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So, I recently started a campaign on my own where I am selling shirts. How do I broadcast that aside from so much I have already have done? How long did it take you for your kickstarter to exponentially increase?

Congrats on starting your campaign! I’d love to share some business advice I can give in my long term experience (I’ve run 3 businesses to date) and the recent crowdfunding experience. It’s Arien here, btw!

Find and communicate your “Unique Value Proposition” (UPV)

This is essentially “What makes your brand/product different from your competition?” 

When you know what helps you stand out, you can use that in your marketing efforts and get people behind you. You can say “hey, this is why you want my offering, as opposed to this other similar one!”

For instance, The Major Barkana focuses on hand painted cards (which only one other dog deck has) and that we fundraise/raise awareness for service dogs (which no other deck does). We also feature all real dogs, and we haven’t found any other decks that do that either except one that started 6 months after ours. 

So, these are all UPVs for us! We focus mainly on the service dog one, since that’s what we’re most passionate about and is 100% unique, but in certain posts we’ll mention the others when relevant. 

Talk about your story

Stories sell. This is the best business advice I was ever given, although it took me a while to figure out how to share my story. It’s more than just saying “I’m this person and this is what inspired me to make this product/offer this service!”

Your story is showing your behind the scenes. Maybe that’s letting clients into your emotional landscape from time to time (I do this with my personal development business that helps survivors of abuse). Maybe it’s passionately advocating for something sort of, but not totally, related to your brand and advocating for that (us and dissociative identity disorder here). 

We also, for an example, have been posting work in progress art pictures since we started. You could begin this at any time, but basically think of how you can make it more like “I’m a human who’s making something cool.” People want to support other humans who feel real, not just getting a cool product. 

Share your stuff (A LOT!)

I got this advice from some fellow entrepreneurs and just sorta took a leap with it…literally talk about your stuff everywhere! 

This doesn’t mean cold call or spam people, but don’t be afraid to pitch what you have when it’s relevant. I joined lots of tarot Facebook groups, talked about what Bael & I were doing, and (even when I couldn’t share links) people would want us to message them! 

We also advertised on social media very frequently during our campaign, and to our email list too. We usually send 2-3 emails a month, but during Kickstarter we sent something like 5-6. 

Ad based posts on Facebook and Tumblr were almost every day (like we still shared value and updates and artwork, but we’d include a link to our Kickstarter!). 

This is a specific time that’s meant for advertising, since you have a deadline to raise your funds by. People understand that and those who care about what you’re doing, and can tell you’re a real person behind it, they’ll totally back you. 

“How long did it take you for your kickstarter to exponentially increase?”

You can actually see the exact progress and graph right here! The initial two days were super important, especially since we had geared our community up for this launch. We told people to add the date to their calendars, did countdowns, and other pre-launch excitement for about a month and a half before our Kickstarter. 

So, the first three days we were about 35% funded. 

Then it stagnated a bit, which is super normal. We even had some days where more people canceled their pledges than backed the project (woo, those were anxiety provoking)! But this mid-campaign lull is normal. 

Then Buzzfeed published an article on our deck and that caused another jump from October 10th-12th. That was luck, but also because we’d mentioned our project to a Buzzfeed reporter and they loved what we were doing! Don’t be afraid to reach out to press. :)

And, of course, the last few days is usually where everything falls together. Have some faith that people will back you right at the end too!

Remember, if this current Kickstarter doesn’t work for you, you can always relaunch a second with a bit more preparation and community building! 

Want our dog tarot deck? Treat yourself to it in our shop here!


My Kickstarter is now live for The Cryptid ABCs, a 56 page hardcover book of full color illustrations and poems about our favorite spooky paranormal friends!

Please consider backing it and helping this book get made!

Here’s a sample spread from the book:

Thank you for spreading the word and supporting my project! 


