i need some help with my hw!!! it’s video game related so all you gaming nerds please read on!!

okay so i have to write a short paper about video games (that’s the topic i signed up for) and basically i have to link it to this reading i just did. the reading talked about world of warcraft culture and how chinese players are designated as gold farmers, which happens to be considered a very lowly position in game. this kind of designation and characterization manifests in racist player-created content outside of the game (see this video titled “ni hao (a gold farmers story)”). this kind of content has real effects in the real world.

basically, what i need is another example of this kind of thing–content (fan art, fan videos, fan fiction, etc.) outside of a game (any game! not just WoW) that reinforces oppressive ideologies (doesn’t have to be racism; sexism, ableism, etc. work too). any ideas???????