crows feet


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡

Don't apply concealer directly onto any lines around your eyes or crows feet, it will just crease. Use a smoothing, resurfacing primer before you apply your makeup instead.

ok @ my author friends i love y’all so much but when you’re describing a character, please don’t just give me their coloring. In fact, stay away from it as much as possible.

I really don’t care about their striking blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, i want to know that they have bony elbows, a small nose that scrunches up when they are excited, I want to feel who the character is through their expression, i want to feel how the character describing them feels, I want to know that their legs are chubby but pack a mean kick, i want to know if they are short and happy about it or short and angry about it, i want to know how they express their emotions, what they look like when they think no one is looking.

 I want to know the embarrassing things, the drool left on pillows, the endearing way they sneeze like a freight train. I want to know about the crows feet in the corners of their eyes and the sadness on their face.

Nothing expresses more love than having a character describe another’s imperfections as the most beautiful things in the world.

I want to know about laugh lines, and how they don’t laugh any more. I want to see how your main character wonders about this. I want to get a feel from their fashion style, I want to actually know your character. The style of their immaculate hair tells me nothing about the stress they are hiding from others. The shine of their “orbs” doesn’t express the heartbreak. The way your mc talks about their “golden tan” doesn’t communicate how self conscious they are.

Make the character that others will love and cherish and cry for and laugh with. Stop making the character that you want to be, make the character that others will understand.

Someone is about 3 seconds away from being dead.