My gf Kenzie and I are 2 months late on our share of the rent, which puts us $800 in debt. So we’re now being evicted with no place to go. We’re gonna attempt to hitchhike from Indiana to her grandma’s house in Schenectady, NY. I’m not asking for help with the rent, I want to handle that part on my own once I find a job. What we need most is money for food, water, and transportation for finding employment once we get there. If you’re not able to donate, you can still help by reblogging this post as often as you can! Pray for us, we really need it! Thank you for reading.



💙 PayPal:


Sam shares her experience with Catholicism and recognizing mortality at a young age in a 12-page comic titled “Jesus and Bon Jovi”

We’re currently entering our last two weeks on Kickstarter! It’s a combo of exciting and nerve-wrecking. The will-they-won’t-they of a sitcom but applied to an anthology. I believe in us!

If we hit 13,000$ today we will reveal the vinyl sticker design for our first stretch goal designed by MADY G.

Dreggons - Baby Dragon Plush Toys!
Dreggons are baby dragons from a magical world called Draconia! Meet Death Rattle, Pibble, & Sundancer in this designer plush series!

The Dreggons Kickstarter is now LIVE!

The Dreggons are finally here! I’ve been working on this project for two years and am so happy to finally be at this point!

If you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll consider pledging to my campaign! Every share will help get the word out about the Dreggons! Plus, I have some limited EARLY BIRD specials and exclusive Dreggon items!

September 30, 2018

This is not  an attempt to drive Kayla Rose (previously tumblr user crybabybutch- she is weedlesbian as of the writing of this post) off this platform because she has legitimately had some struggles in life. Unfortunately, this is not to the extent she talks about in her constant donation posts- all of which has been an exaggeration, if not complete fabrication.

Kayla Rose has been intentionally deceitful about the severity of her situation in order to get more donations on tumblr. She has lied about not having a job while employed, lied about being overdrafted, and lied about being the only source of income for her family, amongst other things. 

Attempts to resolve this privately have not been effective. There is no choice but to go public in hopes of curbing Kayla’s dishonestly. 

This post compiles posts from Kayla’s own blog and discord testimonials from her ex - all organized by date with the help of xkit’s timestamps. The dates are critical and add authenticity to what is being said about Kayla. Please pay close attention to them.

The links need to be read in order, from February to September. 

  1. February-March
  2. April
  3. May-June
  4. July 
  5. August
  6. September  

As a final note, do not use these series of events as an excuse to not spread donation posts. For every scammer that’s exposed, there’s twenty more people in dire need. Please be empathetic to the people that ask for assistance- usually, there’s a very good reason why people would make donation posts.

October 1st update: Kayla has changed her url from weedlesbian to littlesoy.

October 5th update: New info came to light regarding Kayla’s transportation issues.


A VAMPIRE IN PARIS is nearly 50% backed!

Selma and Kara thank you for showing our queer Muslim vampire and her self-proclaimed “vampire hunter” girlfriend some love! We have 21 days left so lets DO IIIITTT!!!

 If you haven’t checked out AVIP, here’s our kickstarter!!!: [LINK]

written by: @son-mess

art by: @istehlurvz

[reblogs and shares are greatly appreciated!]

Click this link to go to the Kickstarter page!

I hope you’re ready, adventurers! TODAY IS THE DAY! We are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

We are a team of 65 artists from around the world who have spent the last few months creating a collection of 81 pages of original fantasy artwork for you to enjoy. Our book will be 8.5″x11″ and in glorious full color to show off the fantastical digital and traditional illustrations we’ve made. But enough talk, let’s check out some previews of the artwork!

In addition to the book itself, our artists have designed other wonderful goodies that you can receive depending on your pledge. Let’s take a look!

Starting at just $1 you can get some of these awesome rewards. The book itself is just $25, but take a look at all of our tiers to see if there’s a combination of rewards that you would like to have!

That’s right! YOU could be featured on the first page of our book as a fantasy adventurer! We only have 5 slots available for that reward so act fast! Our Paladin tier that offers a piece of original traditional art is also limited- 15 backers only- Though all of our other rewards have no limit to how many can back them.

