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Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x12 - “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”

Okay, I joked about how concerned I was about having to write Thirty-Five Things About Supernatural because of the multiple PoV action, but now that I’ve seen the ep?  Y’all, we’re all going to be writing about this for a decade.  There is no way I can say everything I have to say in one post.  Pressure = gone.  Let’s do this.

  1. Supernatural as a show excels at the Concept Episode – like, it’s literally a signature thing that the show does – but sweet cuppin’ cakes, this ep is on a par with some of the bigger things Robbie Thompson was doing before his departure.  Davy Perez and Richard Speight Jr. fucking knocked my socks off so hard I no longer have socks.  Some of that is the joyful lack of restraint in bringing the Tarantino cliches, but they’re also doing it with a solid, substantial bit of story that has implications up and down the timeline.  
  2. NEW LORE NEW LORE NEW LORE.  And it’s the good stuff, too.  The Princes of Hell are another Ancient Big Bad in the vein of Cain, but still recently active enough via Azazel that it’s not like, “HEY!  SURPRISE!”  

    Plus, great shock factor for the characters AND the audience when Ramiel’s eyes go yellow.  

    Ramiel, like Azazel, appears in the Book of Enoch as a fallen angel.  Dagon is mentioned in Biblical literature as a deity among the Philistines, and is attested as early as the Bronze age (for those of us Watching While Pagan).  Asmodeus has a long pedigree as a demonic force – he’s a baddie in the Book of Tobit, for example – and is the only one of the four to also be among the seven classic Crown Princes of Hell in the Sixteenth Century stuff, which seems to be a frequent aesthetic influence on SPN generally.

    This ep didn’t just leave the door open for Asmodeus and Dagon to join the party.  It handed them an engraved invitation with Kelly Kline and the Winchesters’ names on it.
  3. OKAY, BUT THE CROWLEY STUFF.  For an episode that I mostly failed to realize before air was a Crowley episode, there is a ton of character stuff happening with him here.  

    Gaining the crown, for example, more or less at the pleasure of the Princes?  It makes a lot of sense, and especially helps drive home how tenuous his position is.  It also clarifies a little how he came to a position that he does not love in its particulars, but clings to because the only thing worse than having it is not having it.  

    Which, given that Ramiel just got Winchestered on his watch, is a real possibility if Dagon and Asmodeus decide to get involved.  Which, given that Dagon is already interested in Kelly…well, there’s a reason Crowley wants the Colt back.  He broke the OTHER tool he’d need to do the job to save Cas. 

    (Cas who is “not a friend.”  Right, Crowley.  Yeah, there’s strategic value in keeping him around and the Winchesters happy/in your debt, but with two angry Princes, breaking Michael’s Lance is basically gambling with your life, and you don’t do that for someone you don’t have some attachment to.)

    We also see that he’s rebuilding his position in Hell, and is at least making some attempt to put right his humiliation at Lucifer’s hands by turning the tables.  Which, given that this is Lucifer we’re talking about…well, I have concerns.  Especially because Crowley’s luck rarely runs smooth. 
  4. But hey, Lucifer’s in a cage right now.  That’s good, right?  I mean, he’s probably not going to stay in there, because Lucifer is the dickest of dicks, and that whole Nephilim thing is going to come bite us all in the ass soon, but hey.  I’ll take it.
  5. So.  Mary.  Mary is in the process of learning (the hard way, and at great risk to herself and others) that Unilateral Choices Involving Secretive Deals With Douchebags is not the way to secure the greater good.  In fact, she’s sort of finding herself in Cas’ position from back in S6.  It’s a colossal breach of trust, which she struggles with in the final confrontation with Ramiel.  

    And, like Cas, she opts to press on in the belief that she can handle it, that her stab at this is going to be worth the hazard, that the ends are going to justify the means if she can hold out long enough.  
  6. So just in case anybody missed it: 

    A) Cas is family, both in Cas’ mind and on the Winchesters’ side.
    B) As in Sam and Dean won’t leave his side even though an Azazel-level baddie is getting ready to eject them from his barn.
    C) Mary even called him one of her boys.
    D) “I love you. I love all of you.” 

    Please excuse me while I weep openly. 
  7. Okay, but did any of us expect Wally to survive this episode?  Because honestly, the lineup here was like a classic Star Trek away team, with four Named and Knowns accompanied by That Other Poor Bastard Who Isn’t Coming Home™.  

    Like, I took one look at the promo shots and was like, “there is no prayer circle big enough to save this man.”

    Poor Wally.  

Bonus Thing:
I liked Mandy.  A lot.  She was snarky and she probably smelled delicious.  But I do have questions about why Cas didn’t spot her as a demon in the cafe.  I mean, I suppose it’s possible she’s not a meatsuit full-time, but it’s more usual for demons to stick around in the bodies they’ve claimed, and it makes a ton of sense for Crowley to have informants posted in the area around Ramiel’s farm so that he can help manage his end of the deal.  But yeah, if there’s a complaint to be made about this episode, this is mine.  Oh hey, never mind.  The demon I mistook for Mandy is actually Ronnie, who is played by an entirely different person. Mandy probably still smells delicious, and not at all like sulfur.  

Bonus Thing #2: 
OKAY BUT THE COLT.   THE COLT IS BACK.  THE COLT.  THE COLT THE COLT THE COLT.  So that’s neat.  Question, though: what’s with the lighting in the box?  Is the box illuminated?  Is the lighting diegetic (i.e. a real thing in the story world) or are we just having Pulp Fiction fun?  Time to tweet Davy Perez…  

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will attend the joint 80th birthday celebrations of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway on May 9th and 10th, 2017 in Oslo, Norway.
—  Swedish Royal Court
[Nurseydex] Two Boys Questin’

Summary: Dex is destined to fall in love with the sleeping princess, and Nursey lets him because their love will save Nursey’s kingdom. Given this, it’s rather cruel of Dex to come around and claim that he’s in love with Nursey too.


