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Hadean Zodiac: Starry Sky - The Star-Crossed Lovers 🌌💋

🐍 Serpens - Aleister Rourke
🐻 Ursa - Craig Hsiao
🐦 Cygnus - Grace Hall
🐧 Corvus - Zahra Namazi

Note: These ES minimalist posters are influenced by the Superhero Silhouettes of Kevin Collert and Steve Garcia. Then I experimented on the animation using some gif packs. 😆👍🏼

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i learned this recently and thought you'd want to know (if you don't already). in Japanese Shinto belief, many of the deities have animal messengers. the Sun Goddess Amaterasu's messengers are actually chickens. I just remembered this after your last reblog and thought it was worth sharing. i always knew chickens were hiding something from us...

Yes! I took a mythology course in college and was happy to come across Amaterasu’s chickens. The Wikipedia page for Japan’s Ise Grand Shrine, a place dedicated to Amaterasu, features a picture of some of the shrine’s chickens:

But this reminds me. For the same class, my professor had one of those setups where we were all given a chapter of the textbook to teach our peers. I got apocalypse myths, and naturally wound up covering Ragnarök, the Norse take on the end of days, because that shit is wild. Then suddenly, chickens:

“The völva (a female shaman or seer) then describes three roosters crowing: In stanza 42, the jötunn herdsman Eggthér sits on a mound and cheerfully plays his harp while the crimson rooster Fjalar (Old Norse “hider, deceiver”) crows in the forest Gálgviðr. The golden rooster Gullinkambi (Old Norse “golden comb”) crows to the Æsir in Valhalla, and the third, unnamed soot-red rooster crows in the halls of the underworld location of Hel in stanza 43.”

The crowing of these three roosters signifies the beginning of Ragnarök — Fjalar, Gullinkambi, and the unnamed Hel bird (was he always nameless? Or was that lost to time? Perhaps a servant of the Many-Faced God?)

As is my duty, I gave this aspect of the legend a powerpoint slide of its own, consisting only of a giant photo of Buck Buck. Because how could I pass that up?

(Also, my mythology tag)

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Could you do a Shiro from Voltron x chubby reader please? I like what you're doing here

Since you didn’t specify I just went with what I felt. It’s kind of angsty (??) but it has a happy ending WE DESERVE IT. Also this ended longer than expected. I’m not so sure if my next requests will be this long. Please don’t feel like it’s personal.

Thanks for requesting ♥

May the space dad bless this blog 🙏

It’s been two months since you arrived to the Voltron team, but far away from home it feels like an eternity. All your past in the earth seems from another life. Like it doesn’t belong to you, like all your memories and experiences belong to someone else.

Everything is from another lifetime, everything but him.

Shiro. Shirogane Takahashi is still here, he’s part of your present. He’s always been. He has been the only constant in your life ever since you joined de academy. You learned his name as soon as you entered the garrison: Top of his class, a genius pilot with natural talent.

He was a couple of years ahead of you, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him. You wanted to surpass him, you wanted to beat him. You didn’t want to fall in love him. That wasn’t part of the plan. Specially not when you had barely spoken to each other during your training days. And yet, you couldn’t help but treasure every little interaction the two of you ever had: Every smile, every “Hi!” ever muttered in the middle of a crowed hall, every sneaky glance you had shared that made you believe you actually had a chance with him.

But of course you didn’t. No matter how confident you tried to feel with yourself, you couldn’t actually grasp the possibility of him liking you back. When it came to love and relationships there was always a voice in the back of your head putting you down. All your qualities always end up being reduced to nothing against the fact that you carry extra weight.

You know it isn’t right to think like this. It’s irrational. But then again, when has love been something logical.

And now, here you are. A member of team Voltron. Closer to Shiro that you’d ever have. You have fought together, you have laughed together, you have finally got to know him as more than just the prodigious pilot. You’ve heard him scream in nightmares and wished to run by his side and tell him that he’ll be all right. That everything will be.

But you hadn’t. You’re not brave enough. And you are starting to feel like you’ll never be. You are starting to feel that you’ll love him in silence forever. That you won’t be able to tell him how much you need him. How much you long to be with him.

