As we get closer to the date release for my Indiegogo campaign i’ll be sharing more information about it. I’m going to be giving away a lot of cool space themed gifts to people who back my project. Here’s a one of the bookmarks that i’ll be giving away.


Leche dir. Gabriella A. Moses

Nina, nicknamed Leche, is ostracized from other Dominican kids in the small Pennsylvania community where she lives because of her albinism. When visiting hunters illegally shoot an albino deer in the woods, she obsesses over the murdered deer & finds herself targeted by a jealous classmate.



Rainworks Invisible Spray is now live on Kickstarter!

Make invisible street art that only appears when they’re wet!
Check out the project on Kickstarter:

Thanks for sharing. Together, we can make rainy days everywhere AWESOME!

Help me create new things! 

Yeah so, my shop is kinda in a “stand by mode”. I’m out of materials and my sales aren’t going too good, so I’m seeking for help on Indiegogo.  

Yes, I know you all prefer Kickstarter, but unfortunately it doesn’t support my country. Or should I say Narnia. Or Middle Earth. Or galaxy far far away…

This is the first time I’m trying someting like this, I have no idea what to expect, so wish me luck! :)

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Click here to support Help Autistic Student Get Home by Linda Ochoa
I am Linda and I am an autistic college student. My family is currently trying to move away from where we live now. We don't have many places that we can go to live in while we try to find a new house. I don't want to move because of our limited options, but I don't have any authority in the hous...

I really didn’t want to do this, but I’m going to have to live either in a house in very bad conditions or be homeless. Please help me…

Alice is a Boer / International Goat Of Mystery goat. She was found last fall chilling out on the Westside. When nobody came forward to claim her, Celestial Farms took her in. She was thin, wormy, hooves an overgrown wreck, and shy around other goats.

Alice is now one of our most popular goats. She’s super fond of humans, usually the first to come up for a treat. Just don’t touch her head or pretty horns. She’s still a little on the thin side, a hard keeper, but her coat is shiny, hooves are trimmed, and she’s getting along much better with the other goats. She’s still very much and independent lady, and is always first to try and get out of the enclosure. She doesn’t go far though, she’s happy to chill out in the barnyard or out in the pig yard, where her favorite tasting trees grow.

Alice is an exceptionally smart goat. We swear she understands what we’re saying, and talks back! She’s a sassy one, but sometimes listens. She knows her name and usually comes when called, and always seems to be smiling for the camera.

The Celestial Farms Livestock Emergency Fund will pay for much needed supplies and improvements around the farm, including sand and gravel to keep Alice and the other animal’s enclosures high and dry. Because goats hate wet feet!

Like, Share and Donate if you can! Alice thanks you.


Support a small queer-owned independent business

The new AW15 collection, centered around star constellations and skeletons, is soon about to drop after months of sketching and drawing and planning. It’s slightly behind schedule, but I wanted everything to be perfect instead of just rushing through the process. It’s now all done and ready to be sent off to produce the sample collection. I always make samples first so I can check that my designs translated well into physical form, and to make sure that nothing is too fragile. It’s also so I can have something to take photos of for the presale! However, the summer has been financially challenging, and I am currently slightly too low on funds to cover the samples.

This is where you come in!

In essence, this is a small crowdfunding campaign. Instead of asking you to buy items before you know what they will look like, you can invest in store credit! You can choose from four different set amounts, and then you can use that credit to purchase items once the presale is live (you can, of course, also use your credit to purchase any other item in the store – it’s not limited to the AW15 collection). If you want to purchase credit for a friend or family member, you can do that too! There’s a little box for that during the check out process.

The credit is delivered to you as a coupon in an email once your payment has gone through. If you are a returning customer with an account in the store, you credit will be associated with your account and you will see it on your account page.

You do not have to use up all credit at once, you can save some for a later time if you want. As a logged in user, your remaining credit is displayed on your account page and on the checkout page. If you don’t have an account, just hold on the email with the coupon code!

As a thank you and an extra boost, you also get 15% off the AW15 presale if you purchase store credit before the presale opens. I am not going to do any general discount for preordering this time, so this is the only way to get it cheaper!