And of course no Kickstarter would be complete without stretch goals! At 15,500, 20,000, and 23,000 we have goals set up that will be available for free for all shipped purchases. They appear in order here:

If you like what you see, please consider supporting us! Our campaign is running for 45 days, which is a couple weeks longer than most Kickstarter campaigns, so you have plenty of time to decide what awesome goods you want- the prints, the charms, or maybe all of it!

Click this link to go to the Kickstarter page!

Please help me stay in university this semester.

Hello everyone, I’m Nell, a 23 year old Malaysian trans woman.

Despite several setbacks, including a period of homelessness in 2016-2017, I’ve finally gotten into university this August.

Unfortunately, despite this opportunity, I am in an unstable financial state right now. While I have been cleared for a government loan just last week, they will cover only 40% of my fees per semester, an amount they have already deposited into my bank account:

To be able to pay my fees and ensure that I receive my grades this semester, I must acquire the remainder of 60%, which at a rate of 5 subjects a semester, adds up to around 6300 MYR, or 1520 USD:

With this, I ask for all of your help. I simply need to get to the end of this semester, whereupon I will be in a somewhat better state, and will at least be able to apply for scholarships.

If you wish to and are able to help me out in this difficult time, please donate what you can to my Paypal account at And if not, I’d greatly appreciate if you could simply reblog and pass this on to as many people as possible.

While I don’t have much to give at this time to show my appreciation, I am capable of providing proofreading services or short writing of any type (~5000 words) in return for your help.

My payment is due on 30 October 2018, after which my grades so far will be rendered invalid for this semester, but due to the time it will take to transfer the payment, I will need as much as possible ready before 25-26 October 2018. With this,I thank you greatly for your kindness and help.

Good news! But I’m gonna need your help.

So. I’ve got a CHANCE at a full ride scholarship. This is a runway show worth 20500 dollars. That’s twenty thousand and five hundred dollars. What the fuck.

But some caveats.

I have to build a Look. This includes the outfit, the shoes, the hair and makeup for a model I’m providing. I’m being supplied the hair styling products and makeup products, but not the tools or the materials to make the outfit.

The runway show is on SUNDAY March 25 2018. The theme is ‘Elemental’, with a focus on reclaimed/recycled materials. I’m not going to link anyone to the runway show in case this is bending the rules, but HOLY SHIT GUYS.

My biggest problem right now: Costs for transportation and materials/tools.

Materials aren’t going to be massive. I’m doing a lot of reclaimed materials, so I should need no more than 100$ for that. Transportation to/from is going to be by metro or lyft though, so that’s going to be probably 40$ to/from for me and my model. If I can’t find a friend in my area willing to be a model for this, then I’m going to pay someone to do it, probably a pittance of what they’re worth but I’d LIKE to run 200$ into their pocket. Anything else is going to be in tools for the show, such as new makeup brushes (I own three, and they’re mine), hair dryer (I don’t own one, or a curling iron, or a flat iron, yeesh). And I need a NICE black shirt. I’ve got the black shoes and black slacks, but I have fuck-all for nice shirts in ‘Professional black”. I’m planning on hitting Ross. Five and below for makeup tools too. This aint gonna be a Sephora run.

I’ve got 75$ in my account. I’m FREAKING OUT.

If this wasn’t such a MASSIVE deal, I wouldn’t be asking for help. In order to hit the top of this heap, I’m going to be doing in essentially SIX DAYS pulling off what it can take a team of people two months. The proceeds of this runway show go towards local clean water initiatives, and I’ve got like four designs in mind right now. I’m narrowing them down, figuring out what would work best for my theme and Aesthetic.

So my total costs for this venture are going to be in the 400$ range, roughly. Everyone who participates in the show is going to get SOMETHING, because last year everyone did, and the year before that. My essay was SO GOOD guys, and you helped me with that too. (Thank you @hamelin-born your help was SO AMAZING.)

I’m not gonna be able to pull this off without help. If anyone would be willing to donate to this venture, my paypal is:

And I’m willing to take bank-to-bank donations as well, through Wells Fargo. Just drop me a line for my email ID.

