Estate Agent’s Amazing Game of Thrones Flyer Goes Viral

A local estate agent in Hampshire has won over legions of new fans on the internet thanks to its new ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired flyer.

The leaflet for Bridges, shared on Reddit by user Rosylux, features staff members photoshopped as characters from the hit Sky Atlantic along with a ton of parochial ‘Game of Thrones’ references including “There can only be one king of the South East”. Check it out below.

“Dwarfing other agents since 1991″? Bridges, we salute your commitment to this flyer, even if it does veer more into “so bad it’s good” territory.

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The rear of the flyer has a ‘Thrones’ style map of all the branch locations as well as a Nights Watch-style estate agent manifesto that crowbars in references to the show with the subtlety of a warhammer.

“I am the phone in the darkness. I am the property finder on the walls. I am the problem solver that burns against the obstacles. The light that brings the sale. The horn that wakes the buyers. I am the agent that guards the realms of our clients.”

As much as we love this flyer, we do wonder what non-’Game of Thrones’ fans would make of it. As the top Reddit comment points out: “That would 100% scare off people who have no idea it was a GoT reference.”

Image credit: Imgur