A boy of fire, and fire his hair,
This hero will the king’s seed save.
Golden the key, in dragon’s lair,
Locked in the whistling silver cave.
Catch fairy light, land the winged mare,
Steal truth from the lost ones in the abyss.
The champion’s beloved is the throne’s true heir:
The curse lives but with the True Love’s Kiss.

So they have come from “Every redheaded son of a smith can fit your ‘hero’ and you pick me?” to this.

He and Will have retrieved the lost map of the kingdom from the treacherous Island of the Crosses in the underworld itself. Needless to say, that was quite a journey, magical winged horse or not. The map guided them north, past the impenetrable sea of roiling ivy—here. Outside the castle where the sleeping princess lies.

The day before, Derek sat across Will after they carved out a little cave for themselves among the brambles and laid out camp. Not even a year ago, Will had been a scrawny fifth son of the Samwellton ironsmith, stumbling across the then-unconscious Derek in the town’s frigid shores. Derek himself hadn’t quite believed this cranky, blushing boy was the champion of the riddle—until, that was, they managed to slay a dragon together quite on accident.

By the crackling campfire, Will looked at him with unbarred intensity. Derek, who had been flirting with Will unabashedly up until a week ago, looked away.

“Nurse,” Will said. “Why are you looking for the throne’s heir?”

“As I’ve told you a million times, Dex, I owe my life to the king and queen’s generosity,” drawled Derek, trying for—and failing to hit—that smugness that ticked off Will so much. “And as the last surviving member of the royal guard, it’s my duty to wake the princess from her curse.”

“You don’t remember anything about her.”

That was true. Over the past year he had begun recovering most of his memories, but none regarding the beautiful princess of this lost kingdom. But curses worked in mysterious ways. Maybe the magical invaders of his kingdom hadn’t wanted him to know the princess’s visage before they expelled him.

“But I remember my life debt to her parents,” Derek said. “And the riddle to find her. That’s enough.”

“Derek,” Will began again.

“Dex,” Derek mocked.

“Stop,” Will said steadily. “Listen. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I need you to know that—”

Derek stood up. The fire between them wobbled, then straightened.

“You can’t,” Derek pushed the words out. “God, you can’t do this to me, Will. You can’t tell me you love me when you know you’re going to fall in love with someone else when we reach the castle.”

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thatrandomgirl606  asked:

Hey, I'm still kinda new to the Masa fandom and so far I love it! I know all about the Onibi and Sister Series but do you mind maybe explaining the characters from Maha's Story? I don't really get the series and I would love to learn more about it. Thanks

*cracks knuckles*

Let me just become a Masa teacher real quick


***The following information was translated partially by me and 99% by @shishikusas

Maria Kanzaki (A.K.A. Saint Luna Maria)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman studying spirits in an enclosed island country that was blockaded.
She was the superior and conducted human experiments and homicides even on
her own parents and brothers, and was expelled for it. At the time she
obtained the forbidden books, there was a fesitval in hell. (?)

“She holds a crown prince of Ninomiya’s “Criminal Odd Entrance Lady L.”,
Ahn Jae-sul, a very serious person.
Dangerous philosophy that is “Luna’s Warrior” spread Fuwito, who is Kumaha’s
reverence, widely throughout the world for extra relief or in case of dangerous situation.“

Mentalism Maria:
"The blocked island nation (aka Japan) is proud.
The strange name is what her mother who is a
scientist took from "The Sea of the Moon, Luna Maria”.
Maria was particularly outstanding in psychological science,
but research on spirits was banned globally. However, the
island country advanced the research of the spirit mroe secretly.
Maria discovers the history of the closed island country during
her research. But taking that history is worth the death penalty,
so no one touches it. There was a thing of history in the
“Hell Foreign Road Festival” left by her deceased father, but is
officially appointed to a government official and the superior director of the spirits.“

Okay so to sum up, Maria is a scientist that studies the human spirit and does research on the Books of the Dead, which are relics of ancient Egypt. Eventually, she was confronted by Chlordane, and was persuaded to join the gang/organization/cult that she runs. The group is known as Maha, and you can see its logo on the front of her robes (it also appears on Phyrexia and Jeanne’s weapons, on Fen’s sleeve, and as tattoos on Morian and Jack). After joining, I think she eventually preaches her research in some kind of religious format, making her a nun/saint of sorts.

Seryl Claude les-Elizabeth (A.K.A. Chlordane)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman whom everyone talks about. She solves legends and breaks
seals from around the world and collects them.
She seems to be in possession of the legendary ship
"Queen Ann’s Revenge”, which has been confirmed.
She is trying to gather ancient books from all around the world.

Chlordane has the same abilities as a woman once called ‘Hill of Crosses’.
A lot of crucifixes jump out of the ground from a considerably wide area,
mainly of women, to skewer them. A former woman was able to erase one town on this Hill of Crosses.
No. O1EX (Hill of Crosses)

Chlordane is the daughter of an ancient vampire named Nina Claude les-Elizabeth, but we’ll get to her later. She was abandoned when she was very small, and eventually grew up to become the leader of Maha. Many details are unknown (what/who her father was, if she ever met her mother again, if she founded Maha or just joined it, how she began to collect the Books of the Dead, etc.), but we know that she controls a significant power source called the Hill of Crosses. I think it was destroyed eventually. 

