• Dean: Judge all you want to but,
  • Dean: [points to Sam] Said yes to Satan,
  • Dean: [points to Castiel] Also said yes to Satan,
  • Dean: [points to Crowley] Broke the spear of Michael,
  • Dean: [points to Sam again] left a woman at the altar,
  • Dean: [points to Rowena] made love to Satan probably,
  • Dean: [points to Crowley again] Kidnapped an evil little girl *and* Satan,
  • Dean: [points to Rowena again] is the *witch* that released said evil little girl,
  • Dean: [points to the box coughcagecough that Lucifer is in] lives in a box!
Imagine Crowley when you haven't slept in two days

“There you are, darling,” Crowley spoke as you straggled into the throne room. “I was beginning to think you had abandoned me.”

Yawing, you said, “No, my king.”

Needless to say 48 hours straight with out sleep wasn’t the best thing for a person. Only one good thing came out of the stunt; now you knew a very interesting fact. The stories of people being drove into madness were true. Obviously sleep was scheduled into a human’s life for a reason and it wasn’t to be ignored.

The black circles underneath your eyes mixed with pale skin created the illusion that you just crawled out of a grave. Looking in the mirror was bad enough, but when people, like the King of Hell, began to point out how horrible you looked, your mind began to convince you that you really did belong in a hole in the ground. “Y/n, are you okay? You look a little-”

“Dead?” you finished.

“Well, I wasn’t going to be that rude.” With a sigh, he laid down the scroll of parchment paper as his whiskey brown eyes fell over you. “Darling, when was the last time you slept?”

“Uh,” you scratched your head, “totally not two days ago.”

You damn near thought his eyebrows were going to meet his hair line the way his eyes popped open. Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal…so you thought. “Two days ago? Bloody hell!”

“Hey! Life got busy!”

He shook his head and tsked. “I don’t care. Your health is more important.” Still sitting, he opened his arms as an invitation that you gladly accepted. You climbed into his arms and curled up in his lap like a small child, resting your head on his chest to hear his heart beat. Moments like these were what you loved in this relationship. It was a break from life…from everything. “Darling, I don’t want you throwing your needs away like they aren’t important because they are.”

“Hmhm,” you hummed. God, did he really have to go on with this lecture the moment you finally got to rest? At the moment, your ability to care was at rock bottom.

“I’m serious, love. I care about you and-” he paused to listen to the sound of steady breathing. “Are you asleep?” Silence. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

If you knew all you needed was your king to sleep, you would have came running to him two damn days ago. The warmth was like a blanket and his smell was like home. His arms provided a sense of security you couldn’t push away even if you wanted to. 

Pulling you close, he placed a small kiss to the top of your head before rocking slightly. “Goodnight, my love.”

One thing that really, really bothered me about the SDCC panel this year: erm, hardly any mention of Mark/Crowley?! Of how much he’s dedicated to the show and how fantastic his character was? Like, he’s just dead and gone and forgotten? I’m still kinda mad that his death was overshadowed by Lucifer stabbing Cas. He deserved to go out in his own blaze of glory, not as ‘yet another 12:24 death’. #WeMissYouMark #YouShouldHaveBeenThere

clip my wings

take everything

don’t know what’s right

fire and ice.

for any of you who dont know who this is, it’s Simon Snow from Rainbow Rowell’s book, Carry On!


inspiration: Fire and Ice by Olivia Bray


Guys I know everyone probably knows by now how Tumblr has updated and has restricted of some things because of their age and I don’t know about you guys but it has been a problem cause I am not able to read certain blogs. But I have beaten it and the way is to go onto Tumblr on chrome and you can read whatever it is you are trying to read. I have beaten you Tumblr!!!😎😁

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Crowley’s queen

Words: 1932

Summary: Y/N gets kidnapped by Sam and Dean.

