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I discovered that @skygemspeaks wrote a prompt for a YOI Royal/Bodyguard AU and got inspired… . a lot. So I ended up drawing some art for it and I also added my own spin on top of it all. This plot bunny has festered and now there’s no turning back, so expect more content about this au from me on a later date.

Sidenote: How do you outfit oh my god 

Adding some more info about my spin on Yu-topia’s Prince Yuuri Katsuki.

  • Yu-Topia’s Prince Yuuri Katsuki Prince Yuuri Katsuki is the second child for Emperor Toshiya Katsuki and Empress Hiroko Katsuki. Crown Princess Mari Katsuki is the heir to the throne while Yuuri is the spare.
  • He is perfectly content with that. Being the heir even sounds too stressful. Even though Yuuri is the spare, he by no means spends his days in leisure. Thanks to his tutor, Minako Okukawa, Yu-Topia’s spymaster and special operations trainer, Yuuri honed his skills to become the best combat expert in the country. She also grilled in many forms of dance, primarily ballet.
  • Yuuri is proficient in using many weapons. And improvised weapons. He can probably down somebody with a bowl, a stool and a ball of yarn.
  • Actually, he has done it before. Minako was impressed.
  • People of Yu-Topia all know Prince Katsuki for his grace as he fights, like he is a dancer waltzing across a ballroom rather than fighting across a battlefield.
  • Despite his looks, Yuuri is actually not very studious. He doesn’t like spending his time indoors reading. Mari is the bookish one. She likes to read up the history of her kingdom. Meanwhile, Yuuri is a do-er. For him, actions mean far more than words.
  • Yuuri is nearsighted and can’t see things far away without his glasses, but he can still work without his glasses. He still can beat the shit out of you without his glasses so don’t think you have the upper hand when he loses them.
  • Among the royals, Yuuri has a nickname – The Ice Prince of Yu-Topia - since he is always blunt and standoffish when it comes to social gatherings. People mostly steer clear of him and just admire him from afar.
  • “Ice Prince of Yu-Topia” is honestly all a misunderstanding. Yuuri is actually very anxious when it comes to social gatherings and politics. Diplomacy stresses him out too much, so he often stays away from others and says as little as possible to avoid offending people. (Instead it just ends up intimidating them but he doesn’t mean to!)
  • He doesn’t interact with any of the nobles or royals. The only reason why he and Phichit are best of friends is because he ran into Phichit outside of the castle and saved his life when they were younger.
  • The people of the capital city, Hasetsu, actually see their Ice Prince around a lot. Yuuri likes to sneak into town to help the people out with everyday activities. He is still a little blunt and standoffish, but people can see that their prince really cares for his people since he spends most of his day helping with chores or watching the children.
  • Again he is a do-er, he prefers to be out there, helping the people rather than staying in court discussing if policies will or will not benefit everyone in the kingdom. Yuuri picked up the finer workings of trade and accounting while he is out and about in Hasetsu over the years.
  • Sometimes when Yuuri gets too stressed out, he goes off on his own through Yu-Topia to cool off. At first it freaked his parents out, but after awhile, they realized Yuuri tends to come back feeling a lot less stressed after a trip (usually to Prince Phichit’s kingdom), so they usually wait anxiously for his return.
Paper Sales and Staplers

In which a group of brave documentarions film the most elusive creatures known to man, office workers. | 5.7k

“The Office” AU written for @jilyfest - ao3

“So, is it okay if  I ask,” the woman paused, shifting just slightly in the stiff chair, tucking a loose strand of red hair behind her ear, “why are you making a documentary about a paper company? There’s nothing special about us…”


“I’m in sales. It’s not the most exciting thing but,” one James Potter shrugged and brought a hand up to his hair for the third (the video would later reveal fourth) time in the few minutes he had been sitting in the sequestered office space designated for the interviews. His leg was bouncing rather restlessly and his shirt was untucked from his trousers- just slightly too short for his long legs. “It’s a job. I can’t exactly complain can I?” He leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees (hair ruffled once more). “Plus!” His face brightened, “I work with my best mates, how many other people can say that?”

The camera operator moved towards the blinds, focusing between the slats on two men sitting at a nearby desk, one spinning lazily in a creaking chair, the other sitting on the desk, attempting to drop small candies into the spinning man’s mouth. The camera panned back over towards James, a grin still splitting across his face. The crew would find, in their time with the company, that James was, more often than not, smiling.

Before another question could be asked, a rather large commotion drew the attention of both the film crew and the interviewee himself, sending him rushing out the door to find the source of the mishap. The crew would find this to be another common occurrence during the time spent shooting at Hogwarts Paper.

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you found me (superhero!ziall drabble)

SummaryZayn can’t help that he occasionally turns invisible when he falls asleep.

Niall hadn’t always had superpowers. In fact, up until age eighteen he found himself exceedingly average in most of the ways that mattered to a teenage boy. Except that after Niall’s birthday he came to the realization that he was fast. Incredibly fast, like not just first in the class in sprints fast, but blink and you’ll miss him fast. He kept it a secret for a while after he found out, only telling his mother and his best friend Sean, but then one night during the evening news the local chemical plant admitted–three months after the fact–to dumping radioactive waste into the nearby river instead of properly disposing of it. They claimed that they’d done the math and that damaging effects would only appear in what they estimated to be about 0.001% of the population–a negligible amount. Now maths had never been Niall’s strong suit, but a lot of things became clearer after that broadcast. 

Three weeks later he found himself living at Cowell Institute under the surprisingly kind inspection of heads of the country’s mutation research collaboration (because yeah, that was a thing that existed apparently) with all of the freedom and none of the scariness that watching X-Men: First Class had taught him to expect.    

Three weeks and four days later he gained a roommate. And if Niall though his life was forever changed when he obtained super-speed, well, it was nothing compared to what happened after he met Zayn.


“Niall, c’mon, we’re gonna leave without you!”

At age twenty Niall had a near-mastery of his super-speed–was renown for it even. But all the speed in the world couldn’t help him in this situation.

“Has anyone seen Zayn?” the blond called as he sped past the trio in the doorway, quickly scanning the living room, his blurred form overturning the couch cushions as if Zayn could be hiding between them. 

In his peripherals Niall saw Harry, Louis, and Liam all sigh in exasperation; the speedster paused briefly in front of them to pout before he was off again in a blur of blond to continue his search.

“Why does it seem like this happens every time we try to go out?” Louis groaned. The oldest of the five boys in their hall, he had the gift of charisma. Basically some neurons in his brain connected and he was now incredibly persuasive–to the point of near mind control if he tried hard enough. 

“Because it does,” Liam chirped at Louis’ side, running a soothing hand over the shorter boy’s shoulder. For someone with super-strength, Liam was a gentle giant.   

“I heard that!” Niall called from inside the coat closet–no Zayn in there either. He sighed frustratedly, checking his mobile to see if his boyfriend had somehow decided to go out and sent him a text to let him know. But the screen read no new messages and Niall sighed again, exiting the closet and jogging over to the other boys.

“He has to be around here somewhere,” Harry reasoned; being a healer didn’t limit the curly-haired boy to just physical wounds. The youngest of them, Harry was very much the peacemaker of the quintet. “I mean it’s not like he just disappeared…” He stopped and blinked for a second before he cracked up. “Or, well, I guess he could, now that I think about it…”

Niall just rolled his eyes at the jest, practically bouncing in place with excess energy. He was used to the jokes by now, had heard them all before; that’s what he gets for dating a boy with the gift of invisibility.

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