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House Baratheon of Storm’s End.

The Baratheon sigil is a crowned black stag on a field of gold. Members of the family tend to be tall and powerfully built, with black hair and blue eyes, as well as strong, square jawlines. They are known for their mercurial tempers, and their words are “Ours is the Fury”.


…and their portraits hung in the halls of the holy, until the city itself burned down. 

I commissioned my best @snuffes to do portraits of the TLS OT3 – Eliza, Peter, and Harrit – because it is a thing that happens in the TLS-universe, and now I am ridiculously emotional about my babies. This is the first time I’ve seen them all together, outside of my head, and they’re so beautiful. 

(And in Eliza’s case, so extra.) 

Thank you so, so much to @snuffes, who manages to come up with masterpieces every time I ask her to illustrate something, and who truly outdid herself this time. <3 Please go tell her how fantastic she is! 

madamovary  asked:

at what point do you go from being a son of a major house to being a cadet house to just being some dude with a good name? if jaime had married and had children (purely for genealogical debate purposes), would they also be lannisters of casterly rock while tywin was still alive, prior to jaime becoming lord of the rock? what if tyrion married, had children, but did not inherit because jaime did? are his children lannisters of the rock? (1/2)

(2/2) if tyrion buys a tower and sets up home in it, is it a cadet house? is tyrion a lannister of the rock, but not his kids? if his kids wander out to be traveling knights, are they lannisters of his cadet house? if they go marry innkeepers and live from home, are THOSE kids then finally not lannisters of the rock but just bob and tom lannister? are there rules? thanks!

First of all, cadet houses are not originally an ASOIAF thing – they’re a real-world historical thing. See the wikipedia article for “cadet branch”, that should answer many of your questions. GRRM has put a few of his own twists on the concept, though, so let me explain.

A cadet house in Westeros is created when a younger son or junior branch, not in the direct line of inheritance, is granted or acquires his/their own lands and castle and forms a new branch of the main house. Some examples:

  • House Greystark: thousands of years back, a younger son of House Stark and his family were granted the Wolf’s Den on land that would eventually become White Harbor. The Greystarks were around for five hundred years before they joined with the Boltons to rebel against House Stark, which ended badly for them; they are now extinct.
  • House Karstark: founded a thousand years ago by Karlon Stark, who was granted lands for his valor and built the castle Karl’s Hold. The name of the castle eventually shifted to Karhold, and over time the Karhold Starks became Karstarks. Their motto, “the sun of winter”, is a punning reference to their originator, a son of House Stark.
  • House Lannister of Lannisport: founded thousands of years ago, when there were too many junior branch Lannisters to fit in Casterly Rock anymore. Instead of expanding the tunnels of the Rock, they moved into a village a mile away and turned it into a town, then a city. Note, the Lannisters of Lannisport are only distantly related to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock (though probably some younger sons have married into them within the past couple hundred years) and have no real claim to the Rock.
  • House Blackfyre: a cadet house of House Targaryen, founded about 120 years ago by a legitimized bastard of King Aegon IV, who was granted lands by the Blackwater by his half-brother King Daeron II in respect of their late father’s wishes. Soon rebelled against the Targaryens, leading to five Blackfyre Rebellions; were exiled from Westeros, and are extinct in the male line.
  • House Fossoway of New Barrel: founded about 100 years ago when a cousin from a younger branch of House Fossoway finally had enough of his main-line cousin’s assholery – he changed his sigil to a green apple instead of a red one, and at some point acquired his own lands and castle. In current Westeros, characters often distinguish between the red-apple or green-apple Fossoways.  
  • House Royce of the Gates of the Moon: uncertain when they were founded (at least 50 years ago), but the lord of the junior branch of House Royce of Runestone has been serving as the Keeper of the Gates of the Moon (an Arryn castle) for some years now. (The Keepers are traditionally Arryn kinsmen, note.) Recently they were granted the title and the castle in perpetuity by the Lord Protector of the Vale.
  • House Baratheon of King’s Landing and House Baratheon of Dragonstone: founded after Robert’s Rebellion, when Robert Baratheon became king of Westeros, and granted the Baratheon lands and castle of Storm’s End to his youngest brother Renly, and the formerly Targaryen castle and lands of Dragonstone to his younger brother Stannis. As the eldest son of House Baratheon, Robert could have reserved both Storm’s End and Dragonstone for his own potential sons, and left his brothers to fend for themselves, but he was carelessly generous instead. Note, the King’s Landing Baratheons currently use a split Baratheon/Lannister sigil, and the Dragonstone Baratheons use a sigil of the heart of R’hllor with the Baratheon crowned stag inside.
  • House Frey of Riverrun: The family of Emmon Frey and Genna Lannister, granted Riverrun after the Tullys were attainted by the crown, as part of the rewards for the Frey participation in the Red Wedding. (Note this does not include lordship over the Riverlands; that belongs to House Baelish of Harrenhal.) See also House Bolton of Winterfell and House Lannister of Darry.

