Fever Pitch

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Pairing: Ignis Scientia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
Rating: NSFW
Canonverse A/B/O

If there was anything Ignis loathed more in this world than hot weather, it was tardiness, and today was already threatening to feature both. Dazzling as the Crown City palace may be, it’s many halls and windows meant warm days were exceedingly so, to the point that Ignis was already a touch overheated at merely half past eight. Though he’s always wont to look his very best, he was silently cursing the hug of his dark, expensive suit. He’d already rapped several times on the Prince’s chamber door, electing to wait patiently before tossing a few more knocks its way.

“Highness,” he calls authoritatively, knowing the sound of his voice had a formidable foe in the form of Noctis’ drowsiness, one he’s come never to underestimate. “Please, we mustn’t keep His Majesty waiting. Again.” The last word issues from his mouth like a projectile.

Ignis fancies himself an exceptionally patient man, the likes of which are more than necessary as the Retainer to the Prince of Lucis. Much as he’d enjoy throwing the door open and barging in, rousing the Prince from his bed with his bare hands, King Regis strictly forbade entry to his son’s chambers as he slept, even to Ignis himself. As an alpha in service to the House of Lucis, Ignis was given utmost leniency in his comings and goings, but on this singular issue even he could not elude the King’s order. It was unanimous and absolute.

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Members of the Swedish royal family arriving at the gala dinner for Nobel Laureates at the Royal Palace tonight

Crown Princess Victoria is wearing a Jenny Packham gown and Princess Lilians Wreath Tiara

Princess Madeleine is wearing her Modern Fringe tiara and a Valentino gown

Princess Sofia is wearing the Four Button tiara

Queen Silvia is wearing the Nine Prong Tiara


17 April 2006: Baptism of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

“Ingrid Alexandra is born as the first female heir apparent in our more than thousand year old monarchy. Many will say as I: That was about time.” said King Harald in a speech at his granddaughter and goddaughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s christening.

“A new heir to the throne is carried to the baptismal,” said Bishop Gunnar Stålsett. “A new page has been added to our history.”

Ingrid Alexandra was christened by Bishop Gunnar Stålsett in the chapel of the Royal Palace on 17 April 2004. Her paternal grandfather King Harald V, her aunt Princess Märtha Louise, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and her maternal grandmother Marit Tjessem were her godparents. The Crown Prince of Denmark and The Prince of Asturias were unable to attend the christening due to their respective weddings scheduled to occur within a month of the christening. Afterwards the royal family brought the baby out onto the balcony of the palace, where they were cheered by hundreds of well-wishers. A local gospel choir meanwhile sang a specially-composed song, entitled Welcome To The World Our Princess.