crowd of hats

  • Luffy: (in a crowd and can't find Law) This calls for drastic measures
  • Luffy: (uses his hands as a microphone) Traffy is my Nakama now and forever!
  • Law: [from somewhere across Dressrosa] OH FOR FUCK SAKE WERE ONLY IN AN ALLIANCE, THATS IT!!!!!
  • Luffy: There he is...

Streetcars at Wrigley in 1935 by cta web
Via Flickr:
Lined up to carry Cubs fans home during the pennant-winning summer of 1935, Clark-Wentworth streetcars wait end to end, in both directions.

The last car northbound (lower right) is one of the original 600 “Big Pullman” cars purchased in 1908 by the Chicago Railway Company. Ahead of it are three front-entry 1929-model “sedan” cars, famous for their upholstered leather bucket seats. Heading south with a full load is a “sun parlor” car built by the Chicago Surface Lines in 1923.

Tonight is the Cubs 2017 home opener, defending their World Series title against the 2016 NL series rivals LA Dodgers! Going to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field? The CTA Red Line, as always, is the way to go! You can also take the Brown Line to Southport or Belmont and a variety of bus routes, including the 8 Halsted, 22 Clark, 36 Broadway and 152 Addison (which also connects with the Blue Line).

Hat Trick- Auston Matthews

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Ok so hockey has surprised me this weekend and I’m living! Until Wednesday… anyway! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: hi!! i love love love your writing💓 can you do an auston matthews imagine where you guys like each other but aren’t dating and neither of you know the other likes each other until you’re at a game or something and a player/whoever tries to flirt with you and auston gets really jealous and realizes he actually really likes you?? tyy!!


              “Will you introduce me to Connor McDavid?” you asked Auston as you walked into the ACC with him and Mitch.

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Hi!! Can you write a jealous blackhat?? Like, his wife meets his counterpart, Whitehat, and WH makes her swoon and blush and BH gets jealous and overprotective of her? And she teases him about. Please and thank you!! You can ignore this if its complicated.


Black Hat xWife! Reader (Also White Hat appears…)

A/N: Kay so this isn’t my normal semi-in universe Reader insert as it includes White Hat from the AU, but it was super fun! Black Hat is pretty OOC sometimes, but once again, AU and its a reader insert so…gotta suspend your disbelief a little bit. ((I am saying this more for myself…I have to say this a lot. I am so critical of how I write the crew sometimes X)&))


Black Hat looked at himself in the mirror with an evil grin, then he looked to you. Oh how he enjoyed having you for his own. The marriage was a good idea, more than good if he were to be honest. Together, you two would take over the world a hundred times over. He could hardly contain himself.

So he didn’t.

Black Hat came up from behind you and began kissing your neck, running his sharp teeth along your tender skin. You chuckled and half attempted to escape his affection, blushing. The soft grazing of his teeth tickled. Black Hat pulled you closer, amused at your struggles.

“Don’t try to run, my dear.” He hummed, finally releasing you. You rolled your eyes and readjusted your necklace. The necklace Black Hat stole for you when you agreed to marry him. You didn’t truly have much of a say in the matter, but even if you did, you still would have said yes.

Tonight, Black Hat was taking you with him to a party in the center of Hatsville. He enjoyed showing you off whenever the opportunity presented itself.

You didn’t know who would be at this party, so as the two of you arrived you stayed close to your husband. Flug and Demencia accompanied you as well, but 5.0.5 stayed home on Black Hat’s command. The last thing he needed was his reputation tarnished further by that goody-goody bear. No one argued with him.

The party nearly stopped when the members of Black Hat Inc walked in. You were notorious criminals, but you weren’t the only ones there. Other criminals from surrounding cities mingled in with the crowd. Black Hat and Demencia smirked, but you and Flug were rendered a bit uncomfortable by the attention.

Pretty soon Flug and Demencia were gone, the former having chased after the latter to make sure she didn’t destroy or kill anything too important. You stayed near Black Hat as he mingled with the other villains at the party, talking about business and the success of Black Hat’s products against the heroes in their cities.