She defeated Shogun and persuaded him to join Maha. She stole books from Maria, but eventually persuaded her to join. She found an exiled nazi named Fen and brought him to Maha’s base, and he joined. She used a Book of the Dead to revive Morian (and probably Tsukuyomi and Phyrexia) from their magical seals.

Chlordane is basically the antagonist of the series, and is obviously a huge influence on all of the characters.


Okay Rakurai does have canon information but I lost it and I’m writing this up at a very late time of night. My fact-checker fell asleep a while ago so I’m on my own here lol

Anyway! Rakurai is most likely a lesser form of demon. He’s Chlordane’s little assistant, and she used his power along with the Book of the Dead to revive Morian.

Rakurai fell in love with Chlordane, but Chlordane has feelings for Maria. This led him to become distraught, and it’s the secret behind one of the well-known lines of Chinese Dogma. 

Keep in mind that Rakurai is the Japanese word for lightning. When it says in the chorus “Lightning has fallen into darkness because you felt love”, it could also be interpreted as “Rakurai has fallen into darkness because you felt love.”


~Canon Information~

A person who is the owner of the Book of the Dead and the only one who can
perform the darkest ceremony in the world.
She understands the origin of the old Aztec temple and later tells Luna that origin.
At the Singapore base in Maha, she is called “Queen of the Netherworld.”
No.03 Echidna (left eye of the gorgon)


Echidna manages Maha’s egyptian branch, which is doubtlessly the most violent. She’s the only person in the world capable of doing that dark sacrificial ritual seen in Enkantada, and that’s because she has some kind of ancient knowledge give to her by an aztec god (I think it’s the same one that Phyrexia communes with, but I’m not 100% sure). She shared this knowledge with Maria, and that’s why Maria was able to do it later on.

So Echidna is the one that takes action when Morian shows up at her base and kills Boreru. She sacrifices a prostitute to Morian to appease him, and he accepts. And since a certain character that Echidna is based on has cannibalistic tendencies (and because of the wording in the song), I think that she and Morian both devoured the prostitute’s corpse just afterward.

Anyway, a lot of Echidna’s character takes inspiration from the character of the same name in Greek mythology. Greek!Echidna can become snakelike, which explains Echidna’s tongue. The “left eye” thing is most likely a reference to the Lunar Eye of Horus, which could be a little acknowledgement of the exchange between Masa!Echidna and Maria. @yumekoro-baku mentioned that while there are a handful of goddesses that could represent each eye, for the left eye normally Wadjet (”the green one”) was represented. Wadjet was usually seen as either a snake or a snake headed woman. This just brings back Masa!Echidna’s association with snakes, which is really cool! It would also associate her with action and wrath (which makes sense, considering how violent she is) and would make her a “protector of a ruler” (I’m guessing Boreru). It’s also worth noting that Masa!Echidna is commonly known as “Queen of the Netherworld”, and considering that she takes inspiration from a greek mythological character that kidnaps people from the underworld, that makes a lot of sense, too! It also helps out my thoery that Masa!Echidna kidnaps people and forces them to become prostitutes for Maha.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A large giant who leaves his name on a massacre in Coloumb after about 200 years being tied to Roman troubles long ago.
He was restored by Chlorden’s Book of the Dead and Rakurai’s wider technique, and became Chlorden’s man.
Lives as Luna’s escort.

Very dangerous.
Sa village was eliminated to nothing.
Was relocated to Shimpe from the Colomb root base of 200 Sa village.
Petition of Night: The sentence you request is an imperious fortune.
Mission statements of Maha were originally physically carried out, but the duality is different from Maha.

Literally all he does is ruin everything. He helped topple the Roman Empire, apparently, and then there’s all the murder and possible rape that surfaces when he goes to Echidna’s base. Morian’s a dick.

It’s my understanding that Morian, Phyrexia, and Tsukuyomi are three immortal demons that were sealed away to prevent the end of the world. Apparently, having all of them released at once would trigger the apocalypse or something similar. That just leaves me questioning Chlordane’s motives…

He’s also Maria’s bodyguard.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A girl who made a contract with the ancient god Ometeotl, and became immortal.
She was sealed eternally by the pledge of wise men when witches were special emphasized(?),
but the seal was solved by Chlordane’s ancient book and is now part of Chlordane’s group.

She is immortal and is the one person who is said to be `strongest`
even in the story of Maha. Her strength is more intense than it looks, and
you can call her an artillery fire of ancient God.
No, 02 Phyrexia [Dragon Breath]

Her description is pretty self-explanatory. Witch hunters sealed her away, but then she was unsealed by Chlordane and her Book of the Dead (just like her buddy Morian).

Masa has confirmed that she is THE strongest character in Maha’s Story. 


~Canon Information~

An invulner of invulner sealed in an old isolated island country.
Luna’s “Hell Foreign Road Festival” and Rakurai’s magic revived.
She only comes to see her eyes and she is going to destiny,
she gives death soon.
I simultaneously repel all the troubles I absorb.
No.08 Tsukuyumi [Clouded Fox]

Okay so Tsukuyomi is a crossover character! She was sealed like the other two immortals, but get this:

She was sealed in an alter by Akari Oborodzuka, the Miku from the Onibi Series. Evidently she founded the clan that Akari was part of.

Tsukuyomi has healing powers. She can absorb diseases, and so many people came to her for help that it drove her crazy. She went berserk and killed hundreds of people, which is why Akari sealed her.

She was revived by Maria, instead of Chlordane, and I think that’s how she initially (if unintentionally) caught Chlordane’s attention.


