crows attack

actual notes on attracting crows

some of you may know i’ve been feeding crows for a few months now, as represented in my operation: crow army tag

i’ve been doing it as part of spellwork and as an attempt to gain a cohort of familiars. ultimately i would like to train them to attack cops or something but i haven’t quite figured that out

it’s gotten to the point where i can pretty much walk out onto my porch during any daylight hour and crinkle a packet of ramen noodles and they’ll come perch in the trees. today a few of them were willing to land on the far edge of my lawn while i was still on the porch, which is a new development.

they’re still wary of me. every time i move, even from the other side of the window, they jump. i think it’s reflexive

an unexpected side effect is that i am learning which of my neighbors the crows like. lots of people walk by my house but only for a select few will the crows only stay on the ground level while they walk past.

at first i summoned raccoons, and they got into the crawlspace directly under my bedroom. actual monsters under my bed, screaming and gnawing on the floorboards. just kidding, they’re probably cute, but i interpreted this as a metaphor for the structural underpinnings of my thoughts and beliefs: there’s something dangerous going on in the recesses of my mind, and i need to get rid of it before it gets trapped and rots down there.

well, i think the raccoons are gone but apparently it’s because there has been a coyote sighting exactly in front of my house, and i have no idea if i summoned that or what it means

Tengu Lord Varus

- He lives in a deep forest terrorizing nearby towns for their shiny jewels. If he isn’t pleased with offerings he terrorizes towns until they give him what he wants.
Even if they give him offerings, if he dislikes it and finds it unworthy he will change the givers into crows. Causing them to stay trapped in his forest.
His specialty is illusions and paranoia, making people feel as if things were jumping out of places and making them feel immobile and unable to fight back.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about Alfred x Bloody Crow? Like, Alfred tries to be a good executioner and kill the filthy excuse of a hunter but every time he attacks the Crow sends him to the ground with one less item of clothing and "Since when does having a touchy Vileblood on top feel so good??? Plz don't tell Master Lugarius."

several things working against alfred here: 

1. the bloody crow is STRONGER THAN IS WARRANTED

2. i wholeheartedly believe that alfred wants to fuck things he hates (ie, the queen, THIS CROW, probably the entire court of cainhurst if they still existed)

3. i can’t think of a third thing but this is probably a really good setup for “we’re hatefucking and feeling stabby. someone’s goTTA DIE.” i’m sure alfred wins out in the end as a result of having BRUTE STRENGTH but like you said i’m sure there are quite a few moments where he’s getting his ass raunched on the steps of the grand cathedral and is like, “what has my life come to. this is amazing. i have to get to cainhurst asaP” 

i’m glad we’re all playing a special edition of bloodborne where everyone is mega horny

that being said, maybe i should give the bloody crow more thought……


It had been a long day. Between classes and work, he hadn’t even had time to stop at home for dinner. But he finally pulled up in front of the converted warehouse he called home and got out of the car. Even Serena seemed glad to be home; she immediately headed for the roof and open skylight, while Justin went for the door. Just as he reached for the latch, he heard footsteps running toward him. He spun, throwing up a shield, but a blast of magic blew right through it, throwing him against the door. “Where’s the crow?” his attacker hissed, pinning Justin against the door by the throat. It’s face gave it away as demonic.

“I-I don’t know what…you’re talking about,” Justin choked out, fingers scrabbling against the forearm at his neck.


Kawasumi Bishin (Taketora) in his latest blog post talks about a very strenuous photo-shoot he had, followed by an evening reading Haikyuu chapters featuring Taketora, to just reading chapters without him, to just reading entire JUMP volumes.  

The tabby, Fuku-chan, is a rescue kitten, whom his mother saved while the poor thing was being attacked by crows.  Bishin writes, “I’ll be fighting with crows myself, soon!”  The household cat, Kuu-chan gets along quite well with this new kitten and also with Bishin~ “Kuu-chan gave me a kiss!”


Name - Guiron.

Pronunciation - *Geer - Ron*

Height - 86 meters. Length - 120 meters.

Weight - 110 metric tons.

Sex - Unknown.

Alignment - Alien. Gamera Enemy.

Powers - Blade shaped head. Blade has energy reflective properties. Mind controlled shurieken ninja star blades hidden in head. Excellent jumper.

First Reported Sighting - 1969.

First Reported Death - 1969 = Killed by being pierced by a missile that was soon detonated by Gamera’s flame breath.

POWER LEVEL SCALE - 7 OUT OF 10 = Gamera almost met his match against Guiron. While equipped with a deadly melee based arsenal, Guiron boast incredible strength alone, being able to shake the ground beneath him and bring able to generate enough momentum to slice through the bodies of other kaiju with ease. Only with the luck of two young children is Gamera able to defeat Guiron.

Film Co. Daiei

First Movie - Gamera vs. Guiron.

Other Films - Gamera Super Monster.

History - Being the most recognizable of all the Gamera enemies, Guiron was immortalized in the cult classic series Mystery Science Theater 3000. With most individuals viewing the film through the satirical episode then the original film format, Guiron ha forever claimed as “The monster that was made in a hurry”. (Original Quote as Guiron lurks from his dwelling. “Yeah yeah I know they made me in a hurry. - Crow)

Personal Monster Theory - None.

Kaiju Head Cannons - Guiron is a manager at the friendly Super Market in the meat and butcher department.

Kaiju OTP’s - None.


NEW VLOG IS UP! Today Nandini sings for us, I learn how to pee and eat at the same time, and I FINALLY watch the season finale of Game Of Thrones. Also, a crow BASICALLY attacks us. Enjoy xo

When we think of Medieval Italy, we think of what was arguably the cultural hub of the Middle Ages – the birthplace of the Renaissance, Machiavelli, Dante and da Vinci.

Italy saw the development of some of the most enduring literature, sculpture and art the world has ever seen. It also produced a painting of a tree of dicks.

Now before you light up the comments section claiming that this isn’t a tree of dicks but merely a bunch of dicks standing around a tree, take a closer look at the branches.

What’s going on here? Nobody really knows. Some think the dicks are meant to symbolize fertility, while others argue that the dicks are actually there as part of a political propaganda movementagainst a rival faction, because when you want to crush someone’s spirits, you make a crude painting of some dudes in a penis grove getting attacked by crows. We like to believe that the artist just got so tired of painting historical battles and scenes from the Bible that he went dick crazy.

8 Filthy Jokes Hidden in Ancient Works of Art