5SOS Preference - What he does when he sees you in the crowd (gif)

Luke -

Luke sings looking directly in your eyes and Calum has to poke him to get his attention.

Michael -

Michael likes to just look at you until he looks around and realizes he’s performing.

Ashton -

Ashton impresses you with his drumming skills, then you wink at him which makes him go crazy.

Calum -

Calum usually giggles at you because you’re dancing like crazy and he tries to mimic your moves.


Henry outside W Hotel [x]

This is a fancam of Henry fanservice outside W Hotel. I watch this repeatedly because i was so touched. He was walking with his manager? and heard and saw fans shout his name, asking for autograph, unlike most SM Artist (which who mostly can’t ignore infront of his manager to not giving fanservice) he stopped and ask what they want, and one fans gave him little paper, he ask her if she think the paper is not to small and gave the autograph. Go to the next person and gave the autograph again, when the fans ask for picture he decline for a second for making sure all fans got his autograph, and then he go to the other side and give another autograph, even hugged the fans. Go back to the early side and gave his picture, keep ignoring his manager to go, after all fans got what they want he smiled and leave, but before he leave he’s not forget to waving and saying thank you to the fans. This is so touching. And this is for the anti fans, please stop hating on him. He is such an inspirational boy, He has a dream, He can play instrumental very very well  perfect. He was leaving his family and friend to be with Super Junior. Remember that he is still studying. But the best is. He never forget his fans, he always try to do the best as there’s a chance for him to show it. He never stop. Never ever. And this is what i really amazed by his humble personality♥. And this is for Henry, thank you for always remember your fans, thanks for being such a very patient boy against the anti-fans.Thanks for being who you are, and the last one. Thanks for being my biggest inspirator♥