~Canon Information~

An officer who commanded an army who had detained the
ancient God with military power alone. Both vampires
had the ability to fight equally, but the military
ceased annually as the state collapsed. Most officers were
executed, but there was no name for this man on that list.
Was exiled and has now become an official of the Chinese Government.
No. 04 Fen

Chinese Dogma:
Official of the Chinese Government,
He is Decoy’s main source of funds.
Was told to hide in the Coloumb District after he returned with Chlordane and Rakurai.
A man who betrays a person without hesitation for the sake of profit.

//*DISCLAIMER* Literally 99% of the writing I do with this guy is headcanons so if you’ve been gathering information about his character from tumblr, buddy, it was most likely me and it’s most likely inaccurate. Don’t ask why I picked such a minor character as my favorite because I have literally no idea//

But seriously, look past his awkwardly-drawn face at the interesting character he is. Fen is a military commander (most likely from germany) and is therefore more involved with the war than the nazi movement. 

So efficient a commander was he that an ancient god was captured by his troops. No magic. No powerful seal. For a human in Maha’s Story, this is a pretty big deal.

When his homeland was taken out (either by a supernatural force or just the end of WWII), Fen betrayed his country and his comrades, fleeing and exiling himself to stay alive. All officers of his standing were executed, but Fen left them behind.

Now he’s in China, where the home base of Maha is located (Coloumb District), and is acting as a government official. Thus, Maha basically has the government in its pocket because of him.

I think the reason why Fen caught my attention is because he’s on a whole other level compared to the other human characters. Minagi and Nina levelled a city, Chlordane is changing the whole world, and Fen’s accomplishments are in the same league. It’s fascinating to me! okay i’ll shut up now he’s not that important

Nina Claude les-Elizabeth

~Canon Information~

“The first immortal vampire. She died suddenly 100 years ago. She is the first operator of the Hill of Crosses and more user of the prison. Once the ice prongs were shook, it brought about enough damage to make one feel like the world was ending.”

So Nina gave birth to Seryl/Chlordane in the middle of battle. As she was in labor, she was defended by Jeanne. I think she either died or was forzen somehow in her infamous battle against Minagi Yotsuba at the Hill of Crosses, but the timeline is a bit confusing. 

She abandoned Chlordane when she was only a baby. Nina left an infant to fend for herself in the middle of a war-torn, post-apocalyptic world with nothing to protect her but a magic book. Girl. Why. There had to be a baby daddy or maybe Jeanne. Don’t put your baby down and then leave while everyone is DYING


~Canon Information~

Estimated warrior 15 unfortunately (something).
An impeccable visit to Kiki.
Schooled at La Granciasau, whose ideology was unknown.
Has been a member of Maha for fifteen years.

Works under Echidna. He’s basically a medic that helps Maha operate its prostitution and probably helps Echidna with her sacrifices.


She doesn’t have any canon information, but this much we know for certain: She is a prostitute (some think she was from the start, I think Echidna forced her into it) that Echidna kidnapped and abused, then sacrificed to Morian.

Borereru Aaze

~Canon Information~

Transformed the World Confrontation Conference (something),
into a field and it is one of the bottom runners.
Lays claim to Enkantada. Farming is not a crime.
There is no prolongation, but the crowd also has more interests.
Also: Keep in mind that there was an artifact of Maha with the Enkantada.

Alright so Boreru is a very influential drug dealer in the Egyptian city that Echidna’s branch of Maha resides in, and is a very important ally of Maha (supplying them with drugs, paying to use their prostitutes, etc.) Morian kills him in Enkantada, which is what causes Echidna to sacrifice Chimera.


Literally all we know about him is that Fen is paying him to do something and that he’s seen looming creepily of Echidna and Chimera. @shishikusas thinks he might be Chlordane in disguise, which isn’t impossible. It’s worth noting that he wears an Anonymous mask, which references the movie V for Vendetta.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
users of the system say he came from a blocked island country.
In singapore, Chlordane defeated him and he joined her group.
Everybody calls him shogun, but he calls himself Miyamoto when he’s alone.

All I’m gonna say is that I think he’s the “creepy masked man” mentioned in Mentalism Maria. There’s not much to him.

Enti-Suti le Gabriel

~Canon Information~ 

“One of the eight angels and one of the few users of the thunder prison. Her wicked black thunder makes her appear like a demon, but she is indeed an angel. She clashed with Chlordane on the Stairway to heaven.”

She has her own song, Impact Death Entity, but it’s unrelated to Maha’s Story and is actually like hella innocent.


~Canon Information~

“She was a guide at the top of Pergol mountain and once brought Dante to heaven. She is famous for stopping advancement of Nina Claude les-Elizabeth’s only wartime battle. Now we have to see Vergilius to meet without anyone knowing were we are.”

What seems to be most important about Beatrice and Enti-Suti is that they are two out of eight angels. I’m guessing that these angels are the protagonists.


~Canon Information~ 

“Head of the Knights of San Marco who served the Ometeotl. To serve Nina to serve the first dragon knight Phyrexia sealed at the time of the wise men, to defend the weak Nina and child born during a battle against the stone blood of gargoyle and petrified but after a long time passed to Chlordane and is rescued.“

Minagi Yotsuba (A.K.A. The Yotsuba Clover)

~Canon Information~ 

"World’s best bounty hunter. It is said that Nina Claude les-Elizabeth had used the Hill of Crosses to erase the city from the very strength of the slaughter of gods or demons in her fight against the Clover. Her blade is called the ‘four leaf blade’.”

She fought and probably killed Nina. I don’t know much else about her, but there’s something about these profiles that kinda bothers me…

The fight between Nina and Minagi was mentioned in Fen’s bio for some reason. Why?? I mean there were two separate battles going on: Miagi vs Nina and Fen vs a diety. Are they related somehow? I don’t know why the connection was made.

