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After a few exceptionally busy months, the forces of Heaven and Hell attempt to outwit each other in Aziraphale’s kitchen.

That is, Aziraphale makes pancakes and Crowley eats them.

This, my friends, is some soft and indulgent good omens stuffing fic, that is extremely on-brand and also written for @holoxam. Pancakes, there are so many pancakes here, you will enjoy it. 


This might have been said before but…

Remember that scene where Cas is watching Dean rake leaves, and Crowley comes up behind him and starts talking about happy endings and  and all that crap? 

“I’m talking about happy endings for all of us, with all possible entendres intended.”

An entendre in English is when a word’s meaning can be interpreted in two different ways (one is usually innuendo but that’s not important).

So my take on this is that Crowley is suggesting that Castiel’s happy ending is going to involve Dean in some way (probably sexual but that’s not important). 

  • me, reading aloud a post i just saw on a Queen fanblog: okay but Aziraphale and Crowley are 'car friend/gay who can't drive' solidarity
  • my roommate, Amias: bold of you to say Crowley can drive
  • me: him having a car is literally critical to the plot of the book
  • Amias: doesn't mean he can drive.
  • me: are you saying Crowley's belief that he can drive is the only reason he can?
  • Amias: yes that's exactly what i'm saying.
  • me: if he suddenly was deprived of occult powers and got into a car he'd be like "what the fuck is this"? that's what you're saying?
  • Amias: yes!! look, he goes 110 miles an hour in the middle of London and things rearrange themselves around him, he couldn't pass a traffic test if his life depended on it. crowley can't actually drive he's just doing magic constantly
  • me: ...somehow you've convinced me

Good Omens Tv :

Aziraphale : “I don’t even like you (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄  ”

Crowley : “ You doooo (⌐■_■)/ ” 

Good Omens (Book) :

Litteraly 5 minutes later :

Hello I’m coming back from depression and life issues to make a statement

“whats your kink?”

“men double my age wearing glasses”