ezreal: guys, i have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.

lux: that’s okay, we still love you.

taric: i’m gay, too.

twisted fate: me too.

graves: same.

ezreal: jesus christ, does nobody here like girls?

vi: i do.

star guardian jinx: so… do you like lux or what?

star guardian ezreal: *laughs*

star guardian jinx: what’s so funny about that?

star guardian ezreal: i’m gay

star guardian jinx: you’re gay?

star guardian ezreal: there’s nothing wrong with that right?

star guardian jinx: i’m gay too

Lux: I’m throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up.

Syndra: I’m throwing handles at people who need to get a grip.

Lissandra: I’m throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill.

Camille: I’m throwing scissors at people who need to “cut it out”.

Zilean: I’m throwing clocks at people who need to get with the times.

Annie: I’m throwing matches at people who need to get fired up.

Jhin: I’m throwing a brick at someone to kill them.