you know, it’s crazy. for the longest time i was so jealous of your cups, your bed, your socks, the drugs you consumed, and even god. some of the most simplistic things. although now, i have something new to be jealous of. something much more complex.
i am no longer jealous of the cups you drink out of because now you’re sharing your drinks with her and your lips are touching hers. i am no longer jealous of your bed as for you’re intertwining your legs with hers and she’s the one who keeps you safe at night. i am no longer jealous of your socks because now she locks her soft hands with yours while walking through crowded places and is there with you every step of the way. i am no longer jealous of the drugs you consume because now you’re doing drugs with her, getting high, and even then she can still manage to make you feel higher than the drugs. i am no longer jealous of the god in the sky as for now she’s the one knowing all the integrate parts of you. you know, it’s crazy. now i’m dealing with something much more complicated.

sometimes i think about the way Kelley looks at Christen  & ?????

i want to fucking die

guess who’s eyes she was searching for ??? 

Viktor's theme for season 2 *please please please*

-At the anouncement of the skaters theme for the season-

Viktor on live TV wearing a gorgeous looking suit: *walks up to podium– blushing and holds his board against him so no one can see it*
Viktor: *blushes on his ears*

Cameras flash

Yuri in line a few skaters behind him.. tapping his foot: waits impatiently to hear viktor’s theme.. (he couldn’t get viktor to tell him beforehand.)

Viktor grabs the microphone: “This season my theme is something very important… pure and perfect. It’s something that inspires me every moment of every day… I hope through my skating I can portray the feelings I have in my heart.. I hope my feelings reach you” *smiles glamorously*

Viktor: *sets board down facing the crowd and walks away blushing slightly on his cheeks, makes slight eye contact with Yuri and walks off the stage*

The board just says “Yuri”.

Twins and Triplets Headcanons

-Preschool age triplets and the two Alphas being very worried about their clumsy and small Omega sibling so they always insist on each of them holding one of their hands and keeping the Omega safely between them when walking around crowded or public places

-Identical Omega twins in high school that think its funny to take turns flirting with the same Alpha, and the Alpha has no idea that he’s flirting with two different Omegas because they look and smell identical, and then the Omegas causing a big dramatic scene when one of them “catches” the Alpha flirting with their twin. And the Alpha just being so embarrassed and confused by the whole thing

-Twin Alphas that fight constantly but if anyone else picks a fight with one of them, the other will become extremely protective

-Older triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, other Omegas always befriending the Omega just to get closer to their Alpha siblings and the Alphas very bluntly rejecting any Omega that they catch doing it

-Twin Alpha and Omega that are very close and the Omega always goes out of their way to try and take care of their twin while the Alpha is very clingy and protective of them

-Twin Betas in middle school getting revenge on Alpha bullies by leaving fake love notes from Omegas in their lockers and watching the usually arrogant Alphas become flustered messes when they confront their “admirer” and are told that the note must be fake because the Omega doesn’t like them

-Triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and the three of them going places and hanging out and the Omega walking ahead happily, not noticing their Alpha siblings behind them, giving death glares to any other Alphas that even glance at the Omega for more than a second

-Twin Alpha and Omega, the Omega being extremely picky about what kind of mate their twin will end up with. Partly because they don’t think anyone is good enough for their twin, but mainly because they want all the Alpha’s attention for themselves, the way it’s always been

-Baby twin Omegas and one of them almost never cries, except when their twin is extremely upset because even as an infant they can sense just how distressed their sibling is and it causes them to also become very distressed because they can’t make it better

-Twin Omega and Beta, and the Omega always really admiring the Beta and looking at them like they are the most impressive person in the world, so even when the Beta is looked down on by others it never really bothers them because their twin thinks they are great and that’s all they really care about

-Little triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and whenever the Omega is sad the Alphas try their hardest to cheer them up, making funny faces and attempting squeaky croons until their Omega sibling is once again content and giggling

-Little triplets with two Omegas and an Alpha, and the Omegas always pulling the Alpha along into whatever they are doing like building nests and playing house and the Alpha going along with it all because they like making the Omegas happy

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.
—  Albert Einstein
25 Days of Drabbles Day 1: Dad!Bucky

A/N: So this is a thing. I was going to post this on day three but this was to cute not too post. 

Word count: 922

The holiday season was always insanely crazy. Working at a toy store especially. People who insist on using expired coupons, parents fighting over the last toy, college kids being insanely loud and making a mess only to leave without buying anything.

But working during the holidays had its perks. Your favorite was when little kids would come in bundled up, their noses bright red, pulling their parents along running from toy to toy. Or when the parents would decide a little toy wouldn’t hurt and the kids would stand in line looking like they won a million dollars.

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Over-Protective// Jackson Wang

Originally posted by wanqkong

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: “15 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’, Way 7: “Let Me Take Care Of It.”

Author’s Note: This is actually so cute I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

You had never been the one to enjoy confrontation. In fact, you avoided confrontation as best as you could have. You hated the thought of making someone upset or angry with you, and you hated the thought about getting into an arguement with someone. The mere thought of someone feeling negative towards you made your heart turn.

And Jackson knew this all too well. Though he may be similar in most ways, he hated seeing you hurt. He cared too much for you to let you get walked all over, especially when deep down he knew you would never stick up for yourself. Jackson may be the same, but he isn’t afraid to fight for what he loves.