Regarding your specific questions:

  • If Jaime had married and had children, would they also be Lannisters of Casterly Rock while Tywin was still alive? Yes, certainly, especially since Jaime is the eldest son and heir of Tywin. (I’m assuming this is in a no Kingsguard Jaime AU of course.) Note that Tywin was a Lannister of Casterly Rock when his grandfather Gerold the Golden was still alive, and Tywin’s younger brother Kevan and his family are Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and Tywin’s uncle Jason’s descendants are Lannisters of Casterly Rock. There’s a lot of Lannisters of Casterly Rock. (This family tree may not even be all of them.) Casterly Rock is big. There’s plenty of room for Lannisters.
  • What if Tyrion married, had children, but did not inherit because Jaime did? Are his children Lannisters of the Rock? Yes, as long as they keep living in Casterly Rock, see the above question.
  • If Tyrion buys a tower and sets up home in it, is it a cadet house? You can’t just buy a tower in Westeros, this is feudalism, all lands and castles belong to some lordly or knightly house already, and they don’t get sold. (He could buy a house in a city, but cities are different - ask @racefortheironthrone​ for the reasons why.) But Tyrion could be granted a tower, mind you. Or a castle. Tywin, for example, wanted to give Tyrion Winterfell. (Or the chance to capture Winterfell, at least.) If that had succeeded, Tyrion and Sansa’s children would likely found the cadet House Lannister of Winterfell. (Yes, it’s possible to have cadet houses in different regions of Westeros – see House Kenning.) It would be similar if Tyrion were granted lands and a castle in the Westerlands, although Tywin wouldn’t be likely to give him any such thing. (Jaime might, if Jaime were lord; but if Jaime were lord, Tyrion probably wouldn’t want to move out of the Rock.)
  • Is Tyrion a Lannister of the Rock, but not his kids? Tyrion would likely always consider himself to be a Lannister of the Rock, even if he formed a cadet house, and his kids might as well. Cadet houses are sometimes formed over time – see the Karstarks, who possibly considered themselves Starks of Winterfell who happened to live in Karl’s Hold for the first generation or two. But if a major family division was what caused the cadet house (see the green-apple Fossoways), then the choice to be associated with the new castle would encourage the separation. In the case of the theorized Lannisters of Winterfell, see the Freys of Riverrun or the Lannisters of Darry – the association of the new cadet house with the castle is part of the conquering of that castle and lands, to show both dominance over it and a connection to its smallfolk.
  • If his kids wander out to be traveling knights, are they Lannisters of his cadet house? Yes. See Ser Lothor Brune, a freerider who is related to the knightly cadet branch House Brune of Brownhollow, not the lordly main branch House Brune of the Dyre Den. (His sigil is the Brune of Brownhollow bear paw, distinguished by the apple cores of the Fossoways he slew and captured at the Battle of the Blackwater, from which he gained his knighthood.)
  • If they go marry innkeepers and live from home, are THOSE kids then finally not Lannisters of the Rock but just Bob and Tom Lannister? If they go and marry innkeepers they’ve married into trade, the horror. But they’re still a cadet branch of House Lannister. See the Arryns of Gulltown, a cadet branch who married merchants and are rich, though they’re considered uncouth and nobody talks about them. You’ve got to really suffer defeats to lose your status of nobility but keep your name – though that can happen, see the Heddles, who are innkeepers and considered smallfolk or as close to middle class as Westeros gets, but who are the descendants of a landed knight. (BTW, you’re suggesting the names Bob and Tom Lannister as a joke, but this is a family with a Jason, Dave, Kevin, and Gerry, so it’s not that off.)
  • Are there rules? The rules are what you make of them. It’s a matter of custom and tradition and societal acceptance, not law as such.

I hope that helps!


Princess Argella Durrandon was the daughter and only child of Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King. In the battle called the Last Storm, Orys Baratheon slew Argilac Durrandon in single combat, and the remaining stormlander army fled. At the approach of Orys Baratheon and the Targaryen host, Argella barred the gates of Storm’s End and declared herself Storm Queen. Rather than bend the knee, she promised when Queen Rhaenys flew Meraxes into the castle to parley that the defenders of Storm’s End would die to the last man. “You may take my castle, but you will win only bones and blood and ashes,” she announced, but the soldiers of the garrison proved less eager to die. That night they raised a peace banner, threw open the castle gate, and delivered Lady Argella gagged, chained, and naked to the camp of Orys Baratheon. It is said that Orys unchained her with his own hands, wrapped his cloak around her, poured her wine, and spoke to her gently, telling her of her father’s courage and the manner of his death. And afterward, to honor the fallen king, he took the arms and words of the Durrandon for his own. The crowned stag became his sigil, Storm’s End became his seat, and Lady Argella his wife.

