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what bound them together? greed? desperation? was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking?

Wild Dancing

Wild Dancing
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“C'mon! Pleeeeeaaaassseee! (Y/N)”, Your best friend begged as you drove her and her boyfriend home from his afternoon football game. You rolled your eyes,

“You REALLY want to go?”

She bobbed her head quickly before glancing into the back seat where Bryan snored away,
“Tired baby, oh well.”

You laughed and shook your head as you pulled up in front of the local club. While you all collected your things you glanced around. The people didn’t look. Too friendly, but there were a couple of cute guys here and there. You smiled as you turned your head to the sound of your best friend shaking Bryan up .
He stirred and shook his head,

“Whoah Whoah what?”

“Ally wanted to hit the club.” , you gestured your thumb behind you with a playful smirk. Unlike Ally you were single, ever since your last boyfriend cheated on you. Then said it was your fault. You gritted your teeth at the memory but shook your head as if shaking it away from your mind.

Ally smiled and pecked his cheek as she dragged him out of the car.
You were out and stood beside her , hand on your hip.

“This might take a while.”, she turned to you with a guilty smile, “so you go on ahead , we’ll catch up.”

Your grin dropped, ’ I have to go in Alone?’ you dreaded to yourself.
Glancing nervously from her to the entrance, gulping at the sight of the big burly security guard. He kinda looked more like a pimp to be honest. Ally noticed your tension and laid a comforting hand on your shoulder,
“Oh (Y/N), you’re gonna be fine! Now go go! Somebody’s gotta get in there!” , she chuckled. You laughed along nervously as you nodded. Slowly starting over to the entrance, you turned when you were halfway there, Ally still trying to drag Bry out of the damn car. She looked at you , smiled and waved . You laughed and shook your head as you proceeded onto the night club.

You stopped just in front of the Man , cautiously looking up at him like a scared bunny. He could’ve been glaring, or just . Staring at you. Hell his eyes could’ve been closed or he could’ve been blind! You couldn’t tell do to the large , reflective black sunglasses he wore over his eyes. He just nodded at you, which you took as a sign of approval as you scurried inside.

Music blasting, bodies scattered every inch of the place all moving . Like a tank filled with snakes people danced and spun. You glanced around, at first anxiety hit you like a bus, people were so close. But then you caught a glimpse of Ally and Bryan who started laughing and dancing together. You smiled at your friends having fun, so. Why shouldn’t you?

Then just as the music faded, your favorite song tuned on and you felt the fire Ignite your bones.

“Oh Damn (Y/N) !” , you heard Ally call along with a couple whistles of people near you. You didn’t know what got into you, but you were busting a move. Beat for beat your feet , and body swayed to the sound. Like a tidal wave you rode the melody.

Then as the encouragement and excitement kept gliding higher and higher. You were Dancing Wild!

But all stopped when you spun, tripped on someone else’s foot and right into the slender chest of a man’s. His arms caught you. But Giggling at first, you instantly felt guilty and shot yourself up . Turned to face the person you just slammed into , apologizing profusely before a low. Mad chuckle enveloped the air. The people around slowly backed away as the music still continued on.

“Now What Do We Have Here?”

You finally looked up at him and your breath caught. Of all the night clubs, you had to walk into his. The Joker’s. He bared his grill in a twisted grin, as he let loose another long painful laugh.

“I like the way you move Doll.”, he said suddenly tilting his head to the side. “Mind showing me again?”

You were flabbergasted , The Joker, the fucking Clown Prince of Crime wanted to watch you dance?! But then again, this could be a cruel joke to him, make you dance then shoot you square in the head. But besides that if you didn’t, you’d probably end up dead anyway. But your shocked self croaked,


He looked at you more intently,
“Did I stutter? ”

You shook your head . You could see Ally and Bryan behind him. ‘Better not look at them now’ you thought.

“I like your .. Enthusiasm . So into the … ”, he started to sway as he stepped closer to you. Purring ,“ Groove~ . In the motion.”, he licked his lips as he started to circle you, like a lion around its prey. But , as he did so he started to twist his waist , hips opposite while his arms were held up mid way and he started to dip around you. “In Sync with!” , he reached his hand out to grab yours firmly pulling you towards him against his chest, he smiled , silver toothed filled grin and growled loudly, proudly. “The Music!” , As if on cue the music blasted even louder than before, vibrating the floor, the walls, even your heart. But, could that be His doing ? He then started to step , and step , started to waltz with you. Like as if everything outside went still, as if everyone in the club left and it was just you two, under a spot light, or the shine from the moon. You felt in that moment so right, like he was the one. You both danced in rhyme with one another. You bore deep into each other’s eyes, his piercing cold blue into you vibrant (E/C) . Until he dipped you. You held onto him and him you as he leaned his head down slowly. His lips inches from yours. His hot breath dusting your cheeks teasingly, and like that. He swung you up and out so you both separated at arms length. You spun freely until you disappeared into the crowed.

You bumped into Ally who she and Bryan looked wildly at you.

“Did you just do what I think you just did?!” , Bryan wondered. You thought a moment, was all that even real. Yes, it had to be. You were still there weren’t you? Yes. You turned to look back into where you and Joker were, seeing he was gone. But people still circled , almost hypnotized.

“I, don’t know .” You said as you faced them again, looking hard at the ground in thought.
Ally shook her head with a nervous laugh, “ well let’s call it a night huh?”

You look up at her and nodded, “yeah. A night.”
~Time Skip~

In the car after you dropped Ally and Bryan at her place you parked in the lot of your apartment complex . You reached into the glove box to grab your purse and noticed, there as a scratch piece of paper sitting on top of it. Grabbing it curiously , turning on the roof bulb ,
It read:

I Like You Doll, you should swing by the club more Often, You’re a Wild Dancer,