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I’m getting quite a few encouraging messages in my askbox and I just want to use this post to say thanks to all of you for the words.  I managed to complete the drawing!

It’s a black and white portrait of Michiko Toyoda, drawn in response to a song that was written for her by Kavalier Calm.  The song is called Teacher and it is so well written for Michiko that I was inspired to draw this portrait.  Listen to the song here.  KC is an amazing song writer and ya’ll ought to follow him!

shadowofmefisto-deactivated2015  asked:

Im curious about how or why you started doing this, and even more, why tumblr? how you found tumblr and why you use it? idk :P

I started CI because I love songwriting but need motivation to consistently work at it. Why on Tumblr, though? My kid sister showed me Tumblr one day, and I was instantly intrigued by the idea of micro-blogging. I decided it would be fun to focus a blog on songwriting because I noticed the Tumblrverse was very 2D (all photos and text), and it would be original to bring music to it. I also appreciated the Ask/Answer and messaging features. There’s a natural, collaborative community on Tumblr that makes it a good fit for CI. When I started the blog, I used to just post open asks about song concepts, and I relied on input from you lovely strangers to shape the songwriting process. In general not enough people responded, though, so I started just browsing through blogs until I was inspired. And then I’d surprise people with a song for them. Who doesn’t like surprises? By total accident, I dedicated a song to someone on Tumblr’s staff, and in response I was given the opportunity to spotlight my blog under /musicians. It was an honor, and I like to think I haven’t wasted it. I’m still eagerly bringing audio to Tumblr’s 2D environment (even if Tumblr doesn’t make audio posts very friendly for the user or consumer). Some days I don’t know if it is the best medium for my project, but I’m not sure where else I’d go. Plus, I like everyone here too much! — KC