Maybe is better like this. You wouldn’t like to ruin your friendship with him by confessing your feelings. You try to convince yourself that this is for the best. But it hurts. It hurts like hell that this has to be your reality. And all because you can’t love yourself a bit more.

You don’t want it to be like this. But you’re falling too deep and that’s scary. So you decide to start to keep your distance from him. It’s not much, but it’s something. At least that way you can lie to yourself, thinking that you’re forgetting about him.

But of course you aren’t. Not even he going missing made you forget about him, so obviously you’re not going to forget about him when his right by your side every day.

• • •

You head to kitchen for some water, you’re not feeling at your best today and don’t feel like talking or wanting to be seen. But of course you ran into Hunk. You try to smile, but all you’re able to do is a sad intent of a grin.

“Hey Y/N, what’s the matter? Not trying to be rude, but you look awful.” Hunk looks at you with concern, but you don’t feel like explaining yourself. So you play dumb. “You think so?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I’m alright, Hunk. Really.” Usually you’re a pretty good lyer, but there’s something about Hunk that makes you falter; and you just know that he’s not buying it. Before you know what you’re doing, you’re telling him everything, crying like a five year old.

You’re sitting in the kitchen floor, your head resting on his shoulder. He listens to you without saying a word. He waits until you’re done speaking to voice his opinion. “Look, Y/N.” He starts, his voice soft and soothing. “I know better than anyone what is like to feel not good enough. But you need to tell Shiro.”

You’ve just started to shake your head when someone else speaks. “What do you need to tell me?” You freeze and stop breathing. When did Shiro arrived? How much did he listen? You hastily clean any traces of tears of your face and stand up quickly. “Nothing. I gotta go. Thanks Hunk.” Shiro looks at you confused, but you run away before he can say anything.

• • •

Now you’re really avoiding Shiro. After your talk with Hunk you’d reduced your interaction with the team to the strictly necessary. Yeah, it’s childish and coward, but you can’t face Shiro to tell him the truth. God knows he’s been trying to catch you and make you speak, but you’ve been using Hunk as your shield.

But your luck only lasts too little. You’re walking to the control room when his hand firmly grabs your arm. You don’t need to look to know that is him. And when he speaks, the worry in his voice makes you feel guilty. “Please, Y/N. We need to talk.”

You don’t wanna look at him, the intensity of his gaze is almost unbearable. His voice is as firm as ever “I spoke with Hunk.”

“What?” You don’t like sounding this scared, but truth is you’re terrified. “What did he tell you?”

“The same he said to you. That I needed to tell you the truth.” His hold on your arm tightens and you feel like running away. His eyes are piercing your soul, and he looks ready to burn. “I like you, Y/N. I liked you ever since academy.”


There’s static in your ears as you try to process what he just said. You stare at him in awe. His determined look falters when he speaks again. “If I’m being honest… I thought you liked me too.”


“Did I do something to upset you?” You finally snap. “What? No. Of course not.“ Instead of relief, Shiro seems even more distressed. “Then why won’t you talk to me? Why have you been avoiding me?”

You laugh. You laugh at the ridiculous situation. You laugh at how funny and weird life can be. Shiro looks at you concerned. He must think you finally lost it.

“I was avoiding you cause I like you too, Shiro.” He furrows his brows, confusion painting his features. “You’re right. I’ve always liked you.”

“Then why…?”

“Later.” You say, putting your arms around his torso. His strong arms surrounding your frame too. You don’t want to talk about insecurities and self doubt right now. Not now, when you’re so happy you can’t stop smiling. Not right after Shiro just told you he likes you too.

Shiro hugs you like you’re the most precious thing in the world. And, actually, it’s difficult to think you’re not worthy of him when his embrace is so tight and warm and it makes you feel so good. So perfect.


