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My teeth and I have always had a rocky relationship.

So most of you don’t know this, but I am going to be having surgery at the end of September in order to get my jaws fixed. This surgery isn’t covered by insurance, and is pretty damned pricey ($25,000 worth of pricey).

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so, i’m usually not one to ask for people to give me or my family money for no reason, but this is a special circumstance

pictured above is my 8 month old kitten, tucker

not only have we been unable to get her spayed, but as of late she has been acting a little odd

she hasn’t been eating at all, only drinking a little water from the faucet, vomiting when she even sees her food, and laying around the house sleeping (she’s usually extremely energetic)

my mother works through the state of illinois, which is in so much debt, we barely have enough money to pay rent and get food each month

i would very much appreciate if you could donate so we can take her to the vet, even a dollar or two would help a lot

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thank you




Going to take this opportunity to raise some awareness…

1) This video is about Bapu Surat Singh. Today is the 200th day of his hunger strike. This is about his activism and the violation of not only his right to peacefully protest, but also the rights of Sikhs in India. If you share anything, share this. He’s vowed to starve until illegally held Sikh political prisoners are released, or until he dies. Check out the #BapuSuratSingh hashtag on twitter, there’s lots of dedicated Sikhs advocating for his cause and giving regular updates. If you want any links to articles and such related to this, lemme know.

2) This Kickstarter is for a film I’m going to have a little role in, The Receptionist. It’s by a very talented lady, Jenny Lu, and it’s about a young Taiwanese graduate who is pushed by the economic crisis to take a job as a receptionist at an illegal massage parlour. I could go on about why this is important to me, beyond the fact that it’s my second role and it’s a very promising opportunity, but I’ll just leave you the teaser: here.

3) Another Kickstarter, this time for a film I have no affiliation with. HALA, is a film about a young Muslim-American girl and her experiences with the tensions between faith, culture and exploration of sexuality. I’m intrigued and despite being Sikh, I feel like I can relate to this, and I really urge you to support the creator, Minhal Baig on her film. 

Thank you and enjoy RTB week! P.S. all my dark skinned, disabled and non-binary desis, you deserve to be here too.


Indiegogo campaign!! Help me gather money to buy a new computer, and get your own 3d render as reward. >>Go here<<

Commissions are open through Indiegogo. Select how much you want to spend in the rewards section. There is everything, from simple cube avatars to fully fledge scenes.

The funding is flexible so it doesn’t matter if the goal isn’t reached. You will get your reward/commission regardless.

One reason I chose do commissions is because I rather work for it, giving something in exchange. I know there are campaings out there who just simply ask for money to buy a computer. I don’t like to do that.

For those of you who ask for NSFW content, this is partially why I need the new computer. It will be much easier to produce content on a more regular basis.

Reblog, Share, Contribute, Do the stuff. Please, help me spread the word. Every little thing you can do helps me a lot.

PS. If you notice that I use the word “custom” a lot it’s all thanks to Vinny’s cousin.


Long story short, I’m currently living in France and on September 1st, I will realize my dream and step on the Canadian ground for the first time.

I have a lot of projects to fulfill in this wonderful country, starting with honoring it by drawing a comic about the adventures I will have there, as well as a Vlog.


If you want to browse all of my art, it’s: HERE

Popular posts can be found: HERE

Illustration is my job outside of Tumblr, I spend approximately 10 hours sitting down every day of the week. Everything I post here, I do on my free time in between commissions and little contracts. 

Moving to Canada has always been my dream, but more importantly, I’ve got some amazing work opportunities there, a network of interesting contacts and for the past 3 years, my “audience” grew exponentially on this side of the world.

I need to raise money for new tools, art supplies, and insure my stay in the country at least one month to get me started.

  • All my illustrations are traditional, so I require a scanner and a laptop. Those are my principal tools of work. My current computer is impossible to move, 4 years old and give me the “blue screen” treatment every two days. I can’t bring it on a trip, it would not survive. Same for my scanner.

As I said, all illustrations are traditional, here are the tools I mostly use:

Watercolor, paintbrushes, black pens, white pen, sharpies, mechanical pen, rubber, paper.

