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We’re inching slowly there! I hope you’re enjoying this behind the scenes look into the comic. Today I’m sharing some of the sketch up models I’ve made over the years for scenes where i need to be consistent from panel to panel or have a big spread. Usually I don’t add very much detail to the models, using them as a perspective and relative height/width guide.

Here’s a couple of relatively complicated ones where I got swept away by learning the program and having fun with it - Jacques’ townhouse exterior, the house across the street from his, and Maren’s back courtyard.

Sometimes though, something as simple as a box with a grid laid on it can help me create what I’m picturing. Below is the sketchup model for Sebastian’s greenhouse, compared to the finished product. 

Never be afraid to use the resources available to you to make the best product you can given the time available. Comics is a compromise between quality and how fast you can possibly work, and programs like sketchup can make the difference of several hours when your scene is complicated. Learn your perspective, obviously, but where there’s help available, I say use it.


It’s a pity that we didn’t reach Clara Oswald goal last month to make a commentary for the process video. But that doesn’t mean that we are going to conceal it in some secret vault. Exactly opposite, we made what we had time for - speed painting process, for you.

Our Blog:

We hope it’ll help you in some way.  If you find it interesting, share it wherever you like)))

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Help Me Out of a Toxic Home

Hey everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Emmy. For the past year or so, my family has become increasingly verbally, mentally, and psychologically abusive, and at this point I feel like my mental health is worse for wear. They’ve made me feel unwelcome in this home, along with feeling a lack of respect towards me and my mental illnesses, going as far as doing things they’re aware trigger me (i.e. direct yelling) and continuing their behavior even when I’m visibly shaken up, crying, and begging for them to stop.

I had initially created this campaign on GoFundMe, but against my better judgement posted it to Facebook before filtering out family and family friends because I trusted people. Despite saying to not mention things to those I live with as it would put me in an extremely unsafe space and situation, a cousin of mine shared it with my mom and shit automatically hit the fan. My immediate family not only freaked out on me and kicked me out and literally ripped my phone away from me as I was out the door, but my extended family attacked me via the link I had shared to my campaign on my account, accusing me of lying and more or less only seeing me as a spoiled brat who did this because “they didn’t want to work”.

So here I am restarting it, for the sake of my sanity and the preservation of my safety at home.

It’s hard for me to be able to get out at the rate that I’m going now, as I only have one job at the moment and that itself only pays minimum wage- finding a second job has been difficult for me due to extenuating circumstances, and trying to survive at home alone on what I make is hard. On top of that, my hours have been drastically cut in order to makeup for the influx of new people we have hired.

Nearly all of my money goes out to student loans and credit card payments (as I haven’t been able to afford anything at all lately), so I can’t realistically save up and get out of here quickly enough that my mental health will swan dive even further.

That said, I need help. I’m too far in the hole to get out on my own, and I wanna work towards being truly, genuinely happy living outside an abusive home.

If you can only give $1, $5, or $10, it’s appreciated. Any help you give means the world to me. If you can only signal-boost for the time being, that means the world to me too. Please just help me get the word and my story out there.

#Crowdfunding: Tuskegee Heirs by Greg Burnham

“Amazing fan art from Art of Mervin! Less than 48 hours left . Let’s go out with a bang!!” (via)

From the minds of illustrator Marcus Williams (Hero Cats, Super Natural and D.M.C) and children’s book author Greg Burnham (Broken Glass and Grandpa’s Shoes) comes the “Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny” series. 

Tuskegee Heirs is a futuristic sci-fi adventure that follows a squadron of young, gifted aviators who are forced to become Earth’s last line of defense against a menacing race of artificially intelligent villains bent on destroying civilization.

Check out the kickstarter

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Indivisible Needs Help

So I think at this point a lot have seen or heard of this beautiful game being developed by Lab Zero, the core developers of the popular 2D fighter Skullgirls. However if you haven’t heard of it, Indivisble is an action RPG with side scrolling Metroid style platforming, well Lab Zero currently has an active crowd funding campaign with a pretty lofty goal of 1.5 million dollars of which they’ve only raised about a quarter, with only about 25 days left in the campaign.  Now 1.5 million might seem like quite a budget for a game like this, but given Lab Zero’s standard of quality combined with cost of animating each character, programming, and design it’s not at all unreasonable, and in fact that’s not the actual budget of the game, which is currently expected to cost over 3 million dollars. if the game reaches it’s crowdfunding goal then Publisher 505 Games cover the remaining development costs, as explained here in the campaign itself.

