crowed surf

Imagine Nishinoya and Tanaka going to a concert together and Tanaka being dead set on making it possible for Nishinoya to crowd surf.

They manage to get to the very front of the crowd and one of the band members pulls Nishinoya on stage, Nishinoya grinning widely and looking at everything starry-eyed.

Tanaka motions for him to come back and with a tap on his back from the band member he admires the most, Nishinoya sprints off and jumps right into the crowd, laughing lightheartedly when he’s caught by dozens of hands.

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so I saw Frank Iero on February 28th and it was about two week after I turned 13 and I just thought it was going to be my sister I seriously cried my eyes out he was my everything and ea it was his solo carer but it was amazing one of the best shows I’ve ever been to it was a small venue but I was about the 7th row this was in Detroit and he crowed surfed during his song Joyriding and he was so sweet and so nice to all the people out there after the show he told the fans he’ll do a meet and greet I waited in line for a good two hours but it was so worth it and by the time I met him it was 1:03 am March/1 and he was so sweet and nice I got my hoodie signed by him and I get held by him and we had a really awkward conversation and he and I were really tired and I was shaking really bad and I was so nervous the picture turned out like this he was really Sweet and waited till the last person and it may seem like forever you can meet him but it’s so worth it I’m seeing Gerard this Sunday May/17th and I’m seeing Frank again 8/26th


 I went to the Of Mice & Men concert yesterday, and I’ve been queuing since 8 am for the show (ditched school). In the afternoon they finally arrived to the venue and when Austin and Phil passed, they said hi to me. I managed to get pictures with Alan, Austin, and Tino, they were so sweet. When the doors opened I was front row and the guitarist of Beartooth, Kamron Bradbury crowed surfed and I was so scared to drop him, I managed to help him get down safely. He hugged me, and personally gave me his plectrum (the black one). Issues came on stage and they were so fucking adorable, when they finished they threw water bottles at us, I got one. Finally Of Mice & Men came on stage, and omg the feels, Austin recognized me and he was happy to see me. The set was amazing, and I started bawling because of how much I love them. I was next to this girl who cried too, and we both hugged each other. Austin was face to face with her and I was so happy about it. He then held my hand, *cries even more*. It was fucking amazing and they finished the show with You’re Not Alone, also I forgot to say but during Beartooths set, some members of Issues crowd surfed too. Best day of my life, and when the show was finished Alan, Phil, and Aaron gave me their plectrum, Tino gave me his drumstick (which is signed) and I catched the drumstick of the drummer from Beartooth. 


Last night was JCMs last night as Hedwig and it was Epic! I feel like a lot happens and I might accidentally leave somethings out. The entire audience stood up during tear me down (and many of the other songs). During Angry Inch Hedwig walks into the crowed then crowd surfs. It was a beautiful thing to see. I was surprised that I wasn’t sad at all the energy was insane and I was having fun celebrating JCM. One of my favorite moments was when Hedwig chose a guy to come on stage. The guy gave him a glittered rose he made himself (met him at stage door). Hedwig threw the rose and went through the usual “do you believe in gps?” The guys responded “I believe in JCM” after Yitzhak kicks the guy off stage and Hedwig kicks him the ass. HILARIOUS! Yitzhak then chases Hedwig around the stage until Hedwig rips of the front of the skirt that says Halt. DYING! Yitzhak then lifts up Hedwigs phone (the case is a middle finger). I started to lost it at Midnight Radio and sobbed. I am happy to report that the plan to have people hold on to each other was successful, which made me cry even more seeing all the held hands in the air. After curtain call John announced that there would be an encore and Stephen Trask got on stage to play with the band. John and the band sang the Lou Reed song Satellite of Love. BEAUTIFUL! we all stood after stage door to hang out and take pics. Stephen Trask came out signed and talked with fans. He also took a giant group pic that can be found on twitter and instagram. During the pic JCM and Darren snuck out into the car and drove off. This was a beautiful and emotional night but it doesn’t get any better and I might never experience this again.