A Crown of Fire and Fury.

What wrongs can you right? Who can truly judge the intent and actions of people? The crown is a paralyzed centipede, it coils about your head and clings to your temples with sharp syringe like claws. The centipede’s legs stretch out to the sky, aflame eternally, as if to sign you as a righteous light in the dark. It hurt at first, as the spines it calls legs dig into you, but now you are accustomed to it now. You view the world with clarity now. The flames light your way and the pain focuses you from distractions and deceit. With this crown your voice is loud and carries weight, people will listen and notice. It fills your veins with fire, an anger that perhaps was always there, and with that fire it hones you to become a champion of your cause.

Be wary however, as these flames may burn into an inferno. The light forces you to only see in the stark contrasts of black and white. The crown will use your anger and justified frustrations will be used as tinder to burn your emotions into a justified hate. Soon nuance and complexity will be lost to you as you strike out with impunity and blind assurance. You will discard the titles of voice and champion and don the trappings of zealot and inquisitor. Your hunt for malcontents and your strict lines of right and wrong will exhaust those around - if the flame has not already found wrong in the shadows it has cast upon them.

Will it be worth it to view the world in such simplistic tones? Yet the power and gratification of the hunt feels so thrilling…so just…



Hey Guys!

My first post in who knows how long. 
I was working on this small personal project with simple ‘concept.’ I love birds, and I love looking at royalty and the romantic depiction of them so I put them together. (technically just slapping on crowns on all these birds)
Just  tried to design and depict everything as something lovely.

These were all digitally done. 
I’ll have a couple more pieces I’ve done for this project so I’ll post after I’ve taken nice pictures of them.