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Can you make a gifset where Cristina supports Owen? Oh those scenes don't exist.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA OMG ANON I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. For a second there I thought you were seriously asking me to make a crowen giset, I was like “wtf” but yeah, those scenes are non-existent, so even if I would make them, I wouldn’t be able to hahhaha

this sounds just like something @jordan202 would say tbh. You two would hit it off quite well lol


1  universe, 8  planets, 202  countries, 804  islands, seas, 7  billion people and my heart still tells me; it’s you.

Just let that sink in.

Today is the start of the first season without Callie, the second season without Derek, the third season without Cristina, the fourth season without Mark, the fifth season without Lexie, the sixth season without Teddy, the seventh season without Izzie and the eighth season without George.

but still: HAPPY GREYS DAY!