You were quiet enjoying yourself, even joking along with everyone else. At one point you saw one of your friends with whom you used to rob banks and museums, now the fiancé of a villain in New York. You two took a moment to catch up, before being swept away once again by the party.

Things were going well and Black Hat also felt pleased with how the party was going. That is until…

“Black Hat?!” Came an all too enthusiastic and kind voice through the crowd. You felt your husband tense up next to you. He turned around slowly.

“White Hat…” Black Hat scowled. You turned and almost chuckled at what you saw.

The man before you looked very much like your husband, but with a much more…heroic looking color pallet. His hat, coat, pants, and tie were all a bright white, just like his teeth which shined as he smiled at the two of you. Where your husband would wear red of varying shades, this man did the same with blue. His vest was gray, but much lighter than anything Black Hat would ever wear.

“It’s so good to see you!” White Hat smiled, hugging your husband, who simply clenched up. You were surprised at how foreword this man was, no one ever approached Black Hat that way.

“I’m sure it is.” Black Hat responded, dusting himself off after such a disgusting display of affection.

“And who is this lovely creature?” White Hat asked turning his gaze to you. You blushed slightly at the compliment. Black Hat noticed.

“I am y/n.” You smiled, “I’m this grump’s wife.”

“Ah…what a beautiful name for a beautiful person.” White Hat said, taking your hand and placing a kiss there. Your blush grew darker. Black Hat rolled his eyes.

“Thank you Se-”

“White Hat! Forgive me for not introducing myself.” The tall man smiled at you.

“It is no trouble.” You replied. Looking to your more than annoyed husband.

“However, I am curious as to how you know my husband.” You smiled, watching Black Hat’s reaction, “Please tell me more.”

“Oh! Well sure!” And with that White Hat began telling you of adventures and confrontations from years before, taking every opportunity to recall some embarrassing story that made you blush and Black Hat even more flustered. He wrapped a hand possessively around your waist as his counterpart talked.

“And well a few years later, I saw this gentleman a-”

“Alright, I’ve had enough!” Black Hat exclaimed, grabbing your hand, “Come y/n, we have business to attend to before we leave. Where are Flug and Demencia?”

A crashing sound in the distance answered that question before you could. You sort of chuckled as Black Hat pulled you away from his suave counterpart, who offered his goodbyes to your turned backs.

The ride home was rather amusing with Demencia drunk, Flug trying to steady her and your husband keeping one protective arm around you at all times. Following the meeting with White Hat, he hadn’t let go of you for a moment and this pattern continued all the way to the manor.

He pushed you into your room and kissed you roughly, one might even say passionately.

“Someone’s jealous.” You mused when he finally released you.

“I am not!” Black Hat replied, “I just could stand having something so beautiful a-”

“White Hat got under your skin.” You teased, cutting off his sentence.

“Ha! Like I would ever feel threatened by that idiot!”

Black Hat turned and sat on your bed. You chuckled softly and sat next to him.

“Hmm…Too bad.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder, “I thought it was kind of…cute. Sexy even.”

For a moment Black Hat froze, then he looked down at you with malicious, lustful eyes. He kissed you once again, in the most loving way possible…

...I Need You...

Soft clicks were the only sounds surrounding the “evil” scientist. His hands were fidgeting with the mechanisms of a familiar box with many, many lethal devices inside. 

There were little buttons to trigger each little mechanic, but Flug found that some of the springs weren’t stable enough to be tested, let alone the chemicals in one mechanism was much too intoxicating.

The chemicals Flug combined had been the cause of dizziness and almost… drunken side effects. He didn’t trust himself around it while the testing happens during the commercial…

He let out a sigh and tried configuring the mechanisms again. “Flug, get in here.”

Startled, he almost dropped the device. As he caught his breath, he stared hard at the small box with negativity. This would be used to kill someone.

He entered Black Hat’s office and held tight onto the device, hoping his boss wouldn’t chose the black button and let the gases fume the room. “S-Sir, Are we d-doing all the b-buttons?”

