crown of bone


Myth Parallels → The Queen of the Gods (pt I)

“she spun herself a crown of gold,
thrones of bones and citadels.
to the deaf stars she screamed:
make me queen or i’ll make you bleed.” —AMBITION | M.J., via @fairytalesques

I'm lowkey very frustrated with the book community right now

I’ve noticed that some people shame others for liking books written by authors like SJM and Cassandra Clare and Maggie Stiefvater, and I’m pretty sure we all already know why they shame others.

And as a poc, I just want to tell people that it is okay to like these authors and their books, as long as you recognize that they are problematic in terms of diversity. But please do not think you are a bad person for liking these authors and their books.

But as a poc, I also do encourage people to read books with diverse characters. It’s really nice when we are able to bring attention to literature that has diversity in it

That is all thank you goodbye.


In October 2016, I was commissioned to make bone crowns for a Halloween Prom! These are the pieces I came up with. Raccoon bones, coyote teeth, amethyst, and smokey quartz.

The Prom makes donations to the New England Organ back, and will become an annual event. Originally, the King and Queen were going to take these home at the end of the night. Buuut the organizers loved them so much, they want to use them each year! The king and queen get to wear these until they’re ready to go home, then they trade them in for plastic ones before they leave.

Did I mention they glow in the dark? Because they glow in the dark. I’ve been unable to get a glow photo, but there are accents painted along various points, as well as all the teeth. 

Raven Beauty Pageant

This evening, we held a raven beauty pageant. Being unable to determine even a single raven as less glorious than the others, we humbly announced they all won.

We awarded each participant (including the stray owl in a hastily crafted raven costume) a crown made of tiny bones and several bags of seed and berries.

His name is Tenpatch.
Nightmare × Error(I call Black Bones) ship child.

Japanese version

English version (なんとなく伝わって)
・Oil hangs down when he walk.
・His tip of tongues is divided into two.
・A muffler is tentacles, and There are only two.
・He like chocolate 🍫💕
・The thing that Error knit the crown.