Haldad had twin children: Haleth his daughter, and Haldar his son; and both were valiant in the defence, for Haleth was a woman of great heart and strength. But at last Haldad was slain in a sortie against the Orcs; and Haldar, who rushed out to save his father’s body from their butchery, was hewn down beside him. Then Haleth held the people together, though they were without hope.

The Silmarillion; Of The Coming Of Men Into The West

“I think I’ll dismember the world and then I’ll dance in the wreckage.”

She is born like a wisp of smoke. She howls and discovers her voice, born with flame coating her instead of a mother’s blood, and she opens her eyes, and there is music. She births flame, scorching magnificence flowing from her fingers, blossoming into shining beauty that feeds her forges.

Mairon is the name they give her.

Sauron is the name she chooses.