crowley and the goats

The most concise line of dialogue in 13.07 that illustrates the difference between AU Kevin and OUR Kevin:

LUCIFER: Kevin, what are you doing, getting mixed up with Michael?
KEVIN: I don’t have a choice. I’m a prophet, so I serve God, but there’s no God to serve, so I serve the ranking deity, which is Michael, because I don’t have a choice because I’m a prophet.

I think OUR Kevin would’ve facepalmed at this circular logic. Kevin who wanted nothing more than to go back to his normal life adn just leave the prophet business behind. Who screwed over Crowley and stranged him in a field of goats while escaping imprisonment by blowing up a bunch of demons. Who took Dean’s pie with impunity. Who saw through his imprisonment by Crowley again and tricked his way out of it again…

Thelema/Occultism seeping in to popular culture again, featuring this time in Rick and Morty no less!

Notice the black and white pillars and
Rick making the sign of Baphomet/Hermes (As above, so below)in what could be the robe of a Probationer/Adeptus Minor infront of a pyramid adorned with a hexagram! Awesome.

Frater 440.’.
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Leah Sublime by Aleister Crowley, 1920s

Written for Leah (”The Hirsig pantent vacuum-pump”) Hirsig, The Scarlet Woman (one of several).

“In practice, these sex magic explorations led to one of his (Crowley) most notorious acts: the 1921 ritual in which Crowley persuaded his Scarlet Woman, at the time Leah Hirsig, to have sex with a he-goat. The goat, however, did not perform, but Crowley substituted & the animal’s throat was slit to complete the ceremony.” -  Chris Mathews, Modern Satanism: Anatomy of a Radical Subculture


so as a warmup today i decided to do some size reference for the trueform!dean and crowley i’ve done up!! (i changed dean’s height!)

i like thinking that once demons cross the threshold of hell’s gates, they become these MASSIVE BEHEMOTHS–or, at least, the important ones. the more souls they have, the bigger they are. or in dean’s case, it’s the goodness your soul once was but had been corrupted to! (so, basically, one soul turned him into something taller than crowley is by quite a bit, but he’s still thin and devoid of the mass crowley has)

and also, as a side note, someone in my stream last night had the idea that demons wear animal skulls as masks to accompany their true forms, in an attempt to mask how gruesome they really are. i chose goat for crowley because i figured, all that time he spent with kevin, crowley probably shared that this was the mask he chose. kevin, being the little shit he is, once sent him on a fake run to a field of goats ♥

dean doesn’t have one yet because he’s late to the 1/5-of-a-mile high club, but it would probably be a hound’s

(AND, here they are side-by-side:


family-tears-winchesters  asked:

Your true form drawings of cas, dean, and crowley are gorgeous, how did you get the ideas?


or not i don’t know

ideas for dean:

DEAN WAS ALL ABOUT THE PERFECT PREDATOR. the best hunter. i don’t know if anybody caught it but his head is shaped like a dorsal fin. i wanted it to have a shark-like quality not only because dean loves shark week, but because sharks are designed to hunt. hunt, move around, hunt more. then i thought of stretched/torn skin. dean’s body is what he both valued and hated most, and i remembered the look on his face when john’s friend said something along the lines of “you grew up pretty” and he wasn’t very pleased. so i distorted the skin across his face and chest to blur what he used to be.

i made dean impossibly thin because of what the horseman famine had said about him. dean “has no appetite because he’s dead”—i wanted to make that painfully obvious. and then we have his hands/arms. both are capable of horrors, but one is clearly designed to be more efficient the other, and he can never get rid of it. i wanted the entire scythe to be his arm because although maybe that’s not how everyone saw it before, that’s certainly how they’ll see it now!

the rest of the tears/frays/spikes are just general rugged necessities of hell, i think.

CRAP THIS IS WORDY ok onto crowley:

my stream viewers actually helped with quite a few aspects, and i explain some of them in the post for him (like the goat skull)! but coming up with crowley, i went back to some of the knowledge i had on demons previously. but i don’t think crowley was ever 100% demon, which is why he still has slightly feathered wings—but by no means really angelic. he’s big and strong and has human souls to thank that for in my mind, which is why dean is thin in my brain. human souls = size. crowley…really likes size [WINKS LOUDLY]. he’s always a king in one respect or the other, so i thought a crown of horns would work perfect. they have slight barbs and chips from those who wish to tear them off his smarmy head.

the rest was made up on the fly. he has a sporran with human-finger accents (but considering his size, i might say nephilim, actually.) he’s also wearing a kilt-like outfit, which was inspired a lot by my time spent at renaissance festivals. B)

AND FINALLY CAS i’m so sorry

i got a lot of ideas for cas from actual scripture, cas’s personality, and artists—like doug jones’ work. i explained the zebra and the sheep, and i generally always keep lots of eyes all over my angels. i should color this, because he is wearing armor on his chest and shoulders, but it’s tough to decipher from the robes. this is because when i think “warrior” i generally think armor. he has black wings because that’s sort of the color everyone has collectively decided for him. and i wanted bird talons as his primary fingers to show that, even without a blade, he can do quite a bit of damage.

i…i think. i was on quite a few medications when i drew cas.

i don’t exactly know how after i get all of these ideas i put them together, but i combine all of the brilliant things i’ve seen into one ultimate creature that i think would represent them as a whole!