By now you’ve probably noticed that rather large amount of money we’re asking for in this campaign. However, this isn’t the actual budget for the game.

The total budget for Indivisible is $3,500,000.

If we raise our goal of $1,500,000 or more, 505 Games will provide the remaining $2,000,000 we need to complete the game. So, effectively, up to the initial goal your contribution is worth more than double.

And the more we raise beyond the initial goal, the better the game gets and the better the publishing arrangement with 505 gets for Lab Zero.

To be clear, this is not a campaign to “gauge interest” – Indivisible’s budget represents a more equitable funding split, where your support directly influences not only the game, but also the post-release benefits Lab Zero receives.

Indivisible will not happen if we don’t hit our goal. But should the campaign succeed, Lab Zero will have a better outcome than we would’ve gotten through a more traditional publishing deal – that’s the risk we took, and we feel it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

Additionally, this represents the complete budget for our entire vision of Indivisible.  If we are lucky enough to be in that situation, we will not be adding additional gameplay content to the core game as stretch goals As such, all additional content funded through stretch goals will be released in post-release updates.

So as you can see, every contribution makes a HUGE difference, because if the game is unable to meet it’s goal then that would mean the end of Indivisible and possibly the end of Lab Zero altogether, which if you ask me would be a MAJOR loss for gaming overall! So if you can, please donate and if you can’t then please spread the word so this game can become a reality.

There is a great Prototype availabe for download HERE, and the Indiegogo campaign can be found HERE!

{tw: child abuse} Please help save my baby cousin

Hey guys, so i normally don’t post things like this but my family is dealing with some serious problems right now.

my baby cousin Everett is fighting for his life in the ICU right now because of his horrible excuse for a mother 

he was barely 4 months old and had already received a broken arm, broken ribs, shaken baby syndrome, and then his mother raised him up above her head and slammed him into the wood floor causing a SEVERE brain injury. 
the doctors found new blood on top of old blood on his brain. god only knows what else this monster did to this child.

here is the police report article about the arrest of his mother HERE

There has been a facebook page set up for moral support and status updates about Everett’s condition HERE 

my family was originally just accepting money orders/checks and selling t shirts and wristbands to local friends and supporters but it isnt enough.

they finally put together a gofundme account for Everett and I am going to IMPLORE you all to PLEASE donate anything you can, if you can.
and if you can’t donate then at least signal boost this and share it with everyone you know <3  GOFUNDME CLICK HERE 

Everett was recently making a lot of progress, he was in rehab and speech therapy and was starting to be fed from a bottle again, but the other day things took a turn for the worse and he is in the ICU again with a swollen skull and more fluid on his brain

please please PLEASE boost this and keep my cousin in your thoughts <3

i seriously cannot thank you all enough in advanced for any shares or donations this may gain 

please help save this baby boy


Crowdfunding: Jinn - A Narrative Film About Identity, Islam & First Love 

by Nijla Baseema

“Summer is a 17-year old carefree black girl, whose world is turned upside down when her mother, a popular meteorologist named Jade Jennings, abruptly converts to Islam and becomes a different person, prompting Summer to reevaluate her identity.

But, while Summer initially resists Islam, she eventually becomes drawn to its teachings, particularly around the “Jinn,” supernatural beings who occupy a parallel world and have free will, like humans. Summer soon realizes that the religion is more complex than she thought, and that people interpret it in different ways. Yet, Summer’s need to be free and untethered to any one way of being clashes with her mother’s strict interpretation of the faith and causes a growing rift between them.

When Summer meets Tahir, a fellow Muslim classmate who attends the same masjid, she is further drawn to the religion and especially to his parent’s fluid, freeing practice of it. As Summer and Tahir build a connection based in laughter, curiosity, and beef pepperoni, a budding sexual attraction ignites, causing a major conflict between physical desire and piety.”