Day 18 - In A Different Life –– HAS ANYBODY HEARD ME TALK ABOUT MY SCHOOLTEACHER AU, if not this is the perfect time to learn,,,,,

Yusei is that one nice ass math teacher who students think is lowkey metal bc he drives a motorcycle, Crow is a supervisor/hall monitor who watches kids at breaks and recess, Jack is the P.E. teacher who never has a lesson plan, Rua is an art teacher that only ever draws comic book characters, Aki is a kindergarten teacher who doubles as the school nurse, Ruka is the all-knowing/all-seeing librarian, Bruno is the whack chemistry teacher who always plays Bill Nye videos and makes stuff explode, and Carly is the recently-hired slightly ditzy Literature teacher who goes on rants about romance novels

(yes you’d better believe Rua drew Wonder Woman)


Mistakes Were Made

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Characters: Chuck x Reader, OFC: Nikki, Fake Sam and Deans’

Request: “Could you write a Chuck one shot? The reader gets VIP passes at the Supernatural convention to meet Carver Edlund, but she makes a total fool out of herself (like walking in on him changing, saying stupid things, spilling stuff, making stuff sound dirty when it’s not… etc 😂) “ I really hope I didn’t let you down!

Warnings: Extreme Awkwardness

A/N: I loved writing this.  Chuck is the man (literally) and I like writing really awkward characters.  Totally makes up for the Differential Equations exam I bombed today.  Okay, it doesn’t.  But it definitely helps.  I used the convention from 5.09 as an example instead of something like Seacon.

Word Count: 1573

Not my gif.

“Wow, these have gotten, like, a lot bigger,” your friend, Nikki, said as you walked into the Supernatural convention

“Thanks so much for the tickets, I’ve always wanted to go to one of these,” you gushed, looking around the crowed convention hall with glossy eyes.

"Thanks for ditching that exam review to come with me!”

“Psht, I’ll just wing it,” you lied, knowing you would probably study all Sunday night.  “I can’t believe we’re really here!”  Nikki squealed, grabbing your shoulder and pointing towards the stage.  You heart hammered and your knees felt weak.  

There he was, the creator himself: Carver Edlund.  

“Aww he’s so adorkable,” Nikki cooed.

“Shut up, he’ll hear you!”  You batted at her with a hand that wasn’t holding your coffee and looked away, blushing furiously.  He was much younger than you’d imagined, and much more attractive, as well.

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L, Near, Light, Matt, Mello going to the mall with their SO and doing little things to embarrass them

L: L did not want to be anywhere near this mall, frankly he felt it was a waste of time. He let you lead him from store to store until he finally had enough of the incredibly loud people he kept coming across.So of course he had to say something. 

“_______, please make them stop talking.” He said just loud enough for the person he was referring to to hear him. 

The person, some teen, started toward him. Embarassed and wanting to avoid conflict, you dragged him out of the store and out of the mall, “If you ever do that again, I swear…”

Near: “We have to go in there.” Near insisted pointing to the toy store.

“Near,we’re here for a reason.” You replied dragging your boyfriend away from the store.

“No.” He said, refusing to move.

“Near…” You warned.That did it. He basically threw himself on the ground, refusing to release you and refusing to move any further until you agreed to go into the toy store. “Near, people are staring.” You hissed, embarrassment starting to get the better of you. After a few seconds you conceded, “Fine. Just get up.”

Slowly he rose to his feet and dragged you to the toy store, happy that you finally saw reason.

Light: Light didn’t particularly dislike going to the mall with you, however any chance he got to get a reaction out of you was a chance he was going to take. It was subtle things. Running his fingertips across your back, kissing the back of your hand in front of the large crowed that filled the halls of the mall, little things.

“Light, stop it.” You pleaded quietly.

He chuckled lowly, “I’m sorry, your reactions are just too cute.” He said pressing a quick kiss to your cheek and watching your face heat up again.

Matt: Matt was a huge dork so taking him anywhere with you was always an adventure and the mall was no exception. His arms were wrapped around your waist walking awkwardly as you tried to get from store to store. He continuously whispered little things in your ear, telling you how nice you looked today or how much he loved you.

“Matt, let go.” You requested, growing embarrassed.

“Absolutely not. How else will people know your mine?” He asked pressing a kiss behind your ear. “Besides, your turning red. It’s cute.”

You wiggled out of his grasp at last and entwined your fingers with his, “You’re going to get it later, I swear.”

Mello: Mello’s loud complaints as you walked through the stores was enough to turn you red with annoyance and embarrassment. “Mello, shut up.” You hissed.

He sighed loudly. “But, this is so boring. There’s so much to do, I don’t know why we’re wasting so much time here.” He said picking up something from a shelf and putting it back down, looking incredibly unimpressed.

