crowned pigeons

I’m going to try and do the Decembird challenge, because I need more practise drawing birds. The theme for day 1 is favourite, so here are some Victoria crowned pigeons!

They are the best pigeons. They have the best mowhawks, the thickest eyeliner, and they sound just exactly like when you blow across the top of a bottle! They’re also proving rather difficult to draw. I’m not happy with the proportions of the top one, but I do like the pencil one on the right.


Blue Birds

I was playing with watercolors again and really wanted to paint some birds!

Featured Birds: Peacock, Blue Jay, Blue Bird, Hyacinth Macaw, Asian Fairy Blue Bird, Crowned Pigeon, Little Blue Heron, Blue-Throated Hummingbird, Parakeet, Blue-Footed Booby, Banded Cotinga, Lovebird, Blue Kingfisher

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Just reposting the best archosaurs I encountered on my trip to Pittsburgh last August! These came from the Pittsburgh Zoo, National Aviary, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.


The Blue Crowned Pigeon is considered one of the most beautiful members of the pigeon family. They are found in the rain forests of Indonesia. They are hunted for food and its plumes. Due to ongoing habitat loss, limited range and overhunting in some areas they are known as a threatened species. (Source)