Black Hat stared at him as if he was a unicorn, “Of course, Flug.”

Flug bit his lip nervously, “C-Can I step o-outside when you p-push the black one?”

Black Hat narrowed his eyes at his scientist, “Excuse me?”

Flug flinched and shook his head, swallowing his pride for a second, “N-Nothing, sir….”

Black Hat blinked and looked away in thought before taking the device from Flug, “5.0.5. Begin.”

The bear nodded, sending Flug a questioning, worrying glance. Flug shook it off as the red blinker began on the camera. He stared at the camera and listened to BlackHat begin.

“Welcome, villains and viewers! My newest invention has come and you better buy it- OR ELSE!” Black Hat smirked, his tongue poking out from his sharp teeth slightly, “Dr. Flug will explain the device and each mechanism. We can discuss the prices after.”

“U-Um…” Flug started softly, walking into frame and taking the device from it’s little stand, “Th-this device is for t-trapping and helping euthanize your opponent. E-each button on the surface t-triggers a spring that trips a w-wire… and begins it’s options… Y-you can use them interchangeable to create your f-foe’s worst nightmare!”

 Black nodded boringly, “Yes, yes. Let’s show them how to use it.”

Flug nodded slowly and pressed the red button, producing a ray from a little circle at the very top of the box. Just then, Demencia walked into frame and was zapped automatically. “The ray attacks any motion from your foe…” Flug explained, pushing the green button and so on.

However, as Flug went to put the device back on it’s stand, Black Hat pushed the black button. “You forgot one, Flug.” Black Hat smirked as he pushed it.

Flug flinched away, dropping the device on it’s stand as a black smokey gas formed from the circle, spreading around the room and surrounding 5.0.5. and the doctor. It had no affect on Black Hat, who simply watched the destruction with a grin.

Flug threw a gloved hand up to pinch his nose but the chemicals on his fingers still passed through his respiration system. 5.0.5. had fallen asleep not soon after, his eyes swirling about.

“Well, that’s it for now, ladies and gentleman! The prices are starting at 5 grand and there are only 100 in stock! Better buy some quickly before we run out.” Black Hat smirked, clicking the off button as Flug gagged on the smokey chemicals.

Flug fell to his knees, grabbing at his throat as the chemicals burned his lungs and throat. He sputtered out coughs every now and then as he struggled to breath deeply. His mind began going into the estimated haze.

Black Hat watched with a sadistic smile, “That’s a good one but it doesn’t work on heroes and villains, so you’ll have to make it stronger, Flug.”

Flug inhaled deeply and tried controlling his breathing as the burning subsided. “That w-was t-too much… c-carbon…”

Black Hat’s eyes widened as he watched his scientist rub at his throat sorely, his eyes downcast at the ground in worry for himself. This stuff didn’t harm 5.0.5. at all.

“Carbon?! Flug, why Carbon?!”

“I th-thought it would e-explode the p-person’s lungs….s-sir…”Flug answered, his throat dry and sore and begging for something cold.

“Well, we’ve tested that one now. Go fix it and return again.”

His breath was shakey and he felt like throwing up but he only coughed when the feeling came. In fact, he coughed up red onto the floor and his gloves. Black Hat was gone in a second and back with a glass of water and ice, placing it in front of Flug, “Drink.”

Flug nodded and greedily chugged the cold liquid. “As fun as it is watching you get injured, I can’t have you dying on me yet when my product isn’t finished…”

Flug sent his gaze to the ground again, knowing he was more of an item if anything. He simply nodded and excused himself to his lab, trying not to swallow the water too fast.

As he entered his lab, he placed the cup on his desk and looked at the lunch 5.0.5. brought him. He shook his head and moved it from his workplace before editing the blueprints. Not even twenty minutes later, Black Hat teleported in without a word.

Flug felt his mouth raw and sore once again and tried ignoring it to the best of his ability. He swished his tongue around his mouth and swallowed nervously as the clacking of shoes was suddenly present.