However, it does say that “Both vampires had the ability to fight equally,” so I’m guessing that Minagi is a vampire, too.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
The soldier who manipulates the ancient god
protects the seal of the dead.
Turism ’s life was snared within the book
of the dead to keep him within the royal family,
but he gave a copy of the book of the dead to Chlordane,
who had a book of wisdom, and became a subordinate.

I didn’t have space on the post to include his picture, but Anubis is pretty important. Throughout the series, the dead are spoken of. A feast of the dead, dead that are filled with dreams, etc. Anubis is the one that guides the dead to the afterlife, and I think he has some kind of connection to the talk of the dead we hear so much in Maha’s Story. It isn’t confirmed, though,so I’ll talk about that in the theory section down below.


Here is the information about the story that Masa has posted to Twitter, run through the unreliable google translate:

1. [Story of Maha] A great rebellion hit in hell for a long time and the hell’s suppression became difficult God closed the door of the summit of Pergol mountain which continues to heaven. But demons and hell sinners came into a great battle to collide with the archangels to prevent them from going to heaven through the Makai and the human world in order to drop heaven and to involve the human world and the Makai world. It is the view of the world of Maha’s story.

2. 【Maha’s story 2】 After that the devil is frozen with hell with ice prison at the abnormal strength of Makai’s true ancestor. Still, the anger of Makoto is not settled, heading to Puru mountain to drop heaven, where it collides with a guiding person and reconciles at the end of the prolonged battle and the great war is over. And hundreds of years later, the human world has changed the situation. The story begins in Enkantada in the city in Egypt.

Enkantada: Morian kills Boreru. Intimidated and fearing for Maha’s safety, Echidna sacrifices Chimera to him, and successfully appeases the demon. But something in the lyrics suggests that he may have enslaved her after that.

Mentalism Maria: Maria studies the souls of humans through cruel, violent, and taboo experiments and rituals. This is supervised by a Japanese government official. Maria unseals Tsukuyomi, and both of them go with Chlordane to join Maha.

Chinese Dogma: Chlordane and Rakurai unseal Morian and inaugurate him as a member of Maha. Observing the ritual are Maha’s newest members: Maria, Phyrexia, Fen, Decoy, Anubis, and Shogun.

Ergonomic Hero: Not technically part of the series, but it is set in the same universe. 200 years after the events of Chinese Dogma, a member of Maha faces off with a government soldier.

————My Personal Theories————

1. Jack (The Ripper)

Masa has a tendency to use inspiration from real-life criminals when designing his villains. And, since I wrote my senior term theme paper over Jack the Ripper, I was able to make some connections!

Whoever committed the “Jack the Ripper” murders in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888 knew what they were doing. The murderer was able to sift through organs in search of the uterus, and obviously, this would require a great deal of medical skill and know-how. It’s also been theorized that Jack the Ripper had a strong hatred of prostitutes, given that he killed about a dozen of them.

The Jack of Maha’s Story has this medical knowledge, given his years of college study. And given that he’s seen dragging poor Chimera around, I think it’s also likely that he dislikes the prostitutes used by Maha (or perhaps women in general).

So I think it’s very possible that he was based on Jack the Ripper.

2. Fen and Anubis

I think it’s possible that the God captured by Fen was Anubis.

Without Anubis to guide the dead, spirits cannot escape to the afterlife. This could be why Maria was able to experiment on them, and why they have such a strong presence in Maha’s Story.

To me, Anubis’s information suggests that he was trapped within a Book of the Dead (possibly by Fen) and forced to become a subordinate.

3. A fourth immortal

Because of all the mythology appearing in this story, I think it’s plausible that a fourth immortal demon character might exist. That would give the immortals a “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” vibe, which would be very interesting!

Morian = War

Tsukuyomi = Plague

Phyrexia = Death or famine

There are a lot of possibilities for these three, and this is the one that I have the most fun thinking about.


Here it is! Literally everything I know about Maha’s Story! I hope this helped! ^^

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I'll take any lunoct headcanon right now, i'm in pieces again for those two. Maybe first date + first kiss? (Noct not being the chosen one) Thank you so much <3


-Luna visits Noct in Insomnia. He takes her around the city one of the days, it’s a big thing. He shows her all the places he knows she’d love. They buy a ton of quirky stickers at various little shops. He loses her to a stationary store for a good few hours and she finds him in the store’s cafe and he’s got a drink on order for her and he flags the barista and asks them to make it now that she’s there.

-They eat all their meals out on the town that day. They started with a nice breakfast at a crepe place. They went alllll the way back to the crepe place for lunch because Luna desperately wanted to try one of their more savory ones but wasn’t ready for it in the morning. And they go to a fancy restaurant and they’re the most dressed-down people there cause who the hell is gonna tell the Crown Prince and (Future) Oracle that they’re underdressed

-After the fun day Noct casually refers to it as a date. Luna questions him about it. He realized “Oh… shit… I forgot to ask…. if it was okay to consider it that…….” and he’s really flustered and embarrassed and trying to recover. And Luna at first chides him, looking serious as she does, telling him he should really be more considerate, and that she hoped the day wasn’t just because he was looking for a relationship when it had been a great day of fun, and Noct is scrambling like “No, I was always going to bring you to these places” (and he really was) “I just… wanted…. to, uh… maybe… start something……. if you wanted it too…… and I thought… this could be a good starting point?”

