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Lady A

Dean Ambrose/OC. For Anon: You’re a new diva and all through NXT people refer to you as the female Ambrose, due to your attitude, wrestling style and even your attire to some point. They keep going on about how you’d be a perfect couple and you secretly kinda like it, cause you have a crush on him but have never met him. You accidentally walk into his dressing room one day after getting lost in the arena and he tells you how he’s heard about you being the female him and…smut

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The Ladynoir Diaries (for insanitysbloomings)

Sliding a letter opener under the lip of the bulky yellow envelope, Alya tentatively pried the parcel open as though it was a bomb…which for all she knew, it might have been.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the parcel labeled Exclusive Ladyblog Content that she found waiting for her in the mailbox when she got home from school. Her cautious side warned her that this could be a trap set by one of the many (lower quality) Ladybug and Chat Noir fan blogs that had cropped up as the Ladyblog got more and more popular. On the other hand, Alya couldn’t exactly keep the blog going herself. The Ladyblog was a one woman production, and if Alya wanted to keep it the leading source of all Ladybug info, she had to take whatever help she could get.

Still…didn’t hurt to be careful.

After making reasonably sure the package didn’t contain any shifty wires, oil stains, or anthrax, she tipped the contents onto her desk with a raised eyebrow. A small, black flash drive slid across her workstation, followed by a small slip of paper. In neat, flowy cursive that seemed irritatingly familiar, the note read simply: For Our Biggest Fan~


Heart pounding, she fumbled as she tried to jam the flash drive into her laptop as quickly as possible. She bounced up and down in her seat as she opened the folder titled January, fingers trembling as she clicked on the first video simply labeled Hello!


She nearly had a heart attack as Ladybug’s smiling face filled the screen.


Hi there!” Ladybug said, scratching the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. “I know this is probably a surprise, but hopefully it’s a good one?”


Ladybug was standing on a rooftop overlooking a park, pacing as she talked into the camera. “I…well we wanted to put together something to thank you for all the stellar work you’ve done on the Ladyblog. We figured out Chat’s communicator could take videos—probably to record evidence or something—so, naturally, we decided to start shooting a few patrols; one a month for the past year.”


Alya’s heart was in her throat as Ladybug bit her lip, looking away with a small laugh, before turning back to the lens. “We, uh…we got more than we thought we would and wanted to share some of it with you…so, hope you enjoy?”


Ladybug did a little finger wave at the camera, before the feed cut off, leaving Alya staring at a series of folders, each dated and organized so she could easily thumb through at her leisure. She had a pile of homework to do, a test to study for, and sisters to mind. But she supposed clicking on one video couldn’t hurt.

Just one…for now.


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“How should you be? You should be like a rocky promontory against which the restless surf continually pounds. It stands fast while the churning sea is lulled to sleep at its feet. I hear you say: ’how unlucky that this should happen to me.’ But not at all. Perhaps say instead: ’how lucky I am that I am not broken by what has happened and I’m not afraid of what is about to happen.’ For the same blow might have struck anyone, but not many who would have absorbed it without capitulation or complaint.” - Marcus Aurelius, The Emperor’s Handbook

Black Sails 1x03 » III.


Would you like to know what Mr. Turk shared with me about our beloved captain?
— Turk thinks Flint is undead, walks the earth without a soul. He believes there’s a witch who lives deep inside the island who controls his every move.
— More or less, yes.


“We’re going to get to know each other pretty well!”  May 22, 2013:  Sami Zayn’s first broadcast entrance (to a politely clapping Full Sail crowd that hasn’t really gotten into the whole “we love the indies” thing yet); first exit; and first words to the WWE Universe.

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GOM + Hanamiya + Kyoshi and Imayoshi Zombie AU, being pushed to safety by their s/o but in doing so they get attack by zombies

let’s say that the s/o dies because of the attack or turns into a zombie

AKASHI: Akashi wasn’t a man easily fazed but seeing the zombie capture you, digging his cold nails into your arm, and taking a bite, he felt the bile rise to his throat. He knew what he had to do but he could barely move his hand. In the end, he lifted the gun up, aiming it at you, before closing his eyes and pulling the trigger.

AOMINE: You always told him that you’d rather die. Die rather than become one of those who murdered innocents. So, seeing you trapped within the pile of inhuman creatures, he directed the gun towards you. He saw your eyes, the ones he recognized one last time before they changed, then shot.

HANAMIYA: Fuck. How the hell did this go down to shit? He was supposed to be the sharp one and yet he put you in harm’s way instead. Despite his rough exterior, Hanamiya wasn’t a murderer, even if you were practically dead. Instead of shooting you, he walked away, knowing full well that he would face you in the future.

IMAYOSHI: Although Imayoshi was usually level-headed, he could barely think at that moment as he watched you suffer, screaming in agony. He quickly struck you with his knife, at the same time killing that dreaded creature. Afterwards, he tossed the dagger and never looked at it again.

KISE: Crying would be his first reaction. He felt the tears stream down his face as he stared at your disappearing figure. Those horrid creatures dragged you away and he tried to fight them but your teammates pulled him away, despite his protests and screams. In the end, he was only left with regret and nothing more.

KIYOSHI: The first thing he’d do is to charge towards you who were still trapped with the zombies. They had begun tearing at your clothes and he rushed even faster. Using his big hands, he’d quickly snatch you away before any of them gets their teeth in you.

KUROKO: All he could do was watch the group engulf your figure. He knew that it was impossible to take them all at once and the rest of his team was still out and about, hunting. All he could do was watch in despair and perhaps that was his biggest regret.

MIDORIMA: He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t think as he watched one of those heartless creatures take you down. The first bite was the signal that everything was over. As Midorima pierced his blade through the zombie and tossed it aside, he held you in his arms, murmuring words of comfort but knowing that he was to kill you before you turned.

MURASAKIBARA: With all his strength, he would push through the crowd of zombies, sailing them all around the area, getting them away from you. Once he found you in the middle, he instantly grabbed you and carried you, running away from the scene. His heart would be racing like never before.

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The hetalia ocean is crowded with ships that sail aimlessly forever. GerIta ship has almost landed to Canonland once (they didn't) and USUK ship is in denial that they are not in Canonland already.

not all who wander are lost.