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danger is our middle name!

(part two)

I’m FINALLY happy to announce that I had the treat of illustrating the brand new paperback editions of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching adventures. This job was truly an honour, and it’s the first time a female artist has illustrated a book by Terry Pratchett! Hurrah!
The first book ‘The Wee Free Men’ will be released April 27th.

Pink Pooka is done for my portfolio. Now to finish Merrilee Boopkins!

The Pink Pooka Prince lives on a small peaceful world filled with teatime and monsters (nice monsters) While the quiet and calm suits their shy nature they also look to the sky and wonder what other worlds and dimensions lie out in the reaches of the cosmos. Good thing they have a good friend who just happens to be able to open portals to all sorts of wondrous and terrifying places.

Pink Pooka Prince ©merrimonster, thefairygodmonster (June VanOtterdyk)

My Padma and Parvati for this week’s Harry Potter Design Challenge! When I looked up their book descriptions pretty much all you get is they were called the prettiest girls in their grade, they wore their hair in braids, and apparently they wore silver “P” necklaces (I don’t particularly remember this part but Oh well). You never hear much about Padma but Parvati always came off as a giggly fun loving girl to me. Although they were identical twins I didn’t want to just essentially make them the same person as twins are often portrayed as in media. I figured since they were sorted into different houses they must have very different distinct personalities. So I decided to make Padma a bit more serious and preppy than her sister. Hope you enjoy!! :D (PS since I went with book descriptions for characters I also went with the book version of the ravenclaw colors: blue and bronze instead of blue and silver like the movies.)