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A list of words and phrases that Jonathan Crane’s crows have learned from him, mostly by accident.

In General:

  • Various Nursery Rhymes
  • Any and all synonyms for fear
  • Out of context Edgar Allan Poe quotes
  • The remember the melodies of his favorite songs
  • Occasionally they also like to mimic The Twilight Zone theme


  • Scared yet…?
  • There is no Crane (…only Scarecrow)
  • I am fear incarnate!
  • Prepare yourself, Batman. (My reign of terror starts now)
  • I will break you, Dark Knight
  • Need more books (More books!)
  • Freud is a fraud
  • Mistress (of Fear)
  • Hroo Hraa
  • Fear Toxin


  • I’m the Master of Fear!
  • The Lord of Despair!
  • The Duke of Darkness!
  • The King of Screams!
  • The Prince of Palpitations!
  • The God of Terror!