And that’s a wrap! I finished drawing head sketches in that whole stack of #bastions7 #kickstarter books that I posted yesterday…Aside from the personal head sketch requests I drew all #tmnt heads. Who will get the nugget that is #mastersplinter??? #smallbiz #diy #crowdfunding #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #indiecomics #smallbusiness #seancheeksgalloway #cheeks74 #nickelodeon #sketch #traditionaldrawing

Help bring a Keats sculpture to Chichester!

Artist Vincent Gray has started a fundraiser to raise money for a bronze sculpture of John Keats that will sit in Chichester, adjacent to the building where the he stayed while he was writing The Eve of Saint Agnes in 1820. Gray wants the sculpture–and Keats, in turn–to be accessible to the public so people can sit, take photos, and have a chat with the poet.

To clarify: In all likelihood, the sculpture will not talk back to you. I mean, it might. If it’s, like, possessed or something. If it does start talking back to you, that’s either really, really cool, or a sign that you need to get the heck out of there and contact your friendly neighborhood exorcist.

ANYway…Gray has started a fundraising page for the project and aims to raise £30,000 by September 2016 to cast the sculpture in bronze and install it. If you can spare a buck or two, send it his way via his Share A Gift account. Anything helps! We’ve got a year, so that’s plenty of time to raise the money for Keats to sit on his little bench and stare at people intensely and possibly make them uncomfortable doing so. 

You can read about the effort behind the artwork and watch an interview with Gray here.

In case it wasn’t already blatantly, painfully, obnoxiously obvious, John Keats is my favorite poet and one of my favorite people in the history of ever, so I’m super stoked for this. Plus, it’s another victory for a guy who got a bum deal in life but still made the best of it with his spectacular ability to instill people with massive feels. 

On a related note, I haven’t see anyone installing any new sculptures of Byron lately, so take THAT, Byron. YEAH. THAT’S RIGHT. WHERE’S YOUR CHICHESTER STATUE, YOU POMPOUS TALENTED OKAY YES I ADMIT IT PRICK? 

………Behold. My feud with a 200-year-old dead guy continues. 

Fall Tuition and Books

 Hey guys, it’s a bit out of character, and I know that I don’t have a huge audience, but I’d still like to ask for your help if you can swing it. I’m running an IndieGoGo campaign to help me swing for my tuition this fall and for my textbooks for my STEM courses.

You can find the story in depth there on my page, and if you can, share it on any social media that you can find! I would appreciate any help that I can get. Reblogs, reposting on other media outlets, the works! Even a few dollars if you can spare.


Support Enrique´s crowdfunding campaign!

Enrique is one of those artists whose talents are endless, he paints, designs and lately he´s investing his time in writing. 

“Guilhem, una historia caníbal” or “Guilhem, a canibal story” is a story based in his ancestors history, a mix between reality and fantastic. And I really want to read it! 

This book will see the light with the help of just a few docens of kind people, so I can only ask you to help, if you may. To invest what could be a small amount of cash for you but a great help for him. 

More info (in Spanish) and how to donate, here

I will personally send one of my photographs (of your choosing, and holy cow you have thousands of pics to choose from!) to all those who share this post, via email. 

Thank you all in advance, and please spread the word and colaborate!


- Laura

(Photos by me in his atelier)

I’m having some financial trouble

I basically have $200 to last me until August 1st. My rent is paid until then, but I’ll likely run out of money due to food and my cell phone bill before that date. I’ve already borrowed far too much money from my parents, so I’d rather not go that route.

If I can make it to September I’ll be fine, as I should receive student loans again, but until then I’m in a bit of trouble.

I am looking for a summer job, but so far haven’t had any luck.

If you can afford to donate anything, I’d appreciate it. 

Donate here (paypal)

My paypal email is:

If you don’t want to donate, but would like to support me and get something in return, nature photography is a hobby and I have dozens of high quality photographs available for sale.

Buy Nature Photography Prints

If you can’t afford to donate or buy a print, I’d appreciate sharing this post.

Thank you.
Click here to support Ari's College Tuition by Ariel Jaffe
Hey everybody! My name is Ariel, and I am so excited to be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall! However, due to my financial situation, I need to come up with about $6,000 dollars if I don't want to take out unsubsidized student loans. My mother has, for the past several years (...

Hey everybody! My name is Ariel, and I am so excited to be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall!

However, due to my financial situation, I need to come up with about $6,000 dollars if I don’t want to take out unsubsidized student loans.

My mother has, for the past several years (maybe even longer, I don’t know), has had a heroin addiction. Not only has it robbed my sister and I of what should have been a great childhood, but has also (as anyone who has lived with someone with an addiction can probably attest to) robbed my family financially. If there was ever any money set aside for me to go to college, it doesn’t exist any longer.

Things got worse, however, when back in January, my mother was staying in a rehabilitation facility. Just a couple days after checking in, she checked herself out, went across the street and carjacked a poor man’s truck and ran him over with it, taking him from his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Now, she has to pay for her actions, but now my sister’s life and my own have been flipped upside down.

Within the matter of days, we had everything we had known taken away from us. We weren’t allowed to live at home with our step-dad (because of family drama), and my father committed suicide in Oct. ‘13, so my grandfather obtained legal guardianship of us both. We now live in a house of 6 people, 4 of them teenagers (myself being the oldest which means being the first to go off to college).