Anyone willing to signal boost would be a massive help too. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

I’m so excited and nervous. I’ve never done a project on this scale before, but I know I can do it. I’ve got the ideas, the gumption, and the time. Thank you for helping build my future.


Hey lovelies!!

Do you want a tarot deck that raises money for service dogs? 

Where each card features a real dog?? And it’s made by disabled artists??

Well here you go! We’re introducing “The Major Barkana: A Dog-Themed Tarot Deck with an Absolutely Pawsitive Purpose

Our Kickstarter has JUST launched and we’d love for you to join this puppy party. A pledge would be great, but if not, we’d love if you shared this post!

Pledge here~

  • It was created by two artists with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a super stigmatized condition that needs a LOT more positive representation.
  • 15% of profits will go towards helping disabled people afford their own service dogs! We know how tough that journey is and we want to make it easier. 
  • Each illustration is made with so much love–a watercolor painting that we worked hard to capture the pup’s spirit in. 

There are a ton more on our Kickstarter page here, but these are the stars of the show!

The Major Barkana ONLY: With fun-spirited watercolors, this dog-themed tarot deck is sure to bring any collection or divination practice joy! This deck includes 22 full colored and durable cards (the Majors of tarot) and stylish tuck box packaging. Get it here~

The Major Barkana Deck & Print: Do you absolutely have to have this deck, plus one of our pups smiling on your wall? With this pledge, you’ll receive your favorite print, three PDF files, and the whole friendly Majors deck! Get it here~

Get Your Dog in the Deck! Part two of this deck is beginning in 2019–and your dog can be in it. You’ll receive the Minor’s deck (once completed), a print of your pup’s card, and many of the other campaign rewards. You get to pick the card your dog will be on! Get it here~

We truly hope you reblog this and share this cuteness with your followers! <3

Help a disabled black lesbian get on their feet and be financially independent!

So, ages and ages ago I made a post talking about this, but most of that info is outdated, so I figured (due to recent developments) that I would make a new one.

Hi. My name is Bam (I also got by Eli, my legal name is Elijiah) and I am a 20 year old, blsck, disabled nb butch lesbian. I am currebtky living with my parents after unemployment and the ending of a toxic and unsafe relationship left me without a place for me to stay. My stepmother is abusive, and constantly threatens me with physical and verbal abuse in order to control me. She also forces me to pay the majority of the money that I make in rent every month, despite the fact that it is preventing me from being able to properly save up to move out. I am making this post because I need financial help saving up to move out. My paypal email is , any reblogs or support people can spare would he much appreciated. Thank you!


Can I just take a minute and nerd out about how goddamn talented my collaborators on the new Kickstarter book are?

  • Cecil Baldwin, the voice in my head as I wrote so many of these tales, is narrating 13 stories.
  • Robert Shearman wrote // SQUINT AND YOU’LL SEE ME // a cutting, observant, honest snapshot that tells the complete story of a relationship
  • Helen Marshall wrote // UNFINISHED BUSINESS // a beautiful, surreal piece about old flames and new realizations and you’re going to love it
  • Shawn Coss wrote // CRY TO SLEEP // a dark, tragic, creepy head-trip of a story I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING
  • Jordan Shiveley wrote // WE GREW UP WITH PROPHECIES // a slow spiral into existential horror that will leave you afraid of the mirror
  • Sonya Ballantyne wrote // INDIANA // a story about  family, heroism, racism and the lessons one mother taught her daughter about living in an unjust world
  • James Mark Miller wrote // SOIL // a story about grief and learning to recognize a gift when you see one
  • Sandra Kasturi wrote // DOING WITCHCRAFT // a blistering satire about nursery rhymes, ancient magics and the children that rule the world

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in my debut book of fiction.

There are 4 days left on the Kickstarter. Let’s take this thing to the mooooooooon! You can check it out by clicking here.


So it turns out I’ve raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter since first using the platform in 2012 (I know, WHAT?!) which means I’m long-overdue to give a comprehensive talk on what I’ve learned. This one-hour lecture distills lessons learned from three successful campaigns, plus advice gleaned from other rad creators. I’m so glad to have recorded it!

