crown the empire tattoo


“Will you come with me, so I will not be alone?” -Aelin, pg 630

My new tattoo from @sjmaas Empire of Storms to go along with my first tattoo of quotes from Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows 💕💕

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-Asking Alexandria

-Bring Me The Horizon

-Pierce The Veil

-Crown The Empire

-The Amity Affliction


-Sleeping With Sirens

-Of Mice & Men

-A Day To Remember

-The Pretty Reckless

-Piercings  and tattoos

-Middle east landscape/things

-Drawings and paintings


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ive seriously got so much twenty one pilots on my dash right now and i dont even listen to them there is like nothing to reblog omg

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5 Seconds of Summer
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Sleeping with Sirens
Pierce the Veil
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Crown The Empire