-And she was never actually upset with him, and when he says that, she smirks and says “Well, today can’t have been a date, then. But maybe tomorrow can. Take me somewhere fun.” and he’s just dumbfounded at first and she asks if he was all talk or something and of course he can’t back down after being teased like that

-So the next day they go to whatever the Insomnia/Eos equivalent of Disneyland is (KENNYLAND, WAIT, NO, THAT’D BE A HORROR THEME PARK TO NOCT) and they have tons of fun all day going on rides, making each other wear ears, and get face paint, getting caricatures of themselves, eating snacks…

-End of the day, Noct gets a kiss for the date :D This is just a cute kiss, corner of the mouth really

-Somewhere in the mid-point of her trip, he takes her to one of the gardens in Insomnia, to show her that Insomnia isn’t all concrete. Somewhere in a maze of flowers, they share their first real, romantic kiss~

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“Thor, there can never be an “us” its never going to work. I mean you’re a prince, hell about to be crowned king, practically a god, and I’m well, just me plain old me.” you spoke a tear rolling down your cheek. You looked straight at the ground avoiding eye contact with Thor. “Y/N milady please, you were made to be by my side. In every women, especially you, lies a queen. And you are my true queen Y/N.” Thor said cupping your cheek and making you look up into his piercing bright blue eyes.You felt a smile forming upon your face, your cheeks turning bright crimson. “Thor I-” before you could finish, Thor placed his lips on yours. His nose bumped against your cheek. Thor pulled you closer grasping your waist. Moments passed befor Thor whispered in your ear “I love you Lady Y/N, never forget that”

Prince of Hell

Character(s): Crowley

Warning: None

Word Count: 676

Request:  Do you think you could write something where Crowley and the reader are expecting a child? Just thought it would be cute since Mark’s fiancee is pregnant.


   “How is my queen this morning?” Crowley sidles up behind you and loops his arms around your waist.

   “Bored. I wanna kill something.”

   “Maybe I could let you organize a few soul collections. There’s a few scheduled to be collected this afternoon.”

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One Up

Crowley imagine requested by ghostbeanie! “Hello! I come bearing a fluffy Crowley request. :3 How about one where the reader and Crowley have a child, and one day, the reader finds him and their kid adorably mock-arguing with each other? Like, Crowley boasts about his accomplishments through history and the kid says something like ‘I drew a dinosaur with my eyes closed’, sort of like that one scene in Jerry Maguire. :)) I hope this makes for a lot of cuteness potential. ;D Love your work, as always!” Well, aren’t you just the sweetest cutiepie to ever grace the Earth. Thank you so much! I’ve never seen Jerry Maguire, but I (hopefully) have enough information from this request to kind of… roll with it. This imagine has been edited for reposting to add a few details here and there where I skimped out originally writing this. Hope you like it!

Traveling back and forth between two universes so starkly contrasting each other took a toll on your mortal body, your fatigue increasing, at times, to levels where you were positive you were no more than a corpse wandering through the veil separating Earth and Hell. Despite the hardships, you refused to accept the King’s offers to… how he said, ‘tweak’ your mortality, choosing to remain human regardless of your association to the demons you walked among. Your joints ached, screaming in protest despite their youth, their condition weakened by the marathon journey to your home away from home, your bones hollowed, the clean air around you peeling away to smog, wind thick with blazing embers, glowing orange sparks scorching your hair where they met, the clouds above more silt than vapor, a canopy of heavy ebony murk looming above, the familiar suffocating atmosphere reeking of smoke and agony. You sighed, relaxing into the discomfort, your feet shifting towards the gate guarding an archaic palace, candles flickering in the slivers of great stone archers windows, obsidian walls gleaming in the false sunlight with a black malice you’d come to anticipate like a child on their first trip to Disneyland. Well, Hell was no amusement park… the unburnt pathway to Crowley’s abode glimmered, enticing you, inviting you forward, your feet obeying your fervent desire to see your family once more, even if it meant taking a handful of staggered trips to the Underworld every few days. You wouldn’t lie, there was no place you enjoyed more than Crowley’s palace, the silken sheets welcoming you in, the marble flooring echoing your footsteps, announcing your approach to everyone who dared listen, the hectic style of your life adding an enjoyable chaos that your life up top lacked. The demons guarding the palace gates stepped aside, recognizing your face and allowing you pass (they’d learned the hard way that barring your entry resulted in… replacement), your weary feet taking you towards the open doors of the glitzier end of Hell… the royal palace.

Upon passing through the gleaming obsidian doors, the burden Hell seemed to constantly push down onto your shoulders lifted as if you’d discarded a leaden jacket; the interior was separate from the suffering of the outside, everything from the scent to the clarity of the air cleansing itself as soon as you stepped over the threshold, the doors clanging shut in your wake. You inhaled slowly, allowing your lungs to fill with the breathable air, an adjustment Crowley had happily made for the ease of your visits. It made no difference to the demons the quality of the air, but you could barely enjoy your visits when you were occupied with choking down the gaseous smog, thus, Crowley had obliged to a purer palace circulatory system. You dusted the smoldering ashes from your clothing, the palms of your hands warming from the close contact to the remains of an eternal fire as you dashed the glowing particles away, bits of grimy dust falling to the polished marble flooring, demons around you tipping their heads, paying due respect to the mother of the crown prince of Hell. You offered a smile, the heels of your boots shattering echoes from the stone beneath your feet to the reaching columns of multifaceted marble, your chest filling with a growing glee at the familiarity of the action, of the promise of happiness mere steps away, the milky stone twining with the ebony claws of obsidian rock, its mangled edges untamable. This was the Hell of nightmares, the glimmering stone torchieres sending wisps of thin black smoke upward to the arched ceilings, a mockery of every Gothic cathedral you’d ever seen, converted before your eyes to house the greatest evil imaginable, the smoke forming an ethereal, if morbid, sort of mist against the ceiling’s fresco, which was a painted depiction of Lucifer’s descent. You waltzed towards the thrones, your eyes locking on the little dark-haired boy occupying your grand chair, tubby toddler’s fingers plucking at the shimmering tassled cushions as his father snickered, his head moving to nuzzle into the young boy’s neck, the little boy giggling, the joyful sound reverberating along the hall. You grinned, jogging up the marble steps, Crowley’s face lighting up upon taking you in, moving to stand, his arms extended towards you.

