“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” MET Museum Exhibition 

YSL Wedding Ensemble, A/W 1977-1978 Haute Couture

Statuary Vestment for the Madonna Delle Grazie; cape by Riccardo Tisci made in 2015; dress from 1950s

Ensemble designed by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the statue of the Virgin Mary atop the spire of Milan’s cathedral; Wedding ensemble, Christian Lacroix, Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Evening ensemble, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Fall 2000 Haute Couture


Software Sides Files

[I started to wonder what the sidesย โ€˜foldersโ€™ would look like as app iconsโ€ฆ.hehe based off of the au by @software-sides !!! ]

Iโ€™m using these in another project related to this au, but wanted to share these first

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Roman’s Crown

So, I feel like Roman just has a collection of crowns because come on?? He’s a prince??? And there’s just this one that kinda floats above his head (like in Fairly Odd Parents) and it’s magic so it can change what it looks on.

For example, it normally just has a red cursive R on it. When he gets surprised, it turns into a red exclamation point. When’s confused, it turns into a red question mark.

Furthermore, it changes depending on who’s wearing it. If Virgil were to put it on, it would turn silver with a dark purple, sharp V. If Logan wore it, it’d be faded gold with a plain dark blue L. For Patton, it’s a bright, shiny gold with a messy light blue P. Deceit’s is gold in front, with a green cursive D and silver in the back.

One day, Virgil walks past and Roman’s crown shows a bright red heart.