Well, the bag’s out of the cat—we’ll be producing a Costume Quest series for Amazon. It’s Frederator Studios’ first project with Amazon, and we’re truly happy about it (and doubly happy it’s with such a wonderful property).
So many people deserve our thanks, including:

Tim Schafer and Greg Rice from Double Fine Productions, publisher of the Costume Quest video games, along with Tasha Sounart, who originally created the world.

MVP Zac Gorman, who wrote, storyboarded, and designed many of the characters for the pilot. Thanks to Pat McHale for coming on board to direct that initial short. Pre-production artists included Bob Flynn, JoJo Baptista, Aymeric Kevin, Ryan Andrews, Joe McGrory, Mira Lark Crowell, Larry Leichliter, and Wendy Jacobsmeyer.

The production team was made of Sylvia Edwards, Dana Jo Granger, Stephen Worth, Ross Kolde, Ray Valenzuela, and Molly Yahr.

Meredith Layne, C.S.A., cast-directed, and what a cast!: Sinclair Dumont, Aidan Sussman, Issac Ryan Brown, Allie Urrutia, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Marin, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker.

We’ve much appreciation for Digital eMation, Inc., which handled the animation, and Salami Studios (with Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.), the studio which oversaw the post-production. As you’d figure, The Blasting Company delivered a fantastic score.

Zac and Thurop Van Orman performed the work of 1,000 Vikings on their greenlight-getting pitch document.

Hugs to our newest and best friends at Amazon; Tara Sorensen, Melissa Wolfe, and Aaron Davidson.

It’s been a journey, but the writers’ room is staffed (that’s another post), and we’re counting down the days till the Costume Quest premiere in 2018.
Thanks, again.

Fred, Kevin, and Eric


It was Hank Wiliams. You know, the Hank Williams was gonna be on the screen. Tom had moved aside and there was this character there. And I was like, “Wow, man, Hank, is that you?. I wanna talk to Tom.” And Tom’s eyes cleared, it was one of those… And, he says, “Oh, yeah, I’m here. I’m Tom. I said, “Wow”, he had… inhabited the Hank that was gonna be on that screen. It was really amazing to watch. [Rodney Crowell. Talking Hank. Special features. I Saw The Light]

Guardaré tus mejores recuerdos conmigo, porque últimamente se te ha dado la necedad de ser más terco y empañarte con opiniones que no son tuyas. Y cambiar. Aquí conmigo, seguirás siendo tú.
—  Estás cambiando, querido amigo.

anonymous asked:

Is Tom a cat or dog person?

Hi, Nonny! Lovely question!

I remember Tom mentioning in an interview that he’s more of a dog person. And that he’d love to have a dog, but doesn’t want to leave the furry friend alone at home all the time because acting makes him travel so much.

There’s this video clip where he mentioned family pets during his childhood (and sent us fangirls into cardiac arrest because of the way he said “Muffin” and “Crumpet”).

(Thanks to @tomhiddleston-gifs for this.)

He also keeps saying that he tended/tends to look like a Golden Retriever and that he’d choose that as his spirit animal.

(Found on Google, credit to whoever saved it like this.)

And who wouldn’t drool and croon over pictures Tom with a dog? *dreamy sigh* We’ve seen him with Rodney Crowell’s dog and some on-set / photo shoot doggies.

BUT let’s face it, Tom with a cat has us all swooning too. (Pussy jokes aside. *wink*)

Because KITTLESTON, which is one of the best and worst things ever to happen!

And because of a certain photo shoot (that inspired the fanfic writer in me)…

(There are many more gifs and pics that I could share. Feel free to add, fellow Hiddlestoners!)