“Some of my earliest memories are in a masjid, making salat alongside women in silk and rayon scarves. I want Summer and Jade’s conversion to reflect the very distinct sensory details that shaped the world I was born into.

Further, this story reflects the duality of my own identity, and my upbringing in a black, half-Islamic home, negotiating Juma prayers, Lil’ Kim CD’s, and early sexuality. I want to create a film with all the trappings of popular coming of age films, but which allow for a black teen girl to serve as our lens into understanding a larger issue…”

Check out the project at  Kickstarter

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Please please help save us from eviction

I’ve been posting all day about the fact we desperately need donations to reach our target of £550 by Tuesday and avoid eviction from my childhood home, and I’m sorry, but I’m making another post about it now - I’m desperate and I will do anything to stay. so far we’ve reached £176 towards our goal, and I am so grateful, but I need to ask for more. we’re selling what we can, but it’s not going to be enough without your help.

look at my house. I can’t leave here. I can’t watch this place get sold and torn down for a new build. my childhood cats are buried in the garden. my dad built this swing for me and there’s a pond full of newts and frogs I used to catch and give names to when I was little. my rabbit and two guinea pigs are buried on the hill behind the house and every goldfish I ever owned is buried under the lawn. a stray cat called violet lives in our barn and cries when she wants us to put a plate of food out for her, and we have a rescue cat called daisy who lives in the house with us and won’t go outside unless someone accompanies her, because she’s afraid of everything - she’ll have to be rehomed if we’re forced out of here.

please. please help us stay. I wouldn’t ask if i didn’t need to, but i will not survive being evicted from this place. it is my heart and soul. I’ve had nightmares about being tossed out ever since I was 5 years old, and I can’t live through the reality. the lease is supposed to pass on to me when my mum gets too old to handle it, and I intend to raise my own family here, bring whatever partner I end up with back here to share in it - this is my home, the only one I have. I simply can’t lose it.

thank you for sharing. please give whatever you can. I’ve never been this afraid or this desperate before.

my paypal is 

and i have a youcaring fundraiser here if you’re more comfortable with that

there’s also a shorter post here if you’d prefer to save your dash 

Campaign for Orlando victims is GoFundMe’s most successful ever

Equality Florida, an organization advocating for LGBT rights in the state, showed its support by setting up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the families of the victims. As of this morning, it became the fastest GoFundMe to reach $1 million.

And now it also appears to be the most successful GoFundMe campaign ever. As of publication, the campaign has raised more than $2 million for the victims’ families, just over what was previously listed as GoFundMe’s most funded campaign. 

If you wish to help, it’s not too late to donate. Equality Florida writes on the page, “Every penny raised will be distributed directly to the victims and their families.”


By  Marcus Williams and Greg Burnham

“Drum roll Please! You have asked for it, and now it is here folks, the Official Tuskegee Heirs Kickstarter! We firmly and wholeheartedly believe that this concept can alter the futures of young and old alike, so if you agree with us, please let us know you’re out there with your support. Share, share and share some more to all those you believe will align with this vision! Thank you all for your kind words and moral push so far. Peace ya’ll. “


I am putting together a Motivational Tattoo Pack in time for your New Year’s Resolutions in January, and am giving you guys the opportunity to suggest & vote on exactly which quotes are included in the pack, and get special discounts on all packs! Check it out here.
Bareskin Top: Transmasculine Swim Binder
A swim top for people who don't have swimwear options. Our swim binder allows nonbinary people to feel comfortable in their bare skin.

We get asked all the time – what should I wear to the beach or the pool? We get this question from pre-op transguys, non-binary folks, androgynous individuals, tomboys, people who just don’t like their chests or just don’t like the options they have for concealing it, etc.

So, for a while now we’ve been throwing around the idea for a ftm/masculine swim top. Years of personal experience with heightened dysphoria during the summer and seeing others struggle to find an appropriate top to wear while swimming (or even in every day activities) and not seeing any adequate options have spurred us to create a solution.