  • It might not be obvious, but all of this is expansive as shit. For example, just one square of watercolor can go from 2.50€ to 5.50€. Not talking about my job, but for this blog, I use an average of twice these supplies per month. My posting pace is of 6 illustrations and/or comic per week, approximately. 

Here is the fun part!

Am I gonna take your money to go gallivanting in Toronto’s finest bars? No.
Am I gonna work my ass off for a whole month to get me going in this beautiful country? Yes! 

The main project here, is the one called “Operation Canada”. It’ll basically be weekly updates in comic form of my Canadian adventures.

  • The comics will be more or less long depending on what will happen to me once I’m there, but count on me for it to be extra stupid and funny. All of this will be posted on this blog (toodrunktofindaurl), and the French version will be posted on a new blog. The really interesting part: 

I plan to publish this comic once finished, in both EN & FR.

This wonderful little project will have a sibling in Vlog form, that’ll be posted every two weeks on my YouTube channel.

(Channel currently only holding a months-old Q&A)

  • There’s so much I can do with watercolor! Some things need real images, and sound, and music. Plus you’ll have the absolute pleasure of hearing me fucking up your beautiful language that is English, thanks to my French accent. Isn’t that wonderful? (okay it’s not that bad, just never make me say “squirrel”, ever). This Vlog will be a fun way to connect with you all, to share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and to compare real events to the ones I’ll put on paper. 

The final goal is $5000.

I realize it’s a lot to gather in 3 weeks.

  • Insurance of my stay in the country and of the stability and time to fulfill my projects: $1500 
  • Laptop + Scanner for pretty much all of my work: $1000
  • Camera for the “Operation Canada” Vlog: $500
  • Much better Art supplies (paintbrushes, thin pens, sharpies, paper of good quality, watercolor): $500

I don’t have much to offer, but let’s try make it beneficial for everyone, shall we?

/!\ If you donate, make sure to sign up with your tumblr url. If you want to remain anonymous or only use your name, that’s totally okay by me. I just won’t be able to do anything for you in return. Same goes if your tumblr askbox is closed /!\

Personal prizes (when you give a certain amount, I give a certain something *wiggles eyebrows*)

  • $50 : A little “thank you” doodle sent to you by e-mail, a shout-out on this blog, for your blog + follow
  • $150:  A character of your choice drawn and sent to you by e-mail + shout-out + follow
  • $250: Anything you want, drawn and the original will be sent to you by mail (be sure to agree to give me your mailing address) + shout-out + follow
  • $500: Anything you want, drawn and the original will be sent to you by mail (be sure to agree to give me your mailing address) + shout-out + follow + my soul, you own it + an original character here for comic purpose, named after you, in “Operation Canada” + Skype call?

General prizes (when a millstone is reached, I cry, then post something particular on this blog)

  • $1000 milestone: A 20 panel comic for the fandom of your choice (raffle among your choices, I’ll make a post specially for that)
  • $5000 milestone: My complete and infinite love + I will try to snatch a camera for a “thank you” video + a whole day of art. No other posts, only artwork will be posted without interruption for 24 hours. Maybe 48 hours because I will be that happy.


(To my followers: For the first 48h hours launching this fundraising, I’ll share this post twice, without a cut. After those 48 hours, I’ll share this post every 4 days with a cut so it’ll be shorter. If you want to avoid seeing it so often because it’s so painfully long, feel free to blacklist “Operation Canada”.. but please reblog at least once before doing so? ♥)


So, if you haven’t heard: THERE’S A FREAKING BILL NYE DOCUMENTARY FILM via kickstarter​! 

The scene above warms my very being in the sincerest of ways, as Bill speaks on the influence Carl Sagan had on his life. I can’t begin to express what this film truly means for art, science, and the extension of Bill Nye and his upbringing, influences, and commitment of advocacy for science literacy. Just as the two films I’m involved with - astronaut film​ - fightforspacefilm are dedicated to the long term benefit and survival of our species, so is a documentary surrounding the life and times of Bill Nye and his recipe for PB&J (passion, beauty and joy) communicating the poetry of reality. 

About the film: 

Bill Nye embarks on a quest to change the world through science advocacy and education. With intimate and exclusive access, this is a behind-the-scenes portrait of “the Science Guy,” as he debates anti-science creationists and climate change deniers, while inspiring Millennials to participate in STEM. With wonder and whimsy, the film will follow Bill’s journey to change the world… with science.