Click here to go to the store credit page

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Also let me know if you experience any issues with the coupon delivery! I have tested everything extensively, but in my experience there will always be an unexpected issue or two!

Thank you, and please signal boost if you want!

Something Terrible, Indeed

While Kickstarter is an excellent tool to get great comics like Rocket Girl funded and brought into the world, every once in a while, someone ruins the party and makes it harder to want to back projects.

This is the story of deantrippe‘s Something Terrible.


Something Terrible, by deantrippe​, is an excellent story of why comics are important and save us with tales of overcoming great obstacles and doing our best to help each other out. It’s digital-only and 99 cents!

On January 3rd, 2014, Trippe launched a Kickstarter project to fund both a hard- and softcover print edition. Fans excitedly threw money at their screens and the project was backed in a single day, eventually reaching 1,768 backers and pulling in nearly 8x the goal ($48,269).

This is where our story begins…

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Educational funding is one of the most popular categories on the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe. So far this year, about 130,000 educational GoFundMe accounts have been created, raising a total of more than $20 million. By comparison, the 140,000 accounts opened in 2014 raised $17.5 million - and that was an increase of 280 percent from the year before.

“It makes total sense,” said Kelsea Little, media director for GoFundMe. “College is becoming increasingly more difficult to pay for and scholarships are becoming more competitive, so crowdfunding offers a brand new and fresh alternative that anyone can take advantage of.”

We don’t have enough to pay our rent.

A message from EDD that should have gone to my main inbox on Gmail got shunted off to my Promotions tab (which I generally ignore) and I didn’t see it until today, and so I got no money from EDD today and I have no clue when I will receive another payment.

We are just about $200 short on our rent. I need to come up with $200 by the 5th of September or I will lose my apartment, which means I will lose any chance of regaining custody of my son. Please help if you can, and if you can’t, please reblog. I am begging you. The last time I was homeless I got very sick and with the medical problems I have now I can’t afford to have that happen again.

I am still writing fic for donations (you can send donations via my FundRazr here), and you can find what I’ve written so far here. I am doubling what I normally write because there is a time crunch!

I’m primarily writing Sherlock fanfiction (and being asked to write Sherlolly fic, but I have been asked to write other pairings as well as gen fic) but I’m also willing to write Elementary, Star Trek (Alternate Original Series), Supernatural (up to season 3), Marvel Cinematic Universe and Doctor Who, either on their own or crossed over with Sherlock. These are what you will get for reblogs or various donations:

  • Reblog: 2K words fic, character or pairing of your choice
  • $10 - $25 donation: 4K - 6K words fic OR trilogy of 2K word fics, character or pairing of your choice
  • $26 - $50 donation: 7K - 8K words fic OR quartet of 2K word fics, character or pairing of your choice
  • $51 - $75 donation: 9K - 10K words fic OR quintet of 2K word fics, character or pairing of your choice
  • $76 - $100 donation: 12K -15K words fic OR multiple story series (length to be determined by donation), character or pairing of your choice
  • $101+ donation: 35K+ words fic OR multiple story series (length to be determined by donation), character or pairing of your choice

Please, please help. Thank you.

Hard at work to bring you the best quality luxury fandom teas!

But I still need your help! I am running low on ingredients and I am in desperate need of packaging and my beautiful art labels. Please help if you can.

#tea #organic #fairtrade #luxury #fandom #supernatural #spn #firefly #sherlock #hannibal #pacificrim #pacrim #Avengers #doctorwho #thehobbit #lordoftherings #lotr #crowdfunding #patreon

Miss Fido while at work? Now he can call you from home! 

Leaving your dog at home alone is a fact of life for most working pet owners but it doesn’t mean you have to lose all contact with your pup while sitting in your cubicle. PetBot is a new smart device that lets your doggie get a hold of you no matter where you are so that you can see what they are up to and interact with them. 

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Please help us build Thisispaper Offline on Indiegogo!

This is the biggest news we’ve ever shared with you. Today we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for the renovation of our new studio and first brick-and-mortar shop. We’ve poured all of our funds into the project already, but cannot afford to complete it by ourselves.

This project is very important to us. It’s the only way we can keep making our products the way we do, so if you like our magazine or our rucksacks, please support us by spreading the word!

Thank you
Alexander + Zuzanna