crowned marx

saw the post about why hoshido family isnt written to be as “broken” as nohrian family and let me just say this

the way both families feel broken are different from each other

the reason why ryouma and hinoka feel so intent on bringing you back from nohr is because they both, specifically ryouma, feel guilty for failing to prevent the nohrians from taking you. in fact he failed to do it twice, three times if you count macaras palace. he was there the day you were first kidnapped by garon but he couldnt do anything about it. what the hoshidans family feel is more like guilt over the fact they couldnt bring you back and sadness that they were unable to grow up with you.

and this ends up being the reason why ryouma and hinoka grows up faster than they should bc ryouma has more responsibilities as the crowned prince and hinoka training even harder bc of that guilt.

the nohrian siblings, on the otherhand, are broken because the one and only light of nohr is gone. kamui is good and pure. kamui doesn’t know what it’s like to be a tool in the concubine wars. kamui never had to put on a fake face and then murder their siblings behind the scenes. around kamui, the nohrian siblings could be a normal family. camilla can truly love her own sibling without having to pretend and kill them later all for the sake of her own mom bc she was a tool for concubine wars. and marx, as crowned prince, has a reason to believe that nohr can change for good. that’s why he’s so broken up about it when u decide to side with hoshido bc now that “light” is gone.

kamui is probably the reason why the nohrian siblings are able to stay together and united bc prior to that, they couldnt easily trust other half-siblings they had because they were merely pawns. even marx mentions how he and camilla couldnt talk to azura bc many of the consorts sided with marx’s mom instead of shenmei/arete. or even in her dying moments, it was garon’s name that elise’s mom called out.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Camilla is a one-dimensional character? I think she is too focused on Kamui, but she also has really much potential. I headcanon that she is so protective of them because of all the fighting between the concubines and their children and doesn't want to lose anybody else.

Nope. None of the sibling characters are one dimensional. Not even Sakura or Elise.

Not liking a character =/= them being one dimensional and unfortunately people seem to forget that. The opposite applies too (for example - I fucking love Setsuna from Fates, but I will be the first to say she is a one trick pony).

All of the sibling characters are well rounded - even large character traits, like Camilla’s fixation on Kamui has a cause that makes sense and is explored within the story. She also has many more traits than only being fixated on Kamui - her motherly-ness and juxtaposing ‘i will fucking murder you’ pieces of her personality which, oddly enough, stem from the same thing, for one example.

And your headcanon isn’t really a headcanon - it’s heavily implied in canon. Camilla has so so so many issues….. and all of them stem from the environment she grew up in. Marx doesn’t have those issues because he was old enough and raised for long enough not in the concubine blood bath that he grew up…. well, he still has his issues, but he’s far more well adjusted than Camilla. Leon and Elise both came on the tail end of that conflict - it had basically stopped with Elise’s birth, and Leon only had to deal with it for a little bit. Thus Camilla gets the short end of the stick. She’s motherly toward her allies because she herself was never seen as anything other than a tool to maintain her mother’s status, and so she feels compelled to give everyone, but especially kamui lots of affection so they never feel as she did. HOWEVER, this becomes twisted because her entire life, being surrounded by that bloodbath and having that bloodbath as a display for the concubines’ “love” for Garon, she grew up not knowing how to really express love in a healthy manner. Yes, she’s motherly toward people. But, the highest form of love for her is being able to cut down her loved ones’ enemies. The way people say “I love you” in her eyes is by cutting down another, and this kind of view is only worsened by Kamui’s naive nature - not only does it become her highest expression of love, but also is something she doesn’t want Kamui doing or seeing. In order for Kamui not to be “broken” like LITERALLY ALL THE REST OF THE SIBLINGS SANS ELISE she takes it upon herself to kill for their sake.

And then of course alllllllll of this is tied into her abandonment issues. Her own mother never cared for her, meaning she probably only found joy in the company of her siblings. But of course Marx was crown prince… meaning that until Leon, any other siblings she spent time with were killed. Not to mention Aqua’s kidnapping was probably traumatic for her in the same way Kamui’s was to Hinoka (since the characters are mirrors of each other).

So yeah Camilla is one big ball of fucked up and should come into my bosom so i can protect her and all these fucked up children