See: billnyefilm (Tumblr) | (Site) | Kickstarter

In the above feature, Nye is star-gazing (literally, through solar observation during the day) and commenting on the magnificence and awe of the sun. I share this enthusiasm as solar observing is a hobby of mine (read: “That moment when…”), and hearing someone else talk about it is beautiful. 

Related star stuff: convection | explaining the sun

Also in the above clip, Bill describes being a student studying astronomy under Professor Carl Sagan while at Cornell University. 

During the initial developments of “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”, Nye inquired to Carl his thoughts and advice for communicating science this way and to encourage the sharpening of their skepticism, critical thinking ability, and appreciation for the liberating ability of scientific literacy to truly see reality and stay curious. 

Sagan’s advice? 

Kids resonate to pure science.” 

By teaching the fundamental principles of science in a  creative, nontraditional way, everything, everywhere, anytime, becomes a tool to communicate and understand reality and gain a bit more ground on how it all works. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this with you all, speak on what it means to me, and extend my encouragement outward and invite you to support this film. Not just for yourself, your own interest and appreciation for Sir Nye; but with respect to the generations past, present, and future who haven’t been properly introduced to Nye and his role as a science communicator with respect to the shoulders of those with whom Bill’s PB&J (passion, beauty, and joy) for science is founded upon. And it goes without saying that Bill Nye’s success and appreciation for life - by his continual admission - is credited to Carl Sagan. 

Nye has been recently voicing his advocacy for #WomenInScience and #WomenInSTEM, as delivered by this clip of the film speaking about his mother: 

By tomorrow, the billnyefilm team are pushing to peak 5,000 backers, as this will represent a Kickstarter milestone in a campaign’s achievement, which is when a project is poised to complete its funding goal. See the plug below

Directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg discussing the how and why of the film, and plea for your support (here) because, well, #scienceRULES. 

So this Friday, even if you contribute $1 (although $25 gets you exclusive BTS digital content, like Bill’s handwritten notes from the Ken Ham “debate”, historic photos, rare articles, text message tones, Bill Nye emojis, a “high five” S/O on Twitter, a private link to screen the film before its release, and a billnyefilm frisbee (below): 

They just peaked 3,000 backers, so visit their Kickstarter page to be one of the backers who helps achieve 5,000+ followers and this wicked science literacy-advocating frisbee! 

Oh, and want to watch Bill talk about his ultimate frisbee past time and how cool flying disks are? It’s right here: 

Also Recommended: watch Producer Nick Pampenella (who was responsible for the production of Bill’s book ‘Undeniable’ speak about the decision for now being the time to make this film a reality as a much needed contribution to our present society, culture, and our future going forward

Whether you contribute money or share the film with others, why not also share your love for science, education, and The Science Guy by paying it forward and with how you were personally #InspiredByNye across social media, tagging it with #BillBillBill. Watch the plug.

Give it up for these brilliant humans for launching such a vibrant and engaging campaign. This is one of the ways you can citizen science (another is endeavorist I should add. See their ‘Scientist Spotlight’ on Bill Nye).

There’s only one reward – to CHANGE THE WORLD

Kickstarter | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | #BillBillBill
Eyesight for Yadria | Kylie Guest's Fundraiser
Yadria needs help to fund a surgery to remove the cataracts in her eyes. Without it she will remain blind.

Hi everyone. Up above is Yadria. She lives in Ensanada, MX with her family and she needs your help. Yadria has cataracts in both of her eyes, which leave her without sight. We are trying to raise $5500 for the cost of her surgery. If you could donate, even a few dollars, it would help her have a bright future. If not please reblog and spread the word.

Anything could help. We want to give Yadira the  brightest future possible!

Stephanie Hans conjures up a special artwork for our Kickstarter Print-Set and creates a magical scene with our main character Ria.

Take a look on our sites:


With government grants at their lowest since World War II, the race for scientific funding has grown more competitive than ever. Bills like the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation that aims to pour an extra $1.75 billion a year for the next five years into medical research, hope to change this reality. In the meantime, scientists worry about an impending intellectual recession.