You sighed and turned to him, “Please, behave. If you’re good, I’ll get you chocolate, okay?” You bribed.

He scoffed, “I’m not a little kid, _________.”

Wiping the exhaustion off your face you turned from him, “Could have fooled me.”

not that kinda girl | a.i

“your fan base don’t seem to be too pleased, that you’re talking to the new girl.” 

Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven 

Ashton Irwin was your typical high school stereotype. muscular, tanned, stylish and when it came to girls, well you could say that he was your modern day Romeo. him and his friends liked to walk the halls like they owned the school, and that everyone owed them something. they definitely thought that they were something special, getting girls to fall for them came natural, sort of like a hobby. but when new girl Y/N moved in town, things were about to change. 

Y/N was beautiful, avoided the fakes and kept herself to herself. she was your average teen girl, with a big heart and a lot of knowledge that could last a lifetime. so when it came to boys, you could say she definitely knew how to pick out the douche bags. 

“so here’s your timetable, make sure you keep to it. you don’t want any detentions on your first day.” passing you the paper, you eyed up the woman who seemed to look more nervous than you did, her smile quivering before her attention was stolen by yelling in the hall. 

“excuse me,” 

your eyes scanned over the paper, mentally preparing yourself for your first class, which unfortunately was maths. not that you had any issues with it, but it definitely wasn’t one of your favourite’s either. the yelling in the hall got louder, meaning that it would have attracted a crowd by now. you would usually make sure to avoid getting into any of this crap, but something about this heated discussion was beginning to sound interesting. 

“mate, if i wanted to steal your girl i would and i’d do it so easily.” 

your eyes wandered over the crowds of students, gently squeezing your way through them to see what the big issue was. 

two boys were being held back by the teachers, although they were making no effort to break loose. shifting from left to right, you caught a glimpse of their faces, attractive. typical. one of them seemed to be smirking, obviously satisfied with the attention he was getting, the other looked infuriated, but tried to play it off by running his hands through his hair. 

“oh bullshit! i’ve seen how you look at her.” 

getting tired of this back and forth arguing, the teachers finally dragged them off in opposite directions, leaving the chatter to begin through groups of students as they all headed off to classes. 

“you lost?” 

you snapped your head around to be greeted by a tall, dark haired boy. with a smirk on his face, you looked him up and down, narrowing your eyes slightly as you reached his gaze. 

raising his brows, he glared back at you like you hadn’t understood a word he said. “or not?..”

realizing you hand’t actually responded, you widened your eyes, flashing him a small smile. “no, i’m okay.” your answer may have sounded stubborn, but you could already tell his type. ladies man. the type you tended to avoid. 

“i’m not impressed so far.” he smirked once more, causing you to roll your eyes coldly at him. you couldn’t deny that he was appealing to the eyes, but getting into any of this boy drama right now isn’t what you needed, especially on your first day. so without saying one more word, you turned to walk away in the opposite direction. 

getting almost inches away, he had some how managed to creep up beside you. “i didn’t get your name.” he smirked. scoffing at him, you carried on walking away, unfortunately you weren’t able to escape him. “that’s because i didn’t tell you.” you responded. 

“shouldn’t you two be in class?” the voice came from a middle aged man, who could surprisingly pass as at least a 55 year old, his hair was thick but grey, wrinkles surrounded his beady eyes, and his voice sounded as thought he smoked 40 a day. 

“just going now, Sir.” 

pursing his lips, the man walked back into what you could only assume was the staff room. sighing in relief of escaping your first detention, you turned to the boy who was blatantly checking you out. “Y/N. my name is Y/N. now if you don’t mind, i’d like to get to class.” 

his smirk seemed to keep growing, but without a word he let you leave. his cocky appearance was definitely a give away of the type of guy he was. now to avoid him was gonna be harder than you thought. 

you managed to make it to your first class with only a minute to spare, it was a small room, but enough room for all of the students to squeeze in. with only a few options of chairs to sit in, you managed to get a window view, satisfactory for you. unfortunately, the chair beside you was taken by yet another cocky boy. 

as soon as you walked in the room, he had his eyes locked on you, narrowing them as you neared closer. you avoided eye contact with him as you took your seat, immediately glancing out of the window so that he couldn’t stare at your face any longer. 

