crowley knows

“You’re rescuing kittens now?”

“Look, it’s got such lovely eyes.”

“We have places to be - though…you are right.”

so guess who loves ineffable idiots








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“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. ”

Crowley had dark hair and good cheekbones and he was wearing snakeskin shoes, or at least presumably he was wearing shoes, and he could do really weird things with his tongue. And, whenever he forgot himself, he had a tendency to hiss.”

in other words, i’m enjoying the Good Omens cast immensely

i mean we all laugh about how crowley eats angel food cake and aziraphale devilled eggs but that passage becomes funnier if you consider that they ordered them in front of each other

Death is never the end... Not on this show anyway.

well. that was… um… yeah.

I’m not quite done processing.

The thing is, we have been speculating for so long now about Cas dying in the finale that it was almost expected for me. When he died I didn’t even react (certainly not in the way that Misha probably wanted when he asked for reaction vids) I just kinda went ‘Oh’ and that was it. 

I got up, took a walk to Sainsbury’s because I had to get some food, and spent the entire walk there and back pondering this new turn of events. 

I need to sort out my thoughts properly, but this post will more likely be me screaming into a void because I just need to type right now.

Cas is not dead.

Lets just get that one out there. No matter how real that whole stabbing, flashy light, burnt wings thing looked. It didn’t happen. Not the way we think it happened. Absolutely not. Cas’s story is unfinished. This is Andrew Dabb we are talking about after all, the master of Cas’s story arc in Carver era and into season 12. Cas hasn’t answered any of the questions they have been throwing at him since season 8. He hasn’t found his place, accepted who he is, learned to love himself… 

My biggest issue with the finale (aside from Lucifer’s mere presence) was that Cas wasn’t Cas. He was off, he wasn’t himself, he was kinda cold. Just like in 12x19. I have so many questions and there is no fucking way that this is the end for him. We still don’t even really know what happened to him in heaven, let alone what the Nephilim did to him. What was with the golden glow when he healed Dean? That was all wrong. 

I don’t know whether the alternate universe thing means we will get au versions of Cas now, or whether the Cas that was killed WAS an au version himself and real Cas is trapped somewhere? Or maybe Nephilim Jack will bring Cas back on the spot? 

Other than being great emotional fodder for shippers, and a chance to see Dean at his absolute best when he is an emotional wreck (just like my fave scene in 12x22 with Mary - WOW), it just seemed kinda flat. I’m upset about it, but probably not in the way Andrew Dabb wants me to be. 

One thing is for sure, when Cas comes back (and he WILL come back) he better still be HIM, OUR CAS and not some au version. Cas still has so far to go with his own story and Dabb hasn’t finished telling it. I don’t doubt that we WILL get OUR Cas back eventually, but I am sure that we will get more than a few episodes of Dean suffering serious man pain before we do. 

Crowley is Dead

As a great compare and contrast to Cas’s shock death, Crowley’s was perfect. It was exactly how I have always wanted Crowley to go out. He finished up his story arc. He admitted he was done with hell, he wanted more, or something different, and then he gave his life to save and protect the family he loves. It was beautifully done, and I was happy about it, and also sad because I will miss Crowley. He was a fantastic character, but I am glad to see him go.

Also, it works as proof that the writers DO know what they are doing with the characters. The fact that they were able to round off Crowley’s story and give him a decent send off means they DO know how to write a decent death scene and CAN do it well. They KNOW they have unfinished business with Cas, hence Cas WILL RETURN as the Cas we all know and love. Crowley’s story however, is now finished.

HOWEVER - with Earth 2 looming and a character born who can open up alternate worlds, it is entirely possible that they will bring back Mark Sheppard to play an au version of Crowley from now on. Perhaps we will actually get a truly evil demon Crowley again just like in season 6? Perhaps they will start his story over again? it is entirely possible that we may see a whole bunch of versions of Crowley. Just because the REAL Crowley’s story is now over, doesn’t mean we couldn’t have different Crowley’s come back into the story just like how they brought Bobby back.

Rowena’s death pissed me off

Yeah this one hurt the most actually. Because unlike Cas’s flat shock value/shipper fodder death that did him no justice, and Crowley’s perfect send off, this was just utter bullshit. It was Bucklemming levels of bad. Damn Dabb are they getting to your head or what?

The fact that they didn’t even give Ruth Connell the chance to come back and send off our Queen with pride and a decent fight has royally upset me (and again, not in the way Dabb probably wants me to be upset). The burnt corpse on the floor was just cheap and crappy and have I mentioned that I am so over Lucifer already?