No one denies that the current system is riddled with problems. Neil Fitzgerald, assistant dean of science at Marist College and founding president of the Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU), a website devoted to helping college students turn their ideas into actual experiments, told Modern Notion that in addition to more competition for grants, fewer grants are being awarded overall. Even more frustrating, the grants available have become larger, something that typically helps the bigger fish in the pond, but leaves smaller projects unfunded by larger margins.

At the same time, the “good ol’ boy” network grows larger. Steven Farber, a staff member at the Carnegie Institution and adjunct associate professor of biology at Johns Hopkins, says shoulder-rubbing and back door politics are more apparent as competition heats up. The smaller the funds available, the more favoritism accounts for how grant-givers decide which few applications they’ll fund and which will get the chopping block. Farber explains that back in the day when there was enough money to fund say, a quarter of the projects submitted, there was more of an even playing field. Today, sometimes as few as one or two in 20 applications are accepted.

To remedy this, some entrepreneurs are thinking outside the box when it comes to keeping pioneering scientific work alive and well in the U.S. 

Enter: crowdfunding

Fantastic piece by Modern Notion regarding the impact of citizen science, crowd-sourcing/funding and the importance of democratizing scientific research during a time when its becoming more impeded by bureaucratic tunnel vision, as described in the article: 

Crowds don’t have that kind of tunnel vision. This is not to say that they are not as easily mislead, but at least their point of view is based upon a broader point of view than that of just a handful of scientists. One final consideration is that the crowd is the supporter of the study, so they should get a voice. If tax payers are paying for the studies, they deserve to have a strong voice in what gets funded.”  

– Alex Fair, CEO of a medical crowdfunding site

Endeavorist’s own co-founder Colin Matthews (@SVNDER) spoke with Modern Notion to discuss the approach to crowdfunding endeavorist​ has taken: 

Colin Matthews, co-founder of another science crowdfunding site, Endeavorist, said that when his team started the website, they did expect the “sexiest” project to win. However, that’s simply not been the case. Their successful campaigns have all come down to marketing. For instance, a campaign to build a portable particle acceptor failed horribly (despite the really cool concept) while the seemingly less exciting one to build a software emulation of a “deterministic interpretation of quantum mechanics” succeeded because of how they engaged with users.

Although we’re referred to as “another science crowdfunding site”, Endeavorist is so much more. See: ‘The World’s First Curiosity Network’ (Medium) and ‘A Curious Site’ (PopSci) and visit, join, and share Endeavorist with the world!
ANNA - A Short Film

Hello lovely tumblr people!

I’m directing a short film for my final semester at university. It’s about a young woman called Anna, who is on the Autism Spectrum.

We have some production costs which are necessary to make the film. The minimum cost at the moment is looking to be about $400NZD, which is more than my producer and I can pay out of our own pockets. I know a lot of you lovely people already gave a lot of your hard-earned money to Lovely Little Losers, and we are all so grateful about that. However, this film is a production I’m doing on my own, and even if you can fund me $1, that would mean the world to me. Please check out the kickstarter page for more information on how to support us, and what your money will be going towards.

If you want more information about the script or my approach for this film, please let me know. I feel very passionately about telling Anna’s story as genuinely and as truthfully as possible. I don’t want to paint her as a victim, and I don’t want it to be farcical in any way.

Thank you x

(also yes I know my name is spelt wrong on the page but it can’t be changed now because the kickstarter has begun fml)


A Life In Transition - KT’s Journey

Imagine your typical American family – two parents, two children, and some pets all residing in a house on the corner – and you would be describing our family. The neighbors are friendly, and the school is just down the road.

The closer you get, our family seems a little bit different. I am a writer and minister, and my spouse KT works with the Deaf community, offering interpretive and communication services through New York Relay and CapTel. One of our children is autistic. But then again, what family doesn’t have these little quirks? These are the things that make families special, and draw them closer together.

No, our family wasn’t perfect, but we were happy… until a few years ago. Over time, KT began to find it harder to be happy with each coming dawn, or the next new milestone in our childrens’ lives. Sometimes, it was difficult to get out of bed, or even to smile. I knew what this sounded like - depression, at the very least. Working together, we sought to bring happiness and light to our family again.  What would make KT happy?