He fixed the solution, adding less Carbon and more of the other elements to make things explode when it got wet. He made sure to add enough to make the explosion enormous enough to blow up a being of over 200 pounds with thicker flesh than a human.

“Is it ready yet, Flug? We have less than an hour.”

“F-for the auction?” Flug asked, glancing partially at his boss.

“Yes, we will have to test it in front of everyone there as well. Might want to perfect it, Flug. And find someone in the crowd or something to test it on this time.”

Flug slowly shook his head, “Y-You mean ch-choose someone f-for death, s-sir? I c-can’t do th-that…”

“Are you disobeying my command?”

“N-No, s-sir…” Flug muttered under hs breath, glancing away to finish his work on the product.

“Good. Keep it that way, Doctor.”

As he finished it, he decided he’d have Demencia test it out. Therefore, when they approached the stage, Demencia was chained by her hands to the stage floor with a frown on her face. 

her arms were crossed as she sat cross-legged on the floor. “Why am I chained here?! Why can’t it be 5.0.5. or something?!” She angrily groaned.

““Do it for Black Hat, Demencia. He’ll be happy.”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, “Really? Really really?”

Flug nodded, feeling bad for manipulating her but going against his instincts. The crowd began forming so Flug decided to join Black Hat near the front, the device on it’s usual stand between them.

“Hello, every villain. Welcome to the auction of our first product for the week, hopefully our top seller as well.” He sent a grin to the other monstrous beings that slightly frightened Flug as much as BH.

Flug sent a fearful glance around the crowd, a few of them winked at the scientist while others glared or snarled or smiled. He sighed and smiled as Black Hat continued, “This is my scientist, Dr. Flug. This device is called the Lethal-Proctor. It will euthanize and help you get rid of those pesky heroes and maybe even humans once and for all! Maybe help you achieve world domination if you’re ever clever and strong enough.”

Flug shuddered at the mention of world domination. His device being used for that, sheesh… He’d be all over the news and known then, everyone would be trying to kidnap him. Something he most definitely did not want. At all.

“My scientist here will explain the device.” Black Hat smiled at the crowd then sent a smirk to Flug.

Flug flinched and nodded, “Ahem… U-Uh… This d-device is composed of multiple t-traps and lethal d-destructive mechanisms. Such as lasers, r-rays, shock nets, l-lethal smoke, and more. Th-this blue button here-” Flug pressed the least lethal button and points the circle of the box at Demencia with an apologietic gaze, “-will s-send out a shock net th-that will cause h-humans to go unconscious and w-weaken heroes.”

Demencia flinched as the net came in contact with her head and shoulders, wrapping around her whole body and wrapping her up before sending multiple levels of different shock charges through her nerves. It fried her will to move for ten seconds at minimum, leaving her breathless but exhilarated on the floor of the stage.

Flug chuckled softly to himself, it worked first try! He nodded softly before pressing the green button, “Th-this one is a ray th-that sends out flames in i-it’s path.” 

A large combustion of bright blue and red flames engulfed the net and Demencia, burning the net into ash and causing burn marks to form on her skin. Black Hat caught in, “These marks on this demon’s body helps to show just how hot the flames are.”

Flug nodded softly and showcased three more buttons before placing the device on the stand, hoping his boss wouldn’t try and press the black button while he stared at the crowd to see if any of the evil villains had questions.

There was one, “Yes?”

“How much is the scientist?”

Black Hat stared at the boy in unfamiliar shock, “What?”

“How much is Dr. Flug? I’m sure I can buy him with the much I got.” The male smirked and sent a wink to the scientist.

Flug blushed beneath his bag and stepped back slightly as Demencia giggled behind him. “Look, nerd boy, someone actually likes you out there!”

Black Hat snarled, “He’s not for sale.”

“You won’t even take 20 grand for him?” The man frowned, “I’ll give you 50…”

“He isn’t for sale!” 

“I’ll take him for 100 grand!” Another man in the crowd spoke up.

