crows 0


Some shots from my shaggy jungle yard yesterday exploding with irises and weeds.

I was working in the yard and heard one of my crow friends in a tree so I called it down and tossed the two peanut from my pocket into the street. The crow came down and stood on the curb and seemed to want some more snacks. So I told it I would go inside and get more.

This was the point when I realized my neighbor was on the sidewalk and had just gotten off their bike. Maybe they were watching me but I didn’t look up cause I was talking to a crow sitting on the curb like I was chatting with a feathered neighbor.

I went in and got a few more peanuts while Ian B was tending the hops that were trying to consume our seating area out back. The crow had hopped up on the fence to wait for me, it knew I would come back.