“good morning class!” the woman chirped, gaining your attention straight away. she was young, long blonde hair, quite short, surprising to you. your last maths teacher was an older man, very bitter and quite frankly a horrible person. you could see the boy beside you eyeing her up from the corner of your eye, a smirk just like the boy from before plastered on his lips. 

“i heard we have a new student today.” she smiled, looking in your direction. mentally groaning to yourself, you hoped she wouldn’t make you give some little ‘hi i’m…’ speech. 

“Y/N, right?” 

nodding, you glanced around the room to now have everyone eyeing you up. chatter among them, making you feel slightly nervous; girls behind you were whispering to each other, giggling at whatever the other said. 

your confidence kicked in, as you flashed a smirk at them all, gaining a raised brow from the boy beside you. 

“yeah, just moved here. i haven’t been impressed so far..” 

the teacher, raised a brow in response, biting back a smile as she sat down behind her desk. “well, hopefully we can change your mind.” 

you shrugged off the whispers behind you, kept your head down and got on with the work. you could feel the stare from the boy beside you, he hadn’t been making it very secret that he was staring at you. instead, he made it very obvious. you occasionally lifted your eyes up from your paper, spying on him from the corner of your eye to see him smirking at you. 

you ignored him for the rest of the class, anticipating for the bell to ring. the work given was exactly how you’d expected it to be. easy. but to put off any snide remarks from others, you took your time; giving at least a few minutes before you handed back the sheet. 

the bell finally rang, and everyone rushed out; chatter filling the crowed halls. you packed away your things into your bag, and flung the handle over you shoulder. as you made your way out of the class down the hall, you seemed to have gained some company. 

“hey.” he smirked. 

you glanced at him from the corner of your eyes, narrowing them slightly at the tall guy. it was the same one from earlier, the one who appeared to have been arguing about some other guys girlfriend. 

“can i help you?” 

chuckling to himself, he stopped in front of you, stopping you from walking as he leaned against the wall. 

“i’m Ashton.” 

frowning, you eyed him up and down; his confidence was clearly too much. giving him that cocky, bad boy vibe, one you’re too familiar with. 

“great… i’m glad you know you’re name. excuse me.” 

you shifted to your right, squeezing past him. once again, he followed behind you; pushing past the other students to keep up with your pace. 

you muttered under your breath, narrowing your eyes at him as he walked beside you. fist bumping a few people on the way past; turning a corner you stopped to face him, with a raised brow you waited for him to speak. 

“i didn’t catch your name.” he held his bag strap, that hung over his shoulder, his shirt untucked and sleeves rolled up, giving off the ‘i don’t care’ look. his hazel eyes stared into yours, awaiting for your response. 

“that’s because i didn’t tell you.” 

he was obviously loving your confidence, something the other girls rarely had here. it was refreshing to him, having to fight for you attention drove him crazy but he loved it. 

a group of girls were eyeing you both up from across the hall, whispering to one and other. you bit back a smirk, loving that you were giving them something to talk about. not that you wanted any unwanted attention right now, but you couldn’t help but feel a little bit of power. 

“your fan base doesn’t seem to pleased that you’re talking to the new girl.” 

turning his head to glance at the girls, he shrugged it off. “i might have flirted with a few of them. nothing major.” 

your mouth gaped, as you raised a brow; holding back any more smart comments. “okay, on that note. i’m gonna go.” you patted him on the shoulder, pushing past him once again. 

“it’s Y/N, by the way.” you called to him, as you walked away. 

his smirk grew, as he watched you walk away; of course his eyes were focused on your ass, but he knew it wasn’t the last conversation you’d be having with him. 


The 86th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will honor the actors, technical achievements, and films of 2013 and will take place March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles


If you don’t think this is the coolest thing ever, well you’re wrong.


“Do your worst, Stephen. Put your men on the road, lay out money, search Europe. You’ll not find any talent I possess that England cannot use.

Wolf Hall Episode 5 - Crows

His Sleeping Beauty

An unusual portrait of the Inquisitor amuses her Commander.