Thanks to @theanimationworkshop for hosting me as a visiting teacher this week. I always love getting to come here.

We’re live on Kickstarter!

Now’s your chance to back our first game, Mizuchi!  Kickstarter will be the only chance to get physical merchandise and goodies for the game!

Presently our demo is alpha phase, meaning some art and music assets are missing. Beta version will follow with improved assets. You can check out more on our KS page, including download the demo to play!

Mizuchi 白蛇心傳 is inspired by the Legend of the White Serpent, a famous Chinese romance story. This yuri version includes other multicultural folklores mixed in. You have a choice of two love interests and multiple endings!  

“Is there a true path to happiness?”

Abruptly finding herself at the bottom of a snake pit, an impoverished girl named Linh is bound and helpless for a crime she did not commit. Left to the mercy of the village snake god, a mysterious entity appears before her, offering to save her in exchange for her soul.

Finding herself in a new reality, she is torn between staying with the beautiful temptress, Ai, who had rescued her from death, and the resourceful wanderer, Jinhai, who promises to set her free.

Who is the real savior? Will Linh discover the strength to change her own fate? Journey with Linh as she is forced to question her understanding of life, happiness, and what it means to be human. Each decision matters in this tale about identity, friendship, love and loss.

The game has:

  • Girl x Girl Romance routes
  • 5 Endings (including Friendship only)
  • 18 Fully-colored CGs (maybe more)
  • 10+ Beautiful BGs with variations
  • Original Soundtrack
  • CG Art, Character, and Music Galleries
  • R15 Rating - Mature Content Optional
  • Renpy: PC / Mac / Linux
  • DRM Free!
Support my Honors Research!
Where do frogs go in the nonbreeding season?
By GiveCampus

I am crowdfunding my Honors project on frog and toad migration. If you can spare even a small donation, it would really help!

An estimated 32% of amphibian species are in decline, but they are severely understudied. A lot of the research that does exist is on tadpoles in the breeding pond because the technology to track adult frogs hasn’t existed until recently. Why? Well:

Small frog + giant radio tag that need giant battery pack = very unhappy frog.

But now:

Small frog + tiny acoustic tag with no battery = perfectly happy frog!

A picture of a Green Tree Frog wearing a lightweight acoustic transponder belt! Fashionable!

The current lack of research on frog movement is a big problem for conservation. It means we base our conservation and management policies on protecting the breeding pond, even though the breeding season is only 3 months out of the year and individuals are likely not even present at the pond for this whole period.

“But where do the frogs go if they’re not at the breeding pond?” Good question. I’ll let you know when I find out, because that’s the goal of my project! I’ll be studying American Toads, Fowler’s Toads, and Green Tree Frogs.

And the best thing is that this research could have pretty direct effects on the management of these species. For example, where I live the riparian buffer requirement (i.e. the amount of woods a developer must leave around a pond or stream) is only 15 meters, but based on my findings so far, it’s already clear that this is not enough space for frogs!

Translation: We’re giving these frogs a bedroom, but no house to go with it! And without the rest of the house, they aren’t interested in the bedroom. And in the end we may wind up with no frogs at all. And no one wants that!

“Wow,“ you may be thinking, "this research sounds really cool! But what happens to donations? What are they paying for?”

Glad you asked! Donations will be paying for lightweight acoustic transponder tags for frogs, a new battery pack for the telemetry machine, and also to feed me during the field season as I chase frogs around.

Again, I know everyone has their own bills to pay but anything you can give would really help!

The campaign ends April 7.

Big thanks from me and the frogs!!! 🐸🐸🐸

The link again:

Pillowfort Kickstarter: July 25th!

We’re officially going to be launching our Kickstarter next week, July 25th!! Here’s an overview of our funding goal, and we’ll be releasing more details about our rewards, etc. over the next week! The most important thing to know is that everyone who donates at least $5 will receive a registration key to sign up for an account, so if you’re interested in trying out the site this is your soonest opportunity to do so!