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Hi all, my name is Alyanna. I’m a student at UNC Chapel Hill. Since my parents can neither help me with my education, nor are they willing to be cosigners on any student loans, I’m faced with paying roughly $16,000 in tuition and fees for the next three years on my own. Fortunately, I have some money from extended family and work, but more than anything, I need to get out of my parents’ house. My adoptive father has made it aggressively clear to me that I am not welcome in their house, and has had a history of verbal and emotional abuse. Furthermore, I’m trans nonbinary, and as my parents continue to degrade transgender people, misgender me, and actively make my own childhood home an unsafe place to be who I am, it becomes less clear if I can survive here for three more years.

Unfortunately, I’m caught in a bind: to move out means that I need to pay for rent and food, but if I’m paying for rent and food, there is little, if any, left over to pay for my education. I’ve applied for scholarships, and I work two jobs as a lifeguard. I looked into filing my FAFSA as an independent student, which would mean more financial aid, but that would require me to wait until I’m 24 to go to college, have a kid who is dependent upon me, file for emancipation, join the military, or get married. I can’t take out student loans without paying taking on massive interest rates due to my lack of cosigner and virtually zero credit history.

I need to leave my house for the sake of my health and wellbeing, and so that when I do finally give the long drawn out trans speech, I’m in a place where I am not at risk of being kicked out or sent to conversion therapy, and can stay in school.  I’m asking for help with one year of my school, which is about $5300, because I have two more summers of work where I should be able to make up the difference.

So, I am asking folks on Tumblr, if you have the means to help, please donate to my PayPal. I’m trying to make YouCaring work, and I’ll update the offline donations to accommodate anyone who contributes via PayPal, so for now, it’s I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t truly in need, but I am. If you do donate, send me a message with your mailing address, and I’ll write you a thank you note and a recipe for lemon pound cake. Help your local nonbinary Filipinx golden wonder go to college to become a professor and be independent!!

(Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016)
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I am crushed

As many of you know, I was recently readmitted to my university to finish my Bachelor’s with 6 credit hours left! Just two classes! Well, I was denied financial aid due to exceeding the time limit for a degree track (many of you who know about my disabilities already know why this is the case), which would be fine, but because I am low-income (like my FAFSA estimated family contribution is $00000), I do not qualify for private loans and I cannot pay on my own. Rather than crowdfund my education (which shouldn’t even have to be a thing), I was wondering if any of you know about any organizations or even people who will help others finish school…I’m open to pretty much anything. So message me please if you have any suggestions. Spring semester starts January 11th (a day before my birthday)…so I have until then…

EDIT: A lot of you have been suggesting that I do a financial aid appeal (called a SAP Appeal at my school) which is great advice. I have however already submitted my appeal and it was denied so that’s why I posted here. Thank you, though.