Cullen X Demetra Trevlyan

Inquisitor Dormiens, Your Worship.” the voice of the noble was colored with a ill-concealed compliance “It means…”

The resting Inquisitor.” Demetra completed sweetly, hiding well her amusement seeing the noble caught off guard by her knowledge of his mother tongue. But the man was enough a skilled diplomat, Cullen realized with a grin looking proudly at her, that he smiled politely “The reputation you have earned as a scholar is more than deserved, Your Worship.”

“Oh, I’m sure lady Trevelyan would be delighted to see our library in Minrathous.”Dorian interrupted him, waving his hand nonchalantly “When she will finish to teach her lesson to the Venatori, maybe you and our lady Ambassador could organize a visit.”. The magister bowed slightly “Lord Pavus speaks wisely, Your Worship. The gift from my house is a little thing to show you, all of you,” he remarked looking boldly at the crow in the Main Hall “that not all the Tevinters are mad fanatics.”

“True enough, Octavius.” Dorian beamed “They’re not all mad!”. A formal laugh raised from the lips of those present. Before Dorian could tease more the man, Demetra smiled to everybody “The gift you’ve brought me is absolutly magnificent, magister Fulcinio. And it’d be an honor having you as my guest in Skyhold for as long as you wish.”.

Cullen frowned, but remained still. Dorian had assured them that Octavius Fulcinio was one of the Magisters who had a low opinion of the Venatori. Even if he wasn’t a very pleasant company, his gesture was a strong sign for the Magisterium that Felix Alexius wasn’t the only one who disagreed with Tevinter’s politic. Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that Cullen was glad to have a group of strangers so close to the Inquisitor. 

Demetra’s voice was speaking about the ability of the painter and Cullen looked again at the portrait, setting aside his thoughts for a moment. A young woman with long, dark red hair was sleeping graciously in the middle of a clearing, between wild flowers and little birds. One of her arms was tucked under the head, the other lay gently on her chest, descreetly shadowed with a green color, and her legs, slightly bended, were visible under the evanescent white dress.

Cullen felt the urgence to laugh, but all he could do was pretending a little cough. It wasn’t the quality of the work which caused his cheerfulness.

Differently to other supposed portraits, this one was quite similar to his beloved Inquisitor. Not perfect at all - why the painters were so scared to celebrate her luscious, feminine body, Maker’s breath?! - but not as terrible as the others.

No, what was amusing him so deeply was thinking about the real Demetra in her sleep.

True enough, found a comfortable position, she rarely moved very much until the morning. But how she slept… Cullen smirked, shaking his head.

With her legs stretched half out of the bed and her arms open wide, she often reminded him a starfish. When she chose to sleep on her side, she slept with her neck arched and the mouth half opened. He had teased her about this and she had kicked his ass in the dust of the training ring that same morning, but the truth was that the mighty Inquisitor was very funny in her sleep.

Looking at her, his smile softened. Nobody there knew those details about her. 

Nobody, admiring lady Trevelyan walking among them with her magnificent green dress, could imagine the shy, a little clumsy, witty woman who he had the privilege to see when they were alone. How she slept, the giant yawns in the morning, her nuzzling against his chest trying to keep him in the bed five minutes more…

Little, funny, tender things just for him to see. They were one of his most precious treasures. A sign that with him she could be free, herself, relaxed. For Cullen, that was the best confirmation she was truly happy with him.

No, surely the woman in the picture neither didn’t sleep in a funny way or yawn waking up.

Luckily for him, he had the honor to love the real one.

Altea Incorporated: Charity ball

Allura sighed with boredom as she gazed lazily around the crowed dinner hall for what felt like a millionth time that night. It was the Altea Incorporated annual charity ball which was just as boring as it sounds. All night Allura was forced to mingle with these stuck up pig heads that couldn’t care less about the actual charities and only donated so that they could pretend to be above one another. If it wasn’t for the fact that the event raised so much money for well deserved causes she would have cancelled it ages ago. But that didn’t mean that she needed to get away from all theses annoying air heads for a while.

Making sure Coran was busy doing what she assumed was some form of Russian dancing she quickly exited through the fire doors and lent against the cold wall of the car park and let her lungs fill with the sweet night air.

“Err… m'am?” A voice said next to her making Allura jump and clench her fists as she prepared to take a swing at her would be attacker only to find her self face to face with a young guard who raised up his hands in humerus surrender.