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You woke up to arms reaching around you. Pulling you closer. You smiled as he pressed his lips to your shoulders.
   “Good morning, my queen.” He mumbled between kisses.
   “Good morning, king Crowley.” You smiled and turned to face him.
He place a kiss on your forehead, slowly making his way to your lips. He pulled away, and rested his forehead against yours. He smiled, then started to get out of bed. You sighed.
   “Babe. Please stay?” You asked gently shutting your eyes. Feeling cold now that he left.
   “Babe. I have to. I hate to go, but hell needs me. When I’m not there it’s complete chaos. I’ll make it up to you later.” He said bending down to kiss you again.
   You sighed, “Fine. I was planning on heading up anyways.” You smiled.
   “Y/N, I said I’d go with you once I got off.” The king said.
   “I know, and we still can. I just wanted to go out and shop for a while. I promise we can go out later. Besides I told Judith that I’d meet up with her. It’s been about a year since we have done something together.” You said standing up. The cool air wrapping itself around your bare body.
   “Alright. Tonight I’m taking you out to dinner, then you’re all mine.” He smirked pulling you closer.
   You smiled, “Anything for my king.” You turned opening your shared wardrobe. You pulled out a white and black striped dress that hugged your curves perfectly.
   “Does this look alright?” You asked turning in the mirror.
   “Maybe a little too good. They’ll be all over you.” He said wrapping his arms around you.
You smiled and shook your head.
   “The only person who’s allowed to have me is you, and well Liam Hemsworth, but he declined my offer.” You laughed.
   “Anyone stupid enough to decline you simply doesn’t deserve you.” He explained.
You smiled and blushed slightly. You turned back to the mirror and applied red lipstick and mascara and you were ready to go.
   “I’m heading out now, love.” You said as Crowley walked out of the bathroom.
   “Alright, Love. I’ll see you tonight.” He winked, “Do you wanna take Juliet with you? Just to be safe.” He asked.
   “No, I’ll be fine.” You declined. “I’ll be back in a few hours. No need to worry.” You smiled.
Crowley sighed slightly, then wrapped his arms around you. “See you later, Love.”
You smiled and walked out the door. You walked through the halls of Hell. Your heels clicking loudly. Every demon you walked by bowed their heads as you passed. At first, this made you feel weird. Now, it still felt weird, but in a good way. You finally made it to the end of the hall.
   You just walked through the doors of hell. Now in the middle of a busy town. You walked down the street stopping at a few of your favorite stores. You didn’t find anything that appealed to you. You decided to head over to the place you were supposed to be Judith at. As you arrived at the little cafe you noticed Judith was already there.
   You walked in a sat down across from her.
   “Long time no see.” You smiled.
   Judith jumped up out of her seat and hugged you tightly, “Y/N, how have you been. I haven’t seen you in like forever.” She almost yelled. You noticed a few people glancing your way.
   “Shhh. Sit. I’ll go order us coffee and we’ll talk.” You smiled. Judith sat back down in her seat. Her long blonde curly hair covering her shoulders. Her pale blue eyes. She has always been so beautiful.
   You ordered your guys coffee and sat back down at the table. You guys talked for a good 2 hours, until Judith had to leave for work. You guys hugged and split ways. You couldn’t believe Judith had a kid now.
   You decided to just walk around and window shop for a while. Not wanting to go back to hell just yet. You found this little antique store. You thought it looked interesting enough and decided to browse. You heard some guys asking questions about some old necklace. You thought nothing of it, and continued browsing. You found some old knick knacks, but nothing you absolutely needed, or even wanted for that matter.
You figured it was time to head back to hell. There was nothing up here that appealed to you. You walked out of the little antique store and headed back to the entrance of hell. As you were walking back, you started to feel uneasy. Not like an ‘I’m going to be sick’ uneasy, but more like an ‘I feel like someone’s watching me’ kind of way.
You looked around, but you didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. You continued walking, when the feeling started getting stronger. You turned into the alley where the entrance to hell is. You almost made it to the hidden entrance when a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and mouth. You tried to scream, but you couldn’t make any noise.
A car pulled up from behind, and the guy holding you pushed you into the back seat. He hit you in the head with the butt of the gun. Everything went black. You never did get a good look at the people kidnapping you. You were too stunned to even fight back.
You slowly regained consciousness, and slowly opened your eyes. As your eyes slowly adjust to the dark room you noticed two figures walking in. One was tall with long hair, and the other was a little shorter, but still tall. They walked closer to you, and that’s when you recognized their faces. Sam and Dean Winchester.
“Sam and Dean Winchester. Long time no see.” You smiled.
“Y/N.”  Sam mumbled.
“What can I do for you?” You asked smiling. You were just trying to get under their skin now.  In reality you were terrified.
