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She flicked back her long hair as she took a deep breath, shifting slightly in discomfort as the long scrapes across her back pulled slightly. “Crowley.” She greeted, swallowing slightly.

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*pouts* I won't tell anyone your confidential information. *hops up a bit and sits on the desk, crossing one leg over the other* You are ridiculously cranky all the time. Is the sex really that bad?

-glares and shuts the file- What are you talking about? There’s no such thing as bad sex with Shadow. Unless I end up falling off of whatever we’re having sex on -smirks-

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He shoved at the door, throwing his whole, tiny, body at it. "Io, lemme in!" he meowed. "I wanna play!"

She heard the little noise of something thumping against the door, and gingerly opened it to see the kitten from yesterday. “KITTY!” .She picked him up in her hands, stroking him softly and taking him to the counter. “Hello cutie pie!” She leaned forward and brushed her nose against his in a strange sort of cute way.