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“I like the pastel colors.” // Harry Styles + Flower Crowns

Female / Hufflepuff / Pukwudgie / Brown Eyes / Black Hair / INFP

March Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Thirty One: Read this month

I’ve finally made my way through this series! I’m still working on the shorts in The Assassin’s Blade at the moment, but I would definitely consider myself a fan of this series now, and I’m looking forward to Empire of Storms.


anonymous asked:

pisces give me that wide-eyed, innocent, flower crown vibe. toothy grins. cupcakes. bubbles. hair blowing in the breeze as you drive down the road, singing songs as loud as you can. leos are pure sunshine. theyre that feeling when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. theyre the candles on your birthday cake before you make a wish. theyre the feeling you get when you finally accomplished what you've been striving for. red velvet cake. bright lights. the sound of slot machines. leos are warmth.

i love this so much hchchhhhh