The answer was more than a little unsettling, but ushered in a new peace… a peace only found by the acceptance of who you are.  After many years of avoiding the issue out of fear, KT realized that they are transgender.  

With the advent of largely famous public figures coming forward and speaking about being transgender, this conclusion might not come as much of a shock to you. The solution to KT’s unhappiness seems so simple when put into the pages of magazines and on talk shows – seek a counselor, and get surgery. However, our family was in for quite the shock when the insurance company that KT’s employer is contracted with returned their verdict on the solution: they would not cover the surgeries, nor the gender counseling that KT needed for any surgeon to consider a consultation with us.

We reside in New York, and while the insurances here are required to cover gender counseling, medications, and surgeries such as a mastectomy if purchased through the governmental insurance marketplace, KT’s insurance company is based in South Dakota, where her employer is based and incorporated. Even after asking for an explanation to their refusal, and stating that New York insurances covered these life-saving and necessary implements to the medical solution, the answer was the same. We would have to pay for every step of KT’s transition ourselves.

At this stage, we are focused on scheduling KT for gender counseling, and saving for their first surgery - a mastectomy and chest reconstruction. The cost of this surgery in the United States – from the surgeon’s fee to the hospital stay, anesthesia and such – starts around $10,000 USD.

As a family, we are firm in our belief that those who wish to see peace and happiness in this world must bring it about themselves. We are loving to all those around us, finding great joy in our hearts by giving - whether it is through our work, or simply by helping a friend, acquaintance, or stranger in need. The cost of this surgery alone is momentous, for we do not work in our professions for monetary gain, but rather to bring light into the world and those around us. Any contribution helps, and we thank you most humbly for it. Please, reblogs are just as helpful, as we welcome all support in equal measure.

After we reach our goal of $10,000, we pledge that all donations past that point will be given to The Trevor Project, The GLBT National Help Center, and Trans Lifeline - all free hotlines and support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, intersex, and questioning youth and adults.

To access KT’s fundraiser at YouCaring, please click here. Thank you!! 


Hip Hop is a Culture that has influenced a generation.


THE BOOK OF LYTE* is a collection of Poems, Prose, Prayers + Personal Narrative inspired by and dedicated to those who self identify as Women +Gender Non-Conforming MC’s. 

This work illuminates a poet’s powerful coming-of-age story during an exciting and tumultuous Hip Hop Era.


1.    Publishing + Production:
(hard copy + digital) * The Book portion of this project is 90% complete
2.    Album
3.    Art Installation
4.    Hiring Creative + Technical Support
5.    Upgrading Technical Equipment
6.    Design, Marketing + Promotion Expenses
7.    Hip Hop + Empowerment Workshops
8.    FREE Workshops + Products for Selected Youth
9.    Workshop Space Rental Fees
10.   Academic Resource Guide
11.   Rehearsal Space Rental Fees
12.   Creative + Development Retreat
13.   Multi-Media Performance Tour

for more information visit:
Support Tess Young creating squishy sparkly video games
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

The Patreon is here!

So many of you folks have been asking me how you can contribute to Charmixy ever since the Kickstarter ended without being successful. At first, I was very reticent to return to crowdfunding, not just in part because of the high stress it put on me and my team-members.

But lately I’ve been taking a look at Patreon. It seems to be considerably more lax as a platform; I don’t have to adhere to an arbitrary deadline, I’m not under pressure to draw massive amounts of attention to my game at once (and when I’m not really ready), and I can offer it as an option to people who want to support me without forcing it into a specific time-frame.

So for those of you who supported me on Kickstarter or would like to fund the development of Charmixy, I would love it if you pitched in a few dollars to the Patreon. We get paid per game update, which happens 1-2 times a month at most.

Thanks for everything, you guys!

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Dear friends and followers, my photobook crowdfunding page is up and running. My sincere thanks to everyone for their kind advice. Special thanks go to snowghoul , gedditor , onecontactmy-friend-red and many others! I would be extremely grateful if you could share the link with your contacts:  I do realize all of us tumblr artist folks probably spend more than we earn on our art projects, so please do not misinterpret this as an appeal to fund my project! Really the only thing I expect is for those of you who are willing to be able to share my crowdfunding page with others who might have the interest and the wherewithal to contribute. Many thanks m(._.)m