I am hopeful that she will also come back, but that it will be an au version of her as I think they made it pretty clear that the real Rowena is dead. Since her story ties in closely with real Crowley (I’m gonna have to start referring to the original characters as Real!Character from now on arn’t I?) it makes sense that the original Rowena is gone for good. Though au evil witch Rowena coming back to bother the Winchesters? Badass fighter witch Rowena from Earth 2? Hell yeah I am all for that. Bring it on. Still doesn’t make real!Rowena’s death right though.

Alternate Realities are an anything goes area

Seriously though. How many fanfics do we read that start ‘au this’ and ‘au that’. practically everything we write is an au. Imagine where they could take this?

(I’m thinking about that beautiful fanfic called The Mirror right now and OMG IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?!?)

I would like to see an au version of Cas. BAMF Cas in a black trench who doesn’t know or care about Dean at all. Just to see Dean’s reaction. OR an au where destiel is REAL?

Imagine if they get fem!Cas back? An au where Cas never left his original vessel? Dean may actually get to meet fem!Cas! 

(Once again I am thinking about The Mirror because suddenly this is something that we could actually get on the show and I may be freaking out about this… Dean goes to an au and meets himself and fem!cas and they are married and she is carrying his child?!?! IMAGINE how much THAT would hurt NOW with Dean believing that HIS CAS IS DEAD?!?!?)

Okay the more my mind wonders into AUs the more excited I get. This is the big pull for me next season. This is what I want. That and Cas back. Obviously. Which, as I said above, we WILL get. 


OMG just be dead already I don’t fucking care I just want your stupid face off my TV screen just fucking DIE.

Mary Winchester

Again, won’t die. They only brought her back last season. I reckon AU Bobby will save her (along with real!Cas maybe?!?) and they’ll kill Lucifer (PLEASE) and find a way to escape. 

To be honest, other than that amazing scene in 12x22 in Mary’s head I didn’t really engage with her all that much. I don’t think she’ll die at all, she may be trapped, but she won’t be trapped for long. I am interested to see how she deals with Lucifer now. 


Oh Dean, you poor sweetheart. Everything he said and did in 12x22 just broke me. He was so open and honest and he actually talked about his feelings. He has come so far, and I am sure we will be picking apart that scene with Mary all summer. 

Then, in 12x23, Cas’s death. I said it was all for shock value and for shipping fodder. I mean this, but not entirely negatively, not on Dean’s side anyway. The way Sam had to pull Dean back through the portal when Cas stormed up to Lucifer, the way he screamed when Cas was stabbed, the way he just fell to his knees in front of Cas’s body, the way he looked up to the sky in disbelief, in prayer to a God he doesn’t believe will ever help him…just… wow. THAT was where the emotion was. Dean is well and truly back in his place as the emotional heart of this show and I couldn’t be happier with that.

I full expect season 13 to become a sort of season 7 for him. I can predict that Dean will believe Cas is well and truly dead for a good few episodes, even if it revealed to the audience far sooner that Cas is fine, or brought back, or however else he manages to survive that. I expect Dean to be truly mourning Cas, and I hope that this time around it won’t be hidden under other layers like guilt for killing your brothers monster friend for example. They have been nearly completely candid about Dean’s feeling towards Cas all season (and last season) so there would be no reason NOT to show him completely in mourning and non functioning because of it. I wanna see the pain, and I wanna see just how much that pain differs from Sam’s pain over loosing Cas.

Sam and the Nephilim

Yep, this is Sam’s problem now. His brother will be useless I guarantee it. Sam will be all business and logic and be all about dealing with the Nephilim, as well as getting Mary free, whereas I fully expect Dean to become withdrawn and broken.

We will see Sam take control, take the lead on everything they do in the first few episodes until they can rescue Mary, take out Lucifer, and reunite with real!cas however that pans out. It will be interesting to see.

The Nephilim was weird. I didn’t like it. I knew we weren’t gonna get a baby because a baby is useless, but it just becoming a creepy guy like that? I dunno. Found it weird. Not sure how I feel about it. I reckon he will be all about alternate worlds… I dunno if he will be traditional bad guy either. I kinda hope he is at least kinda good because otherwise the whole deal with Cas makes even LESS sense. I am so annoyed we didn’t find out what the deal was with Cas? Urgh.

I hope that they pick up all the plot points they dropped next season. I don’t want the Nephilim to become just another big bad, because it truly does just make the whole thing with Cas just seem ludicrous. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT NEPHILIM DID TO HIM DAMMIT!!

Anyway. Thats as much as I can type down right now. I’m all a buzz of speculation and thoughts so feel free to send me an ask about the episodes and I’ll hopefully be blogging about them over the weekend.

I couldn’t resist drawing @professor-cinnamon-roll‘s Good Omens AU, because I have an ineffable love for this trash double crossover.