THE 5th DIMENSION is an awesome narrative told through short stories and epic photo manipulation!

When human beings are suddenly gifted alien technology, will they be able to safely assimilate it into their culture or will it bring about the end of life as we know it?

Get a digital copy of the book for just a $25 pledge!

Armikrog is a new adventure game from the creators of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood!

This game is fully animated in claymation. They styling is like nothing you have ever seen.

If you like Wallace and Gromit, and companion adventure games this project is for you!

$25 gets you a digital download of the full game!

Royal Optik Custom Playing Cards are beautifully designed with custom art!

These are the third in a series of 6 custom decks by the design company Optik. They have a really cool woodblock print look, and the cards aren’t simply black and white, there is a texture and color to both the black and the whites.

These great cards are only $11 and come with free shipping!


Robert Xavier Burden paints giant nostalgic and beautiful pictures of the toys many of us grew up with!

He has created a kickstarter page to help fund his next two paintings, a series dedicated to the larger scale Starwars toys! And the best part is we as backers get to vote on which toys he puts into the paintings! My favorite visual depiction was always the ATATs :)

The picture in this post is an example of his work, but not one of the paintings the kickstarter is for. (Those have not been painted yet)

If you were born in the 70’s or early 80’s and remember these toys with a nostalgia that the actual pieces of plastic might not live up to, this is the project for you!

$44 Get’s you two 24" x 36" posters of these awesome paintings!

Ghettopoly is on kickstarter!

Ghettopoly is a variation on Monopoly that features liquor stores instead of railroads, peep shows, pawn shops, and car jacking.

The game was invented by David Chang and got picked up by Urban Outfitters. Almost immediately after that it was slammed as racist and offensive by dozens of organizations including the NAACP. Hasbro sewed David for $400,000 and won. David is still trying to sell the game despite the law suit and Amazon and eBay’s rejection of the item. It even has it’s own wikipedia page!

$50 get’s you a copy of this rare board game!

BrickPi combines the flexibility of Raspberry Pi with Lego Mindstorms!

If you, like me, already have a Legos Mindstorm set you know how much fun it can be to design little robots with the set, but unfortunately it’s not as much fun to play with your creations as it is to build them because the programming is so limited. This project puts the power of a full PC into a Legoized box that easily connects to your existing set!

$45 gives a serious boost in technology to your Lego robot!