Stage Presence starring M.Yoongi & P.Dara


It was a friday night. A free one for Dara, and since she got nothing else to do, the young woman decided to join the croweded streets on Hongdae, and to discover some of her neighbourhood of her apartment she now lived in. It wasn’t too long ago that she moved in, and of course she already strolled through the streets once or twice, but never at night. So when she walked down the streets, having just some casual wear on, she decided to enter that one club she always promised herself to go, when she had time.

Seemed that she was lucky, judging by the speakers built up in every corner of the room and the stage that was spotlighted right now, there was a performance going on. Dara grinned, stepping more inside the room and leaned against the wall behind her, while listening to a guy rapping. She was impressed, not that it was something hard to do when it came to rapping. His presence and charisma on stage was strong and it was hard not to bob her head with the beat. Eventually she gave in anyways, and even though she stayed a little longer to see other performers, no one could reach that one.

She was that impressed, that when she saw the boy coming her way (probably because he wanted to leave the store), she stepped in his way to hinder him, a bright smile on her face. “Hi, uh..” She realized now that she didn’t really think it through what she wanted to say. “You were amazing!” She stated, a little shy now, hopefully he wouldn’t think of her as a weird fangirl or something.


I love cities, so I thaught I will love Bangkok as well, but this city was way to croweded for me! That’s what I found in this big city, a small spot to realaxe.