ClassicCatherine’s favorite crowns/tiaras (in no particular order);

The Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau, The Danish Midnight Tiara,

The Dutch Diamond Bandeau, The Swedish Cameo Tiara,

The Swedish Amethyst Tiara, The Spanish Floral Tiara,

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Monaco’s Ocean Tiara


I made some new waist chains.  I like how they accent and balance out a lot of lolita dresses that tend to be very top heavy in details.

If you would like to see other examples of my jewelry along with pricing info and updates on new pieces feel free to follow https://www.facebook.com/divinitydoll


Giving away four crowns, three golden watering cans,  two black roses, two black tulips, four orange roses, 1mil bells and a random present.

First winner will get 

- A crown, a golden watering can, two black roses, and 1mil bells.

Second winner will get

- A crown, a golden watering can, and two black tulips.

Third winner will get

- A crown,  golden watering can, and two orange roses.

Forth winner will get 

- A crown, two orange roses, and a random present. 

Only rule is that only reblogs count will be ending hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I want at least a fifty notes before choosing the winners. You DO NOT have to be following me but I would appreciate it^.^ Also I will be writing you in your ask to tell you if you won!! But I of course will put up a post once I close this giveaway.