“Ah, if it isn’t my queen! We’ve missed you,” he smiled, pulling you into an embrace, his hands spreading warmth to your back as he secured you to his body, his lips buried in your hair, every exhale disturbing the strands atop your head. “How are you, my love?” You grinned, pulling away to peck his lips, his teeth snagging on your bottom lip, sealing you to him in a longer, deeper kiss than you had originally intended, your son making his objections to his parents’ intimacy as loudly as he could, a chorus of ‘yuck!’s erupting as Crowley laughed into your lips, his tongue running along your lower lip once more, your face sizzling. His lips ducked to your ear. “How long are you staying, darling?” You smiled, pressing your lips to his a final time. He pulled away, his hand remaining on your back as your body bent to lift the toddler into your arms, the little boy’s hands clasping around your neck, squishing his face into your neck, pressing his love into your very skin. You spun, his legs wrapping around your ribcage as you sat on your throne, the spindly obsidian armrests cooling your elbows, your little boy bouncing in your lap.

“I’m better, now that I’m here.” You replied, answering his first inquiry before tackling his second. “It depends… how’s that alternate entrance coming along?” you joked, watching Crowley’s eyes burst with apologies and humour. The little boy lifted his head from your shoulder, innocent (though, with a father like Crowley and an atmosphere such as this, you were sure that would change. You had both vowed to ensure he remained as level-headed as was… half-humanely possible) chocolate eyes staring up at you from behind a fringe of dark, thick lashes, his dimples pocketing his chubby cheeks as he smiled. A rogue strand of black hair dangled in the middle of his forehead, which you tucked back behind his ear with the tip of your fingers. “Hey, you! Did you miss me?” you smiled, your index finger tapping his nose, the little boy’s face crinkling in glee as he giggled.

“Yes, Mommy!” he laughed, his eyes popping open, excitement shining from his face like a sun. God, it’d only been two days since you’d last seen him, how much had he changed? Perhaps it was just your mind playing tricks on you, the constant departure tugging at your heartstrings. You ran a hand through the untidy mop of coal-coloured hair, marveling at it’s feather soft texture, the strands shining in the firelight. Beautiful… he was beautiful. He wriggled out from beneath your touch, his hand tugging on the collar of your shirt, impatience filtering down the bloodlines from father to son. You brought your head down, his hand bridging the space between his lips and your ear, chubby fingers resting against your cheek as he whispered. “Can you tell Daddy my picture is better than his?” he pleaded, his eyes softening with his request, turning to face your king, your own gaze following his to find Crowley shaking his head with dramatic fervor, eyes sparkling on yours.

“No, no, mine was better, love.” Upon seeing your confused expression, he ducked his head, leaning towards you, his face turned towards the back of the throne room to prohibit his son from reading his lips, his stubble scratching your cheek. “We’ve been arguing all day. He’ll make a great politician, you just wait. The Mona Lisa. Kid thinks he’s got me beat.” he explained, sticking his tongue out at your son, who mirrored him to a tee, his small teeth forming a grin beyond full lips.

“But, but,” your child took a deep breath, preparing for the continuation of his sentence, your eyes flickering to Crowley, whose face was overrun with joy, watching your son argue the value of his scribbles. “Daddy, you never drew the Moan of Lisa. You just made a deal!” he insisted, Crowley raising his hands in mock defeat.

“He’s right, I only fueled the old bloke’s talent. That’s got to count for something, though, doesn’t it? Help me out, darling.” he whined, your child placing his palms against your cheeks, dragging your attention back to him, chocolate irises alight with concern and glory. You feinted contemplation, your hands grasping your son’s, bringing them together between you, clapping them twice as your face scrunched in comic uncertainty.

“Hmm… do I get to see this masterpiece of yours? Or do I have to assume it’s a work of art?” You snickered, your son turning to fish a scrap of paper from between your golden cushion and the pitch black of your throne, his hands returning with the crumbled picture that was supposedly more beautiful than DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, pressing the paper into your waiting palm. You unfolded the wrinkles, gazing down at a charcoal smudge that had clearly once been a stick-figure woman, darker lines among the smokey streaks outlining a triple-pointed crown atop a triangle dress, lines sprouting from the rough circle dropping to about the length of your hair. A jagged line formed your smile, your twig of an arm extended to hold another smudgy figure’s hand, a matching crown topping his head, the man toting a small koala-esque figure on his hip.

“See, Mommy, that’s you and that’s Daddy and Daddy has me because you were just coming home, but look! The ceiling has the curves it does right, right there,” he paused, fingers probing the sky, showing you the arches above, “and your hair is the way you like it and I put you in your favourite dress, the one Daddy made for you, and look! That was the day we played hide and seek in the throne room because I put your chairs in the back, see?” he mumbled, his finger jabbing at each individual detail with the enthusiasm of a scientist who had just discovered the cure to a rampant disease. The skyline was dotted with little sunbursts that you could only assume were the lights, prongs extending from the orbs must have been your child’s geometric take on flames. You grinned at the family portrait, your gaze lifting to Crowley’s, whose hand reached for your unoccupied fingers, the warmth of his palm spreading heat to yours as your fingers intertwined. He winked, biting down on his lips as he waited for your verdict.

