Concurso Crownberry

Si te gustan los vestidos que he llevado en los últimos post, son de la tienda Crownberry, te platico de está tienda, dos veces a la semana tiene 

todo el inventario nuevo y todas las piezas son diferentes y únicas, prácticamente nunca repiten inventario además, que sus precios son bastante accesibles. Actualmente tienen la promoción de $250; si nunca la has visitado o eres clienta continua, esta rifa te encantará ya que, estaré rifando un vestido está semana.

La ganadora se dará a conocer el 25 de julio de 2014 a las 11:00, y se dará 

escogerá a través de random number generator

Las bases del concurso son:

1. Debes darle LIKE a la página de facebook de The Fashion Mommaggler

2. Debes segir a The Fashion Mommaggler  @Ltafazoli en Instagram

3. Debes darle compartir a esta publicación del concurso en Facebook.

4. Deja tu nombre y un comentario en está página.

Aplica solamente si vives en Mérida.

Recuerda debes de cumplir con todos los requisitos para ganar el vestido y Mucha Suerte a todas!

La suertuda pasará a la tienda ubicada en “PLAZA PORTAL DE ALTABRISA” Av. Camara de Comercio Nte. 299-J local 2 x 13 y 21 entre la glorieta del deportivo Cumbres y la glorieta de altabrisa.



~ Product Review 2 ~

 Here is my second Born Pretty nail art product review~ This product is a container of 1mm-2mm colorful mini round glitter decorations:

Oh my god… I absolutely love the colors!! All I own is hexagon glitter so for the longest I’ve wanted little round ones like these~ ^^; Who needs a dotting tool if you can buy a container of perfect little round dots. XD lol

The colors are a bit bright but still soft enough so I paired them with a colorful pastel base. Oh and I noticed the glitter has a cat eye stone effect. It looks like I put tons of cat eye beads on the nails~ lol XD

Enjoy~! <3

For my second set I went with a cute sweets theme because my mom insisted the little container of glitter looked like candy sprinkles… I totally agree! lol XD Man whom ever buys this set better watch out not to be tempted to eat their nails~ ^w^


I definitely recommend trying this item because the design possibilities are endless but if its not your style then here are some other great products for nail art:


Oh and just a reminder here is a coupon code for 10% off for my lovely followers~ “FIB10”

Product Review~

When I was contacted by Born Pretty for a nail art product review I just couldn’t say no~ lol I’m so happy with the items and couldn’t wait to start! First product is a wheel of 300pcs 2-3mm star and circle stud decorations:

What great bright colors and I love the size! Its very hard to find tiny good priced nail art stuff~ ^^; 

This set was designed to best showcase the nail art product. Please enjoy~! <3

I recommend trying this item out but if its not your style then here are some other great products for nail art:


Oh and before I forget here is a coupon code for 10% off for my lovely followers~ “FIB10”

Tried to submit this yesterday but every time I did the comment wasn’t there… does anyone know if there is a tag limit? I had a bunch so I think that might be the cause~ ^^;;;

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