A female grinned with sharp teeth and spoke louder than the others, “I’ll buy him for 10 million!”

Black Hat’s eyes brightened and he seemed to consider the offer, 10 million could buy him multiple scientists and materials. The crowd silenced itself as Black Hat held a finger to his chin and glanced to his scientist.

He noticed how the scientist had his eyes trained on the floor, wet and moist as if he were going to cry. His hands were crossed in front of him and he stepped back again in uneasiness.

“He is not for sale. The device is.” Black Hat spoke out, glared at the crowd, “Take it or leave it. There are now 200 new ones in stock and 100 of the commercial prototypes in stock. The prototypes are 5 grand, the new ones are 10 grand.”

Flug stared at the tall demon with immense joy, he wouldn’t be sold off thankfully and he didn’t have to deal with unfamiliar people or other villains that COULD BE worst than Black Hat.

As the auction went on, multiple prototypes had been sold out of the few 100, but almost all the new ones were sold. With only a sixteenth of the new stock left over and a fourth of the old prototypes left, the villainous crew headed back home.

“S-sir…?” Flug tried to manage out in a mumble but the words barely left his lips.

Black Hat didn’t seem to hear him but Flug didn’t try again, instead he just said, “Thank you..” and moved on.

[request] [scenario] hold my hand

1: “Come over here and make me.” 
13: “Kiss me.” 

(i love u too hehe) 

Title: hold my hand

Member: mingyu 

Genre: fluff so much fluff this rivals a cloud 

Word Count: 2200

“Get up, sleepyhead.”

The bed dips beneath the weight of another person, and you feel a hand on your shoulder, gently shaking you awake from your jetlagged nap. Annoyed, you swat away the hand, turning to face the opposite direction, snuggling further into your pillow.

“Fine. Guess we’re all going to leave you to whine by yourself while Jisoo takes us out to get ice cream.”

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Black Hat: “Flug, are they booing me?”

Dr. Flug: “Uh, n-no, they’re saying… Boo-lack hat. Boo-lack hat!”

Black Hat: *stands up* “Are you saying boo or boo-lack hat?”

*Crowd continues booing and pelts him with stuff*

Demencia: “I was saying boo-lack hat…”

Source: The Simpsons

A new everything.

It’s time for a new
The marks of your absence- rough grips
Bruising up my wrists
The loss of those sweet words,
Heavy and carelessly said,
A weight on my chest
Forced breaths
You made me guarded
My smile timid and trembling
A sprained moth’s wing
My hands shook every day
Too much coffee
Too little of you
Until that Monday night
I turned the silver circle in the shower
Your message came in
I could not decipher
The layers of bitter and hurt,
Disconnected and uncaring
I did not try to digest it
I just stepped into the water and let your words unravel me
I cried so hard
I almost threw up, heaving and heaving

You’re a ghost now.

It’s been too many weeks
Longing and missing you
It’s been too many nights
Tears and black ink words
I don’t want to want you anymore
I see your face, a crooked mask
On the faces of the men
Crowded streets on Broadway
Black hats, just like yours from the back
All the parking lots I met you in
You’re everywhere

There’s this memory that’s been skipping and skipping
The longest night
2 a.m.
You kept smiling sweet
“Don’t go,”
You teased
You stood outside my car
I reached out for you through my window over and over
“Hold me again,”
My eyes said

I won’t mark myself as value-less

I used to always be so strong
But with you I was fragile
And I continued into that place
Until I realized you were no longer safe
You turned from my warm soft cabin
To the blizzard outside
And now today I know-
It’s time for a new everything

I won’t be the girl chasing you to please come back
I won’t be the girl hoping you will call,
Waiting up late nights
I won’t carry the heaviness of your wounds anymore
I set you free
And I am ready for the New

I don’t know where I will go,
I just know
It’s time for a new

Reader Owns A Bar For Villains


A/N: So this is an idea I’ve been working on for a while, currently there is one in the works with 5.0.5 and a thunderstorm and I hope to have that out soon ((just like everything else it seems x)&…) but for now here are some snippets of the bar owner reader’s interactions with the crew! This little idea is my baby and I freaking love it x)& I probably won’t be answering requests for a while, but I will be uploading something at least once a week. Feel free to keep sending asks though, if something really sparks my creativity I don’t wanna miss it!!