He held your hand tightly, keeping you close to him as you walked through crowds and crowds of fans, fans you knew loved and cared for Jackson more than anything, just as you did. You never felt ill or angry towards the fans, because without the fans, Jackson wouldn’t be where he is right now, he wouldn’t be as happy as he is now.

But for some reason, the fans never enjoyed you.

It may be because they are protective over Jackson and they’re afraid that you may hurt him, which is understandable. You knew most fans weren’t like this, and there were only a couple of very jealous, very over-protective fans, but those ones always seemed to be the ones whos comments you’d see first, or hear first.

You smiled at Jackson as he turned back to look at you, making sure you’re alright as he knew you never liked large crowds, but this is what happens when you were dating a popular idol. You needed softly, a smile forming on his face as he continued to hold you close, making it out to the other side of what seemed to be a sea of fans, with both of you still in tact.

“Are you okay?” He brushed you off softly, bringing you over to a bench to sit you down, “You aren’t hurt, are you?”

“No no,” you giggled, shaking your head softly, “I’m fine.”

Jackson let out a soft sigh of relief, a smile spreading across his features as he placed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

“Alright. But (Y/N), I promised a few fans back there that I would take pictures with them. So please stay here and don’t wander off, okay?”

“I’m not a child, Jackson,” You smiled at your protective boyfriend, rubbing his arm softly as you nodded your head towards the fans, “Go. I’ll stay here.”

“Alright, I’ll be quick.” He got up quickly, letting his hand leave yours as he walked over to the fans, their screams slowly dying down as he began to talk to them.

It had only been a couple of minutes of sitting by yourself, so you decided to play games on your phone to kill time. You didn’t want to take Jackson away from the fans who had waited a long time to get pictures with him, so you sat killing slugs and playing puzzle games.

“Why did he fall for you.”

You looked up softly, but no one was there. You were almost positive that you hadn’t heard that voice in your head, and that someone was there speaking to you, but your eyes proved otherwise. Shrugging it off, you went back to the puzzle game you were playing.

“It makes so sense. He deserves so much better.”

You heard a soft giggle emerge from someone, so you quickly turned around. There stood two girls, dressed in their uniforms as they must have just gotten out of school. They smiled at you softly, turning away slightly as they continued to giggle.

“It’s obviously fake. For publicity maybe. She used to be a fan. There’s no way he’d actually love her.”

You felt your heart slowly fall into your stomach as they continued to talk. You weren’t able to confront them, though, because in your mind, you knew they were right. But for some reason, your throat had closed, not allowing you to make even a squeak emerge from it.

You felt tears threaten your eyes, but you blinked them back quickly. You didn’t want them to see you be weak, and you didn’t want Jackson to see you cry when he would come back eventually.

And, almost as if he knew you were thinking of him, Jackson came over with a wide smile on his face. You tried to smile back as best as you could, but his face quickly drained. Jackson could read you like an open book, it’s what something that was very beneficial to your relationship because of how much you hated saying your feelings, and how much you dreaded confrontation.

“What’s wrong?”

You shook your head softly as he came back to sit on the bench. You didn’t dare to look behind you at the two girls who were still there, probably just staring at Jackson and waiting for you to spill what they had done to him, or maybe they knew that you wouldn’t, and that’s why they stayed.

“Don’t lie to me,” Jackson took your hand in both of his, “I can tell when you’re lying. Please talk to me.”

“It’s nothing,” you began, looking away from his gaze. You knew that if you looked, you would fall into his trap, but you didn’t want him getting angry at the fans. You kept on replaying what they said in your head, the harshness in their tone of voice making you shiver while tugging on your heart. You felt yourself begin to cry, but you tried to blink back your tears so he wouldn’t see.

“(Y/N), please… I hate seeing you upset,” He voice sounded almost desperate for your answer.

“It’s…. Just… Some fans, it’s all. But it’s no worries!”

You let the words slip, and immediately after, you regretted it. You didn’t want Jackson to get angry at his fans, but the moment that those words left your mouth, you saw a spark light in his eyes.

“Let me take care of it.”

“No,” you gripped his hand tightly, “Please, don’t get mad at them. I’ll be fine.”

“No. They can’t do this to you and make you cry, (Y/N). What did they do? Were they saying mean things to you?”

You looked away, nodding slightly. You knew the girls had stormed off by now, but that didn’t matter to Jackson. He stood up slowly, taking your hand in his yet again and pulling you to your feet. He began walking towards the fans, but you stopped dead in your tracks.



“I’m not going over there.”

You looked at him with pleading eyes, almost hiding behind him as you spoke to him.

“Fine,” Jackson sighed, turning around to the fans. He cupped his hands together and shouted, “GUYS!”

“No, Ja-”

“I need to make an announcement,” He spoke softly after, grabbing the fans attention and bringing them near him.

“You all know my lovely girlfriend, (Y/N),” He smiled softly at you, taking your hand again and pulling you over to him, “I love her. So much. Just like I love you all. But… I can’t have people saying mean things to her anymore. She means the world to me, and I would do anything to see her happy. I know you may not have said anything, but something has, and actually, I see it all the time on social media. And I need it to stop. She…She’s my everything, and I don’t want her to cry anymore.”

Your heart clenched at his words, your hand shaking in his as he gripped your fingers tightly. He smiled at the fans softly, “Thank you for listening.”

Maybe having an overprotective boyfriend isn’t so bad after all.