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Hey there! This isnt an emergency, I was just curious if in your experience of having bettas if a lightly colored one had the potential to turn darker? I recently bought a male crowntail better (a few months ago). All of his fins are red with the tips being a tiny bit blue, and his body is a pale lavender almost. I recently noticed a few tiny spots of bluish black color on his scales. I've never had a betta change colors on me before, I dont think he's ill. He's acting very much like himself.

Hey, there. :)

Yes, this is a thing. You’ll find that a lot of pet store bettas really grow vibrant in a new home since stress in adequate situations causes colour loss.

There are also bettas called marbles that can drastically change colour over their lifetimes. You’ll usually see this change if you have an all-white or mostly-white betta or a betta with a peach colouration (especially around the face). These bettas have the jumping or marble gene that causes colour changes. Some are subtle while others are quite drastic. I’ve had three marbles with drastic changes.

I can picture the kind of betta in my head and suspect that, since it’s blue, it’s likely just normal colour change. A lot of the lavender and red bettas tend to have blue iridescence and patterning. If you’d like to toss a picture into messenger, I can still check it out for you. If he’s otherwise acting normal, it’s likely just colour change.