Winter night

The blizzards covered up the earth
And roamed uncurbed
The candle burned upon the desk
The candle burned

As in the summer, moths are drawn
Towards the flame
The pale snowflakes flown
Unto the pane

Upon the glass, bright snowy rings
And streaks were churned
The candle burned upon the desk
The candle burned

On the illumined ceiling
Shadows swayed
A cross of arms, a cross of legs
A cross of fate

Two boots fell down on the floor
With crashing sound
And from the crown tears of wax
Dripped on the gown

And nothing in the snowy haze
Could be discerned
The candle burned upon the desk
The candle burned

A gentle draft blew from the corner
Flame in temptation,
Would raise two wings into a cross
As if an angel

It snowed a lot all through the month
This frequently occurred
The candle burned upon the desk
The candle burned

1946 (1954-1955). Boris Pasternak.


Dark Souls 2: The Lost Crowns three part DLC announced

A trilogy of DLC was announced for Dark Souls 2 today, with the first due to release next month.

The Lost Crowns will be drip-fed over three months. Episode 1: Crown of the Sunken King will be released on 22nd July for PC and XBox and the 23rd for PS3. Episode 2: Crown of the Old Iron King will arrive on 26th August and Episode 3: Crown of the Ivory King is set for 24th September. You can also buy the season pass on Steam or PSN right now for £19.99 / $24.99.

Crown of the Sunken King, the first chapter in the trilogy, sends players on a journey to reclaim the crowns that Drangleic’s King Vendrick once owned. It is said that one of the ancient crowns lay buried deep within these dark caverns; but surely such a valued item cannot sit unguarded. Players that seek adversity and glory will be rewarded with a crown that holds the strength of lords from times long past.

Thus ends the torturous U-turn that From Software has been negotiating for the past few months. At the end of last year, Dark Souls II’s producer, Takeshi Miyazoe, told Edge that he wasn’t expecting “any additional downloadable content because we want to deliver a full game, the full experience, to fans who purchase the package from day one.”

Then in January, it seemed he was gradually reconsidering his position:

There is definitely potential [for DLC]. Again, it’s all about fan feedback. Right now we are concentrating on completing what we’ve got, but I think there are next steps on how we can expand on Dark Souls II.

Money is a wonderful thing.

Still, better this than the other model Namco Bandai has been adopting for Tekken and Soul Calibur: Free-to-Play. In the same breath as turning down the potential for DLC, Miyazoe said:

I think it would be hard to monetise in that way. Pay per death? That would be terrible. From Software especially don’t want to allow players to pay for an advantage. Spending a couple dollars on certain items does not help the experience. So no free-to-play yet!

Don’t say yet, you’ll only give them ideas.