Rental & Billing Help (Please Read)

Where to begin… About a month ago my girlfriend (Zingstars) and I moved up from St. Louis Missouri to Northern Illinois where we both grew up. When we got to where we were moving, which was an apartment complex, we signed the paperwork and began to try to move in.

With only being there for six hours it was quickly decided that we would not be safe living here. We had people stalking us, people trying to get into our truck and watching us look over it, and most importantly, where my girlfriend was supposed to work (we swung by to check it out) she was told that it would not be unlikely that she would be “shot and robbed” from an EMPLOYEE.

We returned to our apartment where I called the front desk and told them to cancel the lease. I know it is not looked upon well to break a lease, but on their paperwork there was a 72-hour notice stating that I would get my security deposit back from the sign-on date should I change my mind. However, the lady denied that there was ever a statement and further told me that I would OWE $1500 for breaking the lease on an apartment that we did not feel safe in and were only there for six hours. We quickly packed up and went to my grandmother’s in Bartlett Illinois. We have been staying there ever since.

I have talked to countless people who know attorneys and all of them agreed that I should have gotten my money back. I have tried to call the apartment to reason with them but the lady said that while she’ll “forgive me for breaking the lease” she will not give me back my deposit. I am planning to take her to small claims court to get my money back.

I’ve made a GoFundMe for help on paying off our old house utilities and upcoming bills (phone, car, storage for our things, insurance, etc.) My girlfriend has just gotten her job back (she was originally transferring to a Family Dollar where we were supposed to live, where she was told that she’d be shot. We have resent the transfer for a Family Dollar closer to my grandmother’s, but that took several weeks.) Her pay flow won’t start until two weeks from now. I have been working tirelessly to try and get all the money that I can. I’m even offering to cut and sell my own hair.

It also goes without saying that we can’t stay with my grandmother for long either. She lives in a mobile home and people can only stay with her for so long. If I can get help at least paying off my bills and a small headstart, my girlfriend and I can quickly save up to get our own place.

Please if you can help at all even a dollar would mean so much to us. We really, truly need help. I also take art commissions if you would like something in exchange for helping us. Just email me at I’ll do them discounted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We deeply appreciate any help that can be offered.



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We have nearly 16,000 U.S. Civil War telegrams in our archives, and now you can help transcribe them! New crowdsourcing project “Decoding the Civil War” is a joint effort of The Huntington, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, North Carolina State University’s Digital History and Pedagogy Project, and citizen science site Zooniverse.

Read more on VERSO.

“Decoding the Civil War” landing page on Zooniverse.
Transcription gif from the “Decoding the Civil War” tutorial.


Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, a benign trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs or trunk, are heavy burdens in their own right.

But add to that the moments when sufferers try to enjoy a meal with friends or family. The frustration attendant with being unable to keep food on the fork or spoon becomes another consequence of the disorder.

Now a San Francisco startup called Lift Labs is selling a piece of assistive technology that counters hand tremors and lets users have a meal without embarrassment or annoyance. The device, called Liftware, mounts utensils on an active stabilizing platform that diminishes uncontrollable jerking movements. 

This month, Lift Labs is matching donations to its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to send Liftware to people in economic hardship. The company will send the devices to the International Essential Tremor Foundation for distribution to those in need. Click through to see the campaign video.

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Damn London

Back at it again with the fundraising.

But listen, this time…
It’s really important.

I’ve been suffering for 6 years and it’s time I tried to get real help.

So hello, My name is London. I like pizza, memes, and feminism. My favorite movie is The Lion King. I adopt animals routinely and rescue sick fish quite regularly, which I actually made a post about elsewhere on several sites. I love to hike, I love Pokémon, and I work as a busser at a restaurant right now.

And I have a problem. I live in a wonderful household of Trump supporters, with parents who calls trans people “transgenders”, and I’m in the Deep South. I’m a non-binary, femme presenting (I guess?) person and I don’t want to bear children. Ever. I never want to be pregnant as long as I live.