“We need information, and you’re going to give it to us.” Dean said as angry as usual.
“Am I now?” You smirked.
“Yes. Or else.” Dean threatened.
“Or else what?” You asked calling their bluff.
   Sam walked over and slammed a tray down onto the table in front of you. The tray had many little metal gadgets on it.
   “We have our ways. Just answer some questions, and you’ll be able to go.” Sam said from behind you. He was making sure all the things restraining you were still intact.
   “First off,” Dean started, “Where’s the Brísingamen?” he demanded.
   “I don’t know.” You snapped. You did. It was somewhere in hell. Crowley had it protected. He didn’t trust anyone to protect it, so he protected it himself. He had it hidden in his throne. The Brísingamen was the goddess’ Freyja’s necklace. The necklace to Freja was just like Thor’s hammer to Thor. They both symbolize the deity and embody their power. Although, you weren’t sure why they wanted it you still refused to tell them where it was. Crowley had it hidden for a reason.
   “Yes. You do!” Dean screamed.
   “I have no clue where that damn Brísingamen is.” You screamed.
   Sam pulled out a knife and held it to your neck.
   “Tell me where it’s at Y/n!” Dean yelled.
   “I don’t know.” you hissed.
   “Sam! Come here!” Dean yelled.
   Sam slide the knife through his belt loop, and followed Dean out of the room. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Dean was the only one who came back. You heard Sam doing things outside the door. Things be dropped and thrown around, but you were to worried about Dean to focus on Sam.
   “I’m going to ask one more time, and you are going to tell me where the damn Brísingamen is.” Dean yelled.  
   “I. Don’t. Know.” You hissed.
   “Fine.” Dean pulled a knife out of his back pocket. He pressed the blade to your cheek.
   “Where?” He hissed.
   You didn’t say anything. There was no point in arguing. He wasn’t going to believe you anyways. He pressed the blade against your skin harder. You felt the warmth of your blood traveling down your cheek.
   “Where?” He demanded.
   Again you said nothing. He pulled the knife down leaving a trail down your cheek. You hissed in pain.
   “I told you. I. Don’t. Know.” You hissed.
   He stabbed the knife into your leg and walked back to the table. You cried out in pain. Dean looked out the door and nodded to Sam, then turned and walked back in. He pulled an old cloth from his back pocket and tied it around your mouth. You mumbled in response. You struggled to get out, but it was useless. Dean walked out of the room. You barely heard what they were saying. All you could hear were mumbles. Then, you heard a familiar voice. One you knew too well. Crowley’s
   “Hello boy’s. What do you want. I was in a meeting, and I after that I was going to spend some time with my queen. Once again, you two boneheads got in the middle of it. “ Crowley muttered.
   You tried screaming, but only a mumbled came out. You even tried to do that as loud as you could.
   “What’s that noise?” Crowley asked.
   The door swung open, and you saw Crowley standing in the middle of a demon trap. Once he saw you his face turned white.
   “What the Hell!” Crowley screamed. He saw how hurt and sad you looked. “Let her go! Now!”
   “Not until you tell us where the Brísingamen is. Until then you stay here.” Dean said.
   “I don’t have it.” Crowley hissed angrily.
   Sam walked over to you and pulled the knife out of your leg, and held it against your neck. Crowley looked terrified.
   “Fine. I’ll bring it to you.” Crowley muttered.
   “No you are not leaving. How do we know you won’t just appear in her and kill us, then free her?” Dean asked.
   “Because I wouldn’t put her in any danger.” Crowley said worriedly.
   Sam pulled out a gun and held it to your head, “If you try anything. And I mean anything. She’s dead.” Sam said.
   “Fine.” Crowley nodded and Dean broke the trap. Crowley disappeared. Within seconds he was back. He shoved the box at Dean and ran over to you.
   “Love! Are you ok?” He asked worriedly. Sam undid the restraints and you tried to stand up, but you almost fell over due to blood loss. Crowley picked you up in his arms, and held you tight. Sam and Dean stood awkwardly at the door. Crowley snapped his fingers, and we were back in hell. Crowley helped remove your dress, so he could make sure you weren’t injured anywhere else.
   He sat you on the bathroom counter and helped clean you up. He bandaged your leg and cheek and carried you to bed. He shut of the lights, and climbed in next to you.
   “I am so so sorry, my love.” He apologized as you curled up against his chest.
   “It’s not your fault.” you whispered.
   “I should have protected you. That’s what I am here for. I am so sorry. I wish I would have known. I swear I am going to kill them once you get better.” He explained.
   “I’ll be ok. Don’t worry about it.” You whispered.
   “I know you will, because you’re my queen and I won’t let nothing hurt you again.” He whispered into your ear.
   “I know.” You whispered and soon fell asleep.

Types of friends as presented by Supernatural:

the one that’s always making new friends:

the best gay friend:

the one that always needs rescuing:

the one that’s always hungry:

the one that’s just too much:

the mom friend:

the absolute sunshine friend:

the witchy one:

the one that’s always annoying:

the bitchy one:

the dad friend:

the one that’s the make out whore:

the prankster one: