. Genos has gotten his heating under control over the years so he no longer subjects Saitama to cold metal fingers.

Saitama sneaks his hands under Genos’ shirt and Genos pulls him in for a kiss which turns into two, and then three. As their fumbling increases with the urgency of their breaths, Genos misses and kisses his nose instead and Saitama laughs under his breath. “Wait, wait.” He sets both their cups aside, they’ve long gone cold, and then Genos pushes up against his chest.

He kisses like he’s tasting Saitama, nibbling on his lips like he’s savouring a delicious meal. Genos’ kisses still make him tremble, but he knows that sliding his hand up Genos’ thigh garners the same reaction from him. They’re sensitive on different points of their neck. For Saitama, it’s his pulse point; for Genos, it’s the bundle of artificial muscle fibres running down his neck.

They don’t need to get up early for a sale tomorrow so they stay up late, drag the futon over to the sliding door and make love under the moonlight. Genos turns the heat up to make sure Saitama doesn’t catch a cold. Saitama ends up sweating under their combined heat, pressed under the weight of Genos’ body as he loves him again and again.

Genos has been talking about getting a flesh-covered body but Saitama will miss getting his fingers caught in the vents and being able to wedge them into gaps in the joints. He’ll have more places to bite down on though.

Now they take their time, the night melting into a slow glide of skin and lips and words.

“Your skin feels softer today”

“I really like how your hair looks in the moonlight”

“You’re not so sensitive here anymore”

“Do that again, it feels good”

“Weather’s turning colder.”

“I’ll get the heater running again.”

“Let’s go to the public baths again tomorrow.”

“I want to get you some more flowers for the garden”

“How does Western for lunch tomorrow sound?”

“Is this what you always imagined?”

“Not really. It’s much better.”

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Word Count: 263

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The hues of green and brown, dancing with bits of amber in the light from the flash. You were staring at a photograph of your boyfriend, Dean Winchester. He was never one for pictures or selfies, but the one you took earlier in the day you couldn’t help but stare at.

His eyes had some competition though. With his smile. Those perfect pearly whites, all aligned in the right place. It took your breath away when he smiled as he didn’t do it very often. You couldn’t blame him. Save for you, there was hardly anything in this world worth smiling for.

The dimples close to the corners of his mouth, the rounded point of his nose, the sharp angle of his jawline, the crow’s feet at the edge of his eyes, God couldn’t have made a more perfect human. And he was all yours.

It didn’t take long for you to be torn away from your daydreaming by the feeling of being watched. As you looked up, the very perfect man who’s heart belonged to you kept his gaze at yours, then winked. This caused you to mockingly fall out of your chair and dramatically sprawl on the floor. He laughed as he came over to you and stood over you.

“Did I startle you, beautiful?” he said amused.

You continued the ruse.

“Twinkle twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are…..” you jokingly said in a dazed sing-song voice.

This caused Dean to fall down to the floor, laughing harder. As you put it all the time, he was done.

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