Our solution is the Bareskin Top. We’ve combined the silhouette of a traditional half binder and compression sports bra to create a comfortable top that binds but still lets you get a tan and feel closer to being shirtless than anything else out there. We plan to offer this top in a range of skin tones so that the wearer can have a passably topless masculine aesthetic, this is less visually triggering than wearing a bikini top, sports bra, binder, or shirt and allows for more confidence and comfort. Not only is this innovative because you can wear the top to swim in and feel shirtless, but it also comes in multiple skin tones making it less noticeable for everyday wear–allowing you to feel more confident from the gym to the bedroom. No other binder on the market provides you this option of something as simple and subtle as matching your skin tone. But we need your help to make it a reality!

Our kickstarter campaign is live for the next 31 days (ending at 7pm on December 19, 2015) and we need to raise this money to make this top a reality. Please share this post, repost about the campaign on your social media, and, most importantly, donate! Any little bit helps – so help us help fight dysphoria by giving people an option to be more comfortable in their bare skin.

The top image includes two of the lighter skinned Bareskin Top prototypes we made. Keep in mind these are very rough first drafts of the intended final product (Mama Rhodes sewed them) but you get the idea. The bottom image is a mockup of the desired color range for the tops. Successfully funding this project will result in a perfected construction, size, and color range and will help change lives. 

We appreciate your support!

-FLAVNT Streetwear


*please don’t remove caption*

Huge shoutout to Yoomi Park for shooting our photos and to Kayla and Chris for modeling.

© FLAVNT Streetwear 2015


We’d like to introduce you to our awesome new friend Yuna. She loves all sorts of things including science and rockets, outer space and art, Korean food and travel, and her little kitty friend Kamata. She’s also the very first character in a fantastic new line of toys called the Dream BIG Friends.

Yuna and her equally awesome friends are the creations of Uglydolls designers David Horvath and Sun-min Kim, and Klim Kozinevich, the Bigshot at Bigshot Toyworks (previously featured here). After many years of working in the toy industry, these friends - who had since become parents - set about designing a toy concept beyond the realms of superheroes and super models and geared towards encouraging imaginative play. The want to make toys that empower kids to be creative, do the things they love best and, you know, dream big.

Yuna is the first in a diverse line of 10″ tall, fully articulated Dream BIG Friends dolls with real fabric clothing and accessories (did you notice those spooky-cute bat barrettes she’s wearing?). And don’t forget her kitty friend. Kamata goes everywhere Yuna goes.

Today Yuna makes her big debut at the 2015 DesignerCon in Pasadena, CA and in the form of a Dream Big Friends Kickstarter campaign.

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about Yuna and her awesome friends and maybe even invite her into your own home or give her to someone you’d like to inspire.
ZYXZ's Delta Mornings Cassette-Tape Re-Issue and Release!
The original sp3ct3rwave innovator is back with the vaporwave meets witch-house and IDM blend... and ZYXZ wants more cassette tapes!

Zyxz has launched a Kickstarter! Yes, you heard that right, an opportunity to be a part of history and own a copy of the re-pressing of Delta Mornings! There’s plenty of rewards and different pledge amounts for different pledgin’ folks. C'mon, anti-capitalists, show me how you can get back what you put in, all monies raised will go on the tapes and the rewards! More raised = more tapes! If you missed out on an original copy (hand-made by the Zyxz Foundation, and yes, we are all still nursing the blisters and callouses we developed during the making of the cassettes) this is a fiiiine time to help support a worthy cause and get your hands on a cassette, at cost! PS: there’s a very pretty video starring the one-and-only Johhd Greebes (from the Johanna Now video) presenting the campaign and the rewards!

Support Scissr’s Indiegogo!

Scissr is the story of EMILY (24), COREY (22) and AVIVA (24), three gay girls in their twenties who live in Brooklyn, NY. Aviva just came out but doesn’t know a single lesbian, Corey’s too heartbroken to meet anyone, and Emily has already slept with half of Brooklyn, rendering her pool of choice miniscule. Once they connect through a iPhone app called SameSame, these girls will laugh, lie and do whatever it takes to help each other navigate life in this upbeat dramedy about a unique group of young women taking charge of their twenties

Help support Scissr!!