Since I was 13 years old, I have had a period. Since my third period, I’ve had excruciating cramps, but no one in my family has ever been diagnosed with anything like endometriosis or PCOS. So I guess I don’t have one of those two, though I’ve never even been to a gynecologist or even a Female Sex Organs doctor to know that so whatever (thanks no insurance and Republican mom). So my menstrual cramps are shitty. Everyone’s are, right? Right.
But here’s a breakdown of some of my symptoms, every month, for the last six years:
• fainting/blackouts
• knee buckling
• severe joint pain (debilitating, to the point I can’t walk)
• lower back and abdominal pain
• nausea & vomiting
• occasional chills & hot flashes
• stabbing pains
• bloating to the point that any pants or underwear cause even more severe cramps
• sleepless nights up to 72 hours, usually at least 28hrs a month

And those are only the physical tolls. I know some of you probably don’t believe being nonbinary or agender to be real, but…that’s my identifier and whether you believe it to be real or not, it comes with a level of dysphoria. I do not want these organs and I don’t want them to cause me to suffer. I have never felt like a woman or a girl (not since I can ever remember) and being reminded with literal, physical pain is not good for my mental health.

Pain killers do not relieve my suffering quickly or effectively (I can take 12 painkillers [of which the 24hr max is 8] and get about 45 minutes of relief, at severe detriment to my liver). Due to several suicide attempts in my youth involving medication and alcohol, I try to avoid overusing medication because of the poor state of my liver. But being a busser/server assistant at a restaurant is making that difficult; I need the medicine to be able to keep my job and make money. The rate of pay also makes it incredibly difficult to save for this procedure on my own, as I am also trying to save up to move across the country and live with my significant other.

I don’t really have a goal date in mind, but the sooner, the better.

The money I am saving is going towards a procedure known as an endometrial ablation. It’s a 30 minute to 1 hour in-office procedure that basically cooks the endometrium, making it difficult to build up a uterine lining and lessening or even ridding the receiver’s menstrual symptoms. I don’t want a full hysterectomy, because a hormone imbalance like that on someone my age is unhealthy, and I have no need for a full removal of my reproductive organs (not until I can donate them to a transwoman, because these are currently fully functioning and I’d love to give them to someone else honestly, like what a waste of a good, fertile baby maker). Any leftover money would be refunded to donors or would be put towards the removal of my fallopian tubes, to further myself from pregnancy (as post ablation pregnancies can be fatal to the pregnant person).

So I guess that’s the long winded version. But if you could share and/or donate and help me rid myself of this problem, I’d be ever so grateful. As I find out more what the costs will be like exactly, I will adjust the goal amount. Currently I am high balling it to ensure I will eventually have enough. Thank you for reading and sharing, I really appreciate it.

TL;DR: help a poor nonbinary person living in the deep south get rid of debilitating, dysphoria-inducing menstrual cramps

(I’ll add a link when I can get out of bed and get to my computer - I’m on mobile now :\ sorry)

anonymous asked:

Every medieval fantasy that I have read is set in a European based setting, with clothing, architecture, and way of dress that is reminiscent of medieval England. It's getting kind of boring. I was wondering if you had read or know of good fantasy books (not like urban fantasy, just medieval type stuff) with a different ethnic background? Thanks in advance!

I think part of the problem you’re having is that ‘medieval’ is an inherently European concept. You don’t really see like medieval Asian/African/insert-geographical-area-of-your-choice-here fantasy because the word ‘medieval’ and the culture we associate with it was predominantly European (not unlike the Renaissance or the Victorian era). So, you may not be able to find this exactly. However, there is a lot of non-Eurocentric fantasy out there. I just may not be the best person to ask because I don’t read a whole lot of fantasy, so I’m going to turn this over to my followers. 

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This Time, Humans Out-Perform Computers

Computers are terrible at mapping the brain.  Given a cross-section of a retina for example, computers have trouble distinguishing neurons from other cells and empty space.  Humans, on the other hand, can perform this task with ease.

Still, mapping the brain would be a monumental task for one human.  So MIT neuroscientist Sebastien Seung recruited more than 120,000 online gamers to help him - via a game called EyeWire.

