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Who I Write For ...

I try to keep an open mind and asking never hurts so I might just say yes to write something for someone not on this list. No smut (only because I’m terrible at writing it haha). Feel free to send in requests x 

Peaky Blinders (show)

- Thomas Shelby

- John Shelby

- Ada Shelby 

- Michael Gray

- Alfie Solomons

- Grace Burgess

American Horror Story (show)

- Tate Langdon/Jimmy Darling/James Patrick March

- Zoe Benson

- John Lowe 

Downton Abbey (show)

- Lady Mary Crawley

Crowns Game (book)

- Vika

- Sergei

- Nikolai 

- Pasha 

The 100 (show)

- Bellamy Blake 

- Heda Lexa

- Clarke Griffin

- Octavia Blake 

- Raven Reyes

Silence of The Lambs (book)

- Hannibal Lecter

Bates Motel (Show)

- Dylan 

- Norma x Romero

Criminal Minds (show)

- Dr. Spencer Reid

- Derek Morgan

X-Men (movie)

- Logan 

- Erik Lehnsherr

- Charles Xavier 

- Alex Summers

Twilight (movie)

- Edward Cullen 

- Rosalie Hale 

Doctor Who (show)

- Tenth Doctor

- Eleventh Doctor

- Captain Jack Harkness

X Files (show)

- Fox Mulder

- Dana Scully

The Hobbit (movie)

- Thranduil

- Thorin Oakenshield

Halt & Catch Fire (show)

- Cameron Howe

Hemlock Grove (show)

- Roman Godfrey 

I’ll add more as it comes to my mind xo