Demencia was….a character.

And surprisingly good at holding her alcohol. You chuckled as you placed her picture up on the wall of your bar. She’d broken a few records lately, including eating every item on the menu in under an hour. Your chef was still geeking out about it.

Ever since the place opened, that candy-haired, lizard queen made it clear that she was always down to party. And I mean always. How did so much energy fit into one tiny person?

Still, she typically had her Friday night fun without causing too much of a disturbance, so who were you to judge? Most of your customers appeared pretty amused by her anyway, and all of you knew just how tough she really was, how tough she’d have to be to work for Black Hat.

“Hola, y/n!” She called to you as she rolled in through the door on this particular night, you smiled at her and politely nodded before continuing to pour a drink for Captain Hook. Apparently he’d just left a rather successful meeting with Black Hat regarding that rather troublesome Peter Pan.

From your spot behind the Bar you could see Demencia dancing and enjoying yourself and sighed. Who else could chase around Black Hat all day and still be themselves?


“Ya, doin alright there, doc?” You asked, wiping off your station at the bar. It was that slow part of the night, just after you’d decided to send most of the drunk wannabes home.

“I’m hanging in there, y/n.” Was Flug’s half hearted reply. You offered him a reassuring glance.

“Yeah, well keep your chin up, buddy.” You smiled, assuming he had one. You’d never seen his face before, “Ya want a drink? The usual?”

“Sure, y/n. Thanks.”

You smiled at him in that charming way of yours, friendly, confident, somehow conveying both your dark nature and friendly personality. Flug figured it was the reason your little speak easy became such a popular bar amongst the villainous crowd. Even Black Hat respected you and your business, meeting clients here when his office was being redone or when blood was being cleaned from the floor…

You quickly made Flug his usual drink, a sweet fruity cocktail you’d made just for him the first time he wandered in. The young doctor didn’t have a taste for strong drinks and you could respect that. Hard liquor was certainly not for many people, and you appreciated the self awareness Flug possessed to accept that with dignity.

You waited a while before asking him what was on his mind. He replied with some long explanation about some sort of device he was building, and how it was giving him a bit more difficulty than normal.

“So what does this little ray of yours do?” You asked, leaning against the counter as you talked with him. The place was practically empty by now.

“Change the molecular structure of the target to make them smaller.”

You raised your eyebrows.

“Impressive, I hope to see it in action one day.” You smiled, the malice in your grin was apparent. There were more than a few situations you could use a weapon like that in.

Which of course is why Black Hat would want to sell it.


Whenever Black Hat entered your bar, the entire building would grow silent and uneasy as every villain in the place sensed the presence of a much greater evil amongst them. Fear and respect cast a blanket over your customers like a large invisible mute button. Everyone seemed paralyzed for a few moments, except for you.

You’d been serving him long enough to have nearly grown accustomed to his presence. But even you couldn’t deny the chill that went down your spine as he looked at you.

“Pour me whatever you like, y/n.” He smiled, “Something celebratory.”

You didn’t know if you were excited or terrified to hear what the occasion was, but you asked anyway. And no a soul complained as you made his drink first.


The abundance of moonlight shining down behind your bar meant that you didn’t even have to turn on the light as you took out the garbage. But a sound at the end of the alley caught your attention, that and the all to lovely sound of destruction of the city around your building.

“Huh?” You hummed, looking around the alley for the source of the sound. Eventually, a tall blue bear peeked out from around the dumpster and you chuckled.

“Hey, there big guy.” You said in a soothing voice. The bear seemed frightened, but came to you regardless, “What are you doing all the way out here.”

The large animal started crying and hugged you suddenly. You’re eyes widened as you patted him gently on the back, “There there, buddy, don’t worry. Now I could be wrong, but I remember a certain scientist talking about something like you. You wouldn’t happen to live at Black Hat’s place, would ya?”