Players help color in neurons, and a computer later compiles their data into a complex map. Already, their work is helping scientists understand how the brain sees movement.

You can hear all about it in this story from Joe Palca.



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Publish Your Stuff Interview: Danika Stone on Self-Publishing, Crowdsourcing, and Breaking Into Traditional Publishing

Danika Stone is an author, artist, and educator who discovered a passion for writing fiction while in the throes of her Masters thesis. A self-declared bibliophile, Danika now writes novels for both adults (The Intaglio Series and Ctrl Z) and teens (All the Feels). When not writing, Danika can be found hiking in the Rockies, planning grand adventures, and spending far too much time online. She lives with her husband, three sons, and a houseful of imaginary characters in a windy corner of Alberta, Canada.
Ms. Stone is represented by Morty Mint of Mint Literary Agency.

You can find out more on her website, and find her books on Amazon. You can also follow her work on Swoonreads!

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We need your help. The Counted is a project by the Guardian – and you – to count the number of people killed by police and other law enforcement agencies in the United States throughout 2015. Please share this post to help more people across the country become aware of this project. Thank you! 

See our interactive database, map and read the latest reports. Follow the conversation on special Facebook community page and on Twitter.
How The Smithsonian Is Crowdsourcing History
It’s the end of the day, you’ve worked hard, and now you’re home and it’s time to relax. So you open up your laptop and settle in to transcribe some bee...

We had the chance to talk with Andy Wright of @atlasobscura about our amazing #volunpeers and the @smithsonian collections that they are helping to make more accessible every day. 

In addition to showcasing the tiny mysteries and adventures on each page, the article highlights the fascinating connections that emerge across projects and subjects through transcription. Projects featured include materials from the Department of Botany, @archivesofamericanart, @nmaahc, Smithsonian Institution Archives, and Anacostia Community Museum Archives. 

But wait! There’s more! Andy also shared projects from our friends at @NYPL (What’s on the Menu?), DIYHistory from University of Iowa Libraries (please share with colleagues, @uispeccoll!), Atlas of Living Australia’s DigiVol, as well as our near-by neighbors @usnatarchives and the Citizen Archivist platform (please also share @todaysdocument!).

If you want to help, we have ever-expanding opportunities with new projects launched each week from archives, museums, and libraries across the Smithsonian. We’d love to see you join us or other crowdsourcing projects. You can make a difference to historical, cultural, and scientific research. Let us know how we can help you get started by using the feedback button or emailing ( - or asking here or tweeting (@transcribesi).

And some citations JIC you’d like to research materials the images in the article: 

  • Oscar Bluemner – Image: Oscar Bluemner papers, 1886-1939, 1960. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
  • Joseph Nelson Rose field notes, uncovering a woman in science: Mrs. D.D. Gaillard, née Katherine Ross Davis  – Image: Joseph Nelson Rose field notes, Rose, cacti 1909-1917. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Accession 12-052, Box 1, Folder 1. Image Number: SIA2012-7970.
  • Lister v Clay promotional material: Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

anonymous asked:

How do we volunteer to transcribe documents? Thank you

Becoming a Citizen Archivist is easy!

  1. Create a username and password in the National Archives Catalog.
  2. Login from any transcription page or on the login page.
  3. Start a Transcription Mission, check out More Records, create your own mission by doing a keyword search for your favorite topics. (Or maybe you had a favorite record from one of our past posts?)
  4. Select the “View/Add Contributions” button located below all images in the catalog.
  5. Select the “Transcribe” tab for the page of the record you would like to transcribe.
  6. Select the “Edit” button and remember to save your work frequently.

Check out this example transcription page and Citizen Contribution Policy for more information.


Amazing! Saints, we’d love to see you pictured here. San Francisco-based photographer Sarah Deragon (of Portraits to the People) invites you to become part of The Identity Project. A good enough reason for a road trip to San Fran, if you ask us! Submit your information here

The Identity Project This photography project seeks to explore the labels we choose to identify with when defining our gender and sexuality. Eligibility Participants must be a member of the LGBTQ community.