Therefore Yavanna set times for the flowering and the ripening of all things that grew in Valinor; and at each first gathering of fruits Manwë made a high feast for the praising of Eru, when all the peoples of Valinor poured forth their joy in music and song upon Taniquetil. This now was the hour, and Manwë decreed a feast more glorious than any that had been held since the coming of the Eldar to Aman. […] Fëanor came indeed, for him alone Manwë had commanded to come.

The Silmarillion: The Rebellion of Feanor (2017): Eönwë informs Fëanor of his weekend plans.

Resting in the Forgotten Realms
  • Baldur's Gate: You can rest in most places but it won't heal you. Find and pay for a room in an inn and you'll heal a bit, but at least you'll get your spells back.
  • Neverwinter Nights: You can usually rest and it will heal you fully but you'll have to watch your character sit on the ground for like a minute, and it can be interrupted at any time if a monster finds you.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Just kneel down for 5 seconds and everyone will be fully healed lol.

“You know what, Finrod? I won’t hold you to the oath you swore to my father. I realise it’s selfish of me to expect someone with a king’s resposibilities - and who is also the elf with the strongest ties to humans and dwarves, which may be crucial to the war against Melkor - to risk his life for the sake of one couple’s marriage prospects. I think I’ll just wait for my semi-divine sorceress girlfriend to escape from the treehouse her father put her in and we can go to Mordor together. Or maybe I’ll make a deal with the sons of Feanor, have them help us get the Silmaril and give it to them after having presented it to Thingol, after all he only said to BRING him a Silmaril, he said nothing about getting to keep it. Or whatever, I’ll figure something out. You just focus on keeping your people safe.”
- Beren, in a super secret first draft of the Lay of Leithian

  • Tolkien: *makes Elves strong, immortal, beautiful*
  • Tolkien: *makes Dwarves skilful, semi-immortal, rich*
  • Tolkien: *makes a ton of gods and demi-gods who wander the world and actively influence events*
  • Tolkien: *makes Men mostly live in random villages and be farmers or nomads, they usually only achieve anything when Elves help them, they're born as far away from the only safe place in Arda as possible*
  • Men: *strive to gain some kind of power for themselves*
  • Tolkien: *shakes head gravely* why must Men be so power-hungry? This character flaw of yours will get you in trouble. Just be grateful you can Die.