He nodded emphatically, and you smiled, “Well then why don’t you come inside and warm up while I try to get ahold of Dr. Flug.”

((To be continued…))



((Dorian’s very self centered bonus… This takes place after that first snippet with Demencia.)

Later in the night, a shorter girl with a pencil stuck in her pony tail popped in. You vaguely recognized her as a writer who enjoyed coming to your place in in the mornings, when things were slow. Never really asked for anything other than an internet connection and mac and cheese. It seemed odd to see her right around closing.

“Hey, y/n.” She smiled, “You haven’t seen Demencia by chance have you? She told Flug she was going out tonight. Figured she’d end up here.”

“Yeah, you replied, Flug usually comes to pick her up around now, she’s over in the corner, probably asleep.” You chuckled a bit, gesturing over to the corner.

Dorian smiled seeing Demencia’s passed out form, even if she was unable to wake her up. You offered to help her carry Demencia out of your bar.

“Thanks.” She smiled at you as you helped her lift the lizard girl into her car, “Sorry to have troubled you. Didn’t want Black Hat to find her like that. Always a bad time.”

You nodded politely, asked a few questions in regards to her work, and left her to bring Demencia home to that hat shaped manor a few blocks away. Black Hat Manor. How often would the residents of that place make you smile?

I’m so fancy

A black tux accompanied by a green tie became the new norm. Dr. Flug was forced into it by his boss, none other than Black Hat, and he wore it perfectly. He discarded his usual paper bag, uncomfortably indeed, but kept his goggles in their usual place over his bright emerald eyes.

“Awe! Nerd looks so cute!” The lizard girl shrieked joyously as she shifted from Black Hat and his handsome appearance.

Black Hat wore his usual black tux except for his red tie and brim of his hat were exchanged with a semi-perm purple shade. A new look, he reprimanded it. After all, he would be escaping tonight at work for a nice masquerade ball out of town.

Demencia stood tall with her green and purple mask already on. However, in her arms, she held a ball gown of green purple with a purple exterior with black ribbons. She smiled at the two dressed males in their fancy tuxedoes before winking at Black Hat and hurrying off to get dressed.

“That brat is lucky she is a lizard, she’ll help you fit in with the monster crowd. “ Black Hat spoke sternly, his expression changing to that of annoyance and aggravation.

“I t-thought we would be e-escaping the stress and work, s-sir?” Flug’s voice wavered only slightly but kept in line, unlike usual times.

Black Hat smiled softly, “We’ll ditch her in the crowd, Flug. Tonight will be about us.”

He then added as he watched red grow upon the cheeks of his scientist, “I like your confidence without that paper bag, Doctor. You plan on keeping the bag off, yes?”

The scientist flinched but nodded solemnly, “F-for your satisfaction, y-yes s-sir.”

Black Hat smiled with approval, “Good. I look forward to that then.”

Flug barely missed the genuine smile on his boss’ face before Demencia returned with her gown on. She wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed tightly before getting shoved away.

“Shall we go, Flug?”

Flug blushed softly and nodded, taking his boss’ black glove in his own. “Y-Yes sir.”

Vidcon Surprise || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,041

Summary - The one where you finally managed a surprise.

You never got to surprise Jack. That boy always seemed to be five steps ahead of you. Whether you wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party or prank him, he always saw it coming. This time would be different. This time you pulled out all the stops.

Jack was headed to Vidcon EU and you convinced him that you couldn’t attend. You excused it as work not letting you have the time off. You even wrote a fake email out to your boss asking for the time off and convinced him to write one back denying you the vacation time. In reality, you had been planning to go on the trip since Jack first told you he was going, and your boss immediately granted you the few days off.

Jack had no idea.

You gave Jack a tearful goodbye when he boarded the plane for Amsterdam whilst sending Josh a knowing wink behind his back. Of course you had to tell the ginger boy. You needed someone on the inside who would help keep your boyfriend in the