Financially, we have just enough money to get by, and not really any extra money to help go toward my college education, and even if we had enough for me, my family has to start putting 3 more kids through college over the next 5 or so years.

Any kind of contribution will help immensely. Everyday I meet more people who are truly good, kind and compassionate, and it really helps to know these people are in the world when times get tough. Even if you cannot donate money, sharing my page to those who can is just as good a help as any and I thank you so much for what ever you can do assist.

As much as I don’t want to put myself out into the world like this, I know that sometimes a person just needs to ask for help.                


Crowdfunding: SAVAGE EMPIRE by Tim Lewinson

SAVAGE EMPIRE is “Jurassic World” meets “Black Hawk Down” in graphic novel format. The story is one of a massive earthquake in the Los Angeles area, triggered by government experiments with time travel. 

As portals open to ancient worlds, the original apex predators enter our time, and the leader of a rescue squad must balance her responsibilities inside the danger zone against the presence of a mysterious mercenary assigned to her team.

“The team has a full script and a completed 8 page Prologue Edition, and we’re asking for your help to illustrate and colour the full 64 page story. Come and share this epic journey with us!

A massive dinosaur fan first and foremost, writing has been a large part of Lewinson’s career in interactive entertainment over the last 20 years, and it was a dream come true for him to serve as a Senior Designer on the TUROK reboot from Propaganda Games/Disney Interactive Studios.

JIM ROY JIMENEZ (Pencils/Inks) Jimenez is a wildly talented illustrator with years of experience both locally and internationally on published books K8, THE SWORD AND THE BUTTERFLY, and XO THE FIGHTING SENADOR.

Check out the project at Kickstarter / facebook / youtube  / twitter 

Just 6 days left to reach the goal! 

Support them however you can

Writing this is incredibly hard for me. I was raised with the belief that asking others for help is unacceptable because you shouldn’t burden others with your problems and while I know that’s not true and would never think that was acceptable regarding anyone else, it’s hard to go against what your parents taught you when you were young.

Over the winter, my husband was laid off from work because he works in paving, and living in Buffalo makes it impossible to pave in the cold winter months. We thought we’d saved enough to pay our bills over that period but a bunch of things came up that drained our savings and we got pretty behind on rent.

Read more on our YouCaring fundraiser…
Click here to support "Help Kristen get to college!"
I have resisted the urge to crowdfund. But today I swung by a camera shop with my beloved DSLR to get a price quote on it (a whooping $300.) and I decided that maybe now was the time. A lot has happened in the last month! Where do I even begin? I was accepted to a school in the mid-west! Which...

Ok friends.

After the recommendation of eusamie trxsxrms tessalynn and topherrocks plus about 15 people I know IRL, I’ve decided to start a Go Fund Me page. Because today I almost sold my DSLR and… well… I can only equate that to an animal chewing their own leg off to get out of a trap that’s how much I love my camera.

Donations and reblogs are deeply appreciated. I am also happy to answer any questions you might have via my ask box. (However, if you *really* want an answer, I suggest asking not-anonymously.)

Ok. Lets do this. 

Wonderful. //end sarcasm

So I just got done talking with my mom. We have enough to pay our rent after the money I got from my temporary disability (she thinks…she has a charge card with Kohl’s and they’ve suddenly started simply taking the money for her bill out of my mom’s bank account so if they do that this month we’re screwed), and while that includes our water bill that does not include our electricity bill, which is $45. On top of that we have to pay renter’s insurance for our apartment, which is tied into my mother’s car insurance, and all that comes out to $50 and is due in a week, and I just found out that if I want to reapply for food stamps (since I have heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about them since I turned in my SAR-7 form late and still don’t have them) I need to have a valid California state ID, and since mine expired in January of this year this means I need $28 for that before I can figure out what to do about food (because we literally have so little food in our pantry and fridge it’s not funny…I spent rent money on the bare necessities and only managed to get some chicken, a dozen and a half eggs, milk, bread and some creamer because I’m dying without coffee, and that came out to nearly $20 which had me crying because we so couldn’t afford it).

So once again, the offer is going out for fic. As you guys who follow my blog know, I’m currently laptopless BUT hopefully that will change this week (my friend sent me a laptop charger that we’re 99% sure should work and it might already be at my home today…we hope) and in the meantime I do have access to a community college library at least until the 12th, which is when my bus pass expires (which is $42 to renew but I’ll worry about that later). So this is what I’m offering for reblogs and donations:

Reblogs: 1K - 2K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s) 
$5 - $50 Donation: 3K - 5K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s)
$51 - $100 Donation: 7K - 10K fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s) 
$101+ Donation: 25K and up fics, any fandom/character(s)/pairing(s)

I primarily write Sherlock (and in that, primarily Sherlolly) but I am willing to write any non-incest ship for that show, as well as gen/friendship stuff. I’m caught up on he entire run of the series. Other fandoms I have crossed over with Sherlock in the past and will either cross over with again or write on their own are Star Trek (Alternate Original Series), Elementary, Doctor Who and Supernatural (though my knowledge of that show is rather spotty). I will also attempt Marvel within my canon knowledge limits. If you have any questions on what I can comfortably write just send me an ask and I’ll let you know.

We have an ongoing Fundrazr here that you can donate to. If you want a fic, let me know what you donated or if you reblogged and send me an ask with your prompt and (if you have one) your AO3 username. I have a bunch of prompts in my ask but if it’s a donation prompt it will get priority.