Fancasting Meme | 6 Historical Figures (3/6)
Eva Green as Argella Durrandon

Book Jon Book Jon Motherf***g Book Jon

Stannis read from the letter. “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK. A girl of ten, you say, and she presumes to scold her lawful king.” …

He did not understand why Lyanna should be writing Stannis, and could not help but wonder if the girl’s answer might have been different if the letter had been sealed with a direwolf instead of a crowned stag, and signed by Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell. It is too late for such misgivings. You made your choice.

“Two score ravens were sent out,” the king complained, “yet we get no response but silence and defiance. Homage is the duty every leal subject owes his king. Yet your father’s bannermen all turn their back on me, save the Karstarks…”

“Lady Melisandre stirred. “Tell me, Lord Snow … where were these other kings when the wild people stormed your Wall?”

“A thousand leagues away and deaf to our need,” Jon replied. “I have not forgotten that, my lady. Nor will I. But my father’s bannermen have wives and children to protect, and smallfolk who will die should they choose wrongly. His Grace asks much of them. Give them time, and you will have your answers.”

“Answers such as this?” Stannis crushed Lyanna’s letter in his fist.

“Even in the north men fear the wroth of Tywin Lannister. Boltons make bad enemies as well. It is not happenstance that put a flayed man on their banners. They rode with Robb, bled with him, died for him. They have supped on grief and death, and now you come to offer them another serving. Do you blame them if they hang back? Forgive me, Your Grace, but some will look at you and see only another doomed pretender.

“If His Grace is doomed, your realm is doomed as well,” said Lady Melisandre. “Remember that, Lord Snow. It is the one true king of Westeros who stands before you.”

Jon kept his face a mask. “As you say, my lady.”

-Jon, ADWD


↳ ASOIAF HOUSES MEME: House Baratheon

House Baratheon of Storm’s End is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, and is the principal house in the stormlands, which they rule as Lords Paramount of the Stormlands. The Baratheon sigil is a crowned black stag on a field of gold and their words are “Ours is the Fury”. After Robert’s Rebellion, Robert Baratheon was crowned King and took residence at King’s Landing, thereby creating House Baratheon of King’s Landing.    

mylyannasnow  asked:

Kinda weird question but, do you think Cersei ever dressed in Baratheon colors during her marriage with Robert, or did she always prefer Lannister red/gold?

Well… Cersei has never worn Baratheon colors in her appearances in the books. She favors green, but sometimes red and gold, sometimes white and gold, and black when in mourning – but never gold and black combined. Except once:

When it was time for the changing of the cloaks, the bride sank gracefully to her knees and Tommen covered her with the heavy cloth-of-gold monstrosity that Robert had cloaked Cersei in on their own wedding day, with the crowned stag of Baratheon worked upon its back in beads of onyx. –AFFC, Cersei III

Though Cersei really has no room to talk about cloth-of-gold monstrosities, considering Tywin’s cloak:

His greatcloak was sewn from countless layers of cloth-of-gold, so heavy that it barely stirred even when he charged, so large that its drape covered most of his stallion’s hindquarters when he took the saddle. No ordinary clasp would suffice for such a weight, so the greatcloak was held in place by a matched pair of miniature lionesses crouching on his shoulders, as if poised to spring. –AGOT, Tyrion VIII

and it’s not like she hasn’t worn cloth-of-gold herself:

Cersei’s gown was snowy linen, white as the cloaks of the Kingsguard. Her long dagged sleeves showed a lining of gold satin. –ACOK, Sansa V

Queen Cersei shimmered in a cloth-of-gold gown slashed in burgundy velvet –ACOK, Sansa VIII

At least I will not be expected to don mourning for Tyrion. I shall dress in crimson silk and cloth-of-gold for that, and wear rubies in my hair. –AFFC, Cersei II

She wore a white gown slashed with cloth-of-gold, lacy but demure. –AFFC, Cersei VI

So, evidently it’s not the cloth-of-gold that’s the “monstrosity” to Cersei… but the Baratheon part. And since Robert permanently alienated her on their wedding night – and since she is quite definitely Cersei Lannister, never Baratheon – then yes, I would doubt if she ever wore Baratheon colors, gold and black, except incidentally in addition to Lannister crimson.