“Sorry!” Allura yelled when she realised the man wasn’t about to attack her “I just-”

She cut herself off when she recognised those dark eyes and concerned face.

“Oh it’s you!” She exclaimed.

“Me?” He asked in confusion cocking his head to the side like a puppy.

“Yes… er ….sorry” Allura stuttered feeling her face heat up as she flustered “I tripped the other day and you helped me up” She told him awkwardly.

“It was nothing m'am” He said honestly.

“Please” She chuckled holding out her hand “Call me Allura”

He looked startled at her hand for a moment before giving it a firm shake which appreciated since everyone else treated her like a china doll.

“Takashi Shirogane, but just Shiro is fine” He replied.

“Nice to meet Shiro”

“Like wise Allura”

The pair stood in comfortable silence as they just watched the cars go by under the glistening stars. Suddenly Shiro’s phone wine toff startling them both.

“It’s probably nothing” Shiro said as the phone rang out. But by the forth time it rang he apologetically got it out and cringed when he saw the caller.

“You can answer it if you want. I don’t mind” She said kindly. He smiled gratefully at her before holding it up to his ear.

“What have they done now?” He sighed rubbing the side of his face. Allura watched as he massaged his temples as the person on the other end of the phone ranted angrily at him.

“I’m sorry about your clothes Rolo but i did ask you to keep them out of the kitchen…………No I was not aware that Hunk had a stash of food in his room………..Yes of course I’ll pay for your dry cleaning bill just please keep an eye on them for the rest of the night……. Ok thank you”

Shiro hung up and groaned in sufferingas he lent against the wall. “Of course Keith had to dare Lance” He muttered under his breathe.

“Is everything all right?” Allura asked curiously and he looked at her in surprise as though he had forgotten for a moment that she was here.

“Yes sorry about that” He said rubbing his neck in embarrassment “It’s just that one of my kids thought it would be a good idea to throw some cake at the baby sitter”

Allura giggled at his tone as she guessed that this wasn’t the first time the child had done something like that.

“Is there mother at work?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t know” he answered bitterly “ I haven’t seen her since the day she decided to drop four babies off at my flat, claim they were mine before running off”

“I’m sorry” Allura said earnestly placing a comforting hand on his arm and he leaned into her touch. She couldn’t even begin to imagine her mother ever doing such a thing to her.

“It’s fine” He said stiffly “There wasn’t exactly much love lost between me and her anyway. I don’t care if we are together or not I just don’t want the kids to grow up without a mother you know” His eyes widened in shock when he realised what he just said. “I’m so sorry-I…..I didn’t mean-”

“No it’s alright” She said holding up her hand to silence him. It was no secret that her mother had died very young leaving her father to raise her. She was only a toddler when it happened and although she doesn’t remember her very well that didn’t mean she couldn’t still miss her. She took a deep breathe before composing herself.

“Although my mother was not ……present during my upbringing I did however have an excellent godfather and wonderful father. He was a kind, good man and I like to think that he taught me theses traits before he passed. As I am certain you will do for your children.” She placed her hand gently on his shoulder so that she could look him in the eye “You are a good man Shiro and your children couldn’t ask for a better father.”

As she finished her speech she stared fiercely upon his flushed face.

“I ……. thank you” He breathed gazing at her with admiration, thankfulness and something else that she couldn’t quiet put her finger on.

As Allura opened her mouth to reply Coran burst through the fire doors with panic written all over him.

“There you are!” he said hysterically capturing her in a tight hug “I’ve been looking evrywhere for you. Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine. I just needed some fresh air” She choked. Shiro smiled teasingly at her from over Coran’s shoulder. She smiled sufferingly in return and rolled her eyes at her godfather’s antics.

“You must come back inside now Allura the dinner is about to start”

“Of course” She said looking back as she started to open the doors. “It was nice talking to you Shiro”

“You too Allura” He replied smiling. She waved goodbye with Coran following behind her, twirling his mustash in suspicion as he glanced between the pair.

As Allura ate her dinner she couldn’t get rid of a bubbly feeling in her stomach no matter how rude or stuck up her guests were and all through the rest of the night her mind kept wondering back to the kind handsome guard who now had a name, Shiro.