“Well,” you huffed, staring down at the boy in your lap, his eager face also awaiting your decision. “I’m sorry, Crowley, but I think he’s got you beat. I mean, the technique alone is better than whatever that old man put together. See? Eyebrows,” you joked, voice completely professional, Crowley rolling his eyes at your well-timed humor, “I think we have a winner with this one.” you smiled, waving the paper as your son bounced in your lap, his arms encircling your neck once more, crushing the air from your throat, his little feet pounding against your thighs. Crowley laughed aloud, the both of you listening to your son’s chants of victory, his tiny lips pecking into your eyelid in an affectionate thanking, Crowley diving in to add his own kiss to your cheek. The road may have been difficult, but this was the reason you struggled back. You held your little family close, Crowley’s stubble prickling against your ear as he whispered his sweet nothings to you, your son clutching his artwork to his chest, explaining every detail to you as you listened, your voice occasionally perking up to compliment his skill, Crowley’s delectable eyes staring back at you from a separate face.

“Welcome home, darling.” Your lover whispered into your ear, your head tilting to rest against his shoulder, your son plucking at the golden tassels as he retold the day’s events in full detail, the three of you laughing at his adventures, drawn to him like moths to a flame, the little prince bouncing joyously, his family reunited once more. You sighed, content, relaxing into Crowley’s arm, the armrest biting into your ribs in the process, your son beaming up at you every few seconds, holding his recreated family to his chest as if it were his most valued possession. Crowley pecked at your cheek, his breath disturbing your hair. “Welcome home.”


The royal family is part of our identity as Danes.
      – Helle Thorning-Schmidt, 41st Prime Minister of Denmark (2011–2015)

Thank you for being the best first female PM we could have wished for, Helle. You may be proud of what we’ve achieved, but we’re even more proud of what you’ve achieved.

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best/favorite males in literature?

  1. Grover Underwood from “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” by Rick Riordan. I personally have loved mythology ever since I came out of the womb, so when I read the series a few years back, I instantly fell in love. Percy is the obvious choice, because who wouldn’t be in love with someone as daring and heroic? However, my favorite male character out of the book would definitely have to be Grover. Not only is he incredibly loyal to Percy for sticking by his side since sixth grade to protect him from harm, but Grover has dreams and is so passionate about nature. He is one of the wisest and most perceptive characters I have ever come across. 
  2. Dorian Gray from “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. Although a heartbreaker who is always on the cusp of being a pompous ass who fuels his own ego by longing for superficial excellence, he’s charming (and I hate myself for saying that because he sends Sibyl to her own death, but it is true)! That is a huge component of the piece of literature itself. The deep philosophical meaning behind his obsession with youth and physical activeness makes him one of my favorite characters. No, he’s not an ideal person whom I would willingly chose to put myself around; however, he is complicated and filled with doubts and insecurities. For that reason alone, he’s one of the best male characters to analyze. Point blank. 
  3. Landon (Lucas) Maxfield from “Easy” by Tammara Webber. Whenever anyone asks me about male characters in literature, my mind immediately drifts to this specific one. I love a good protective man - healthily tuned into his loved one’s life, but never overbearing in a way that has him hovering around and making decisions for the two of them. Lucas is the best of both worlds in this sense. He teaches self-defense for women who have experienced sexual harassment and other offenses. He never once makes the protagonist uncomfortable. He gives space when it is needed, even if it isn’t asked for, although he is always in the background in case that is what the protagonist needs. That is my favorite type of person, no matter the gender, and just the fact that Lucas happens to have that exact demeanor makes him a character that I will always go back to just to reread his rounded components. On top of the healthy protectiveness, he’s incredibly intelligent and more often than never, his quotes are eyeopening and extremely profound. 
  4. Étienne St. Clair from “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins. I don’t even have to explain this. Just read the book if you haven’t already and tell me how quickly it takes you to fall in love with him. I’ll give you an estimate: it’s not going to take long.
  5. Josh Bennett from “The Sea of Tranquility” by Katja Millay. Dark, brooding, and trapped in his own phantom of loneliness, Josh is the character every author dreams of writing about. The heartbreak he has been through by losing everyone he has ever loved is what instantly drew me to him. When he’s first described in the novel, a reader can tell something is off by the way he distances himself at school, quiet along the hallway and scuffling at his shoes; but it’s more complicated than that. He’s living on his own, independent in every nature necessary, but he’s good. He’s a humble, loving person who shines through once someone can get past his tough exterior. Then again, Nastya wasn’t the easiest to get through either, but the chemistry Josh had with her - and the way the silent tension was written - made me fall in love with him quicker than any other character. He is especially one of my favorite characters at the end of the novel; after growing so close to someone, he decided to let go although he was lonely, although he had already lost so many. That is the definition of a strong, selfless character. 
  6. Roth from “The Dark Elements” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The soon-to-be trilogy shares parallels with other series, such as “The Mortal Instruments,” “Hush, Hush,” and a even a hint of “House of Night.” Although the series isn’t my favorite when it comes to complexity nor description like the alike novels possess, Roth is by far the sexiest male character I have ever read about. I have only just recently started the books, but he’s everything I look for in a character. He’s distant and cold in the beginning of the novel, but a reader warms up to him as his round-character personality begins to show through. As a demon (and the Crown Prince of Hell), he’s not always going to be ‘good’ or honest, but he tries so hard. The other male characters in the series do not do it for me. Zayne is too overbearing; he hovers. Abbott seriously pisses me off. Sam makes my skin crawl. Roth is different. If Roth could have been the main character instead of having to share the spotlight with Zayne in some twisted love triangle, this would easily become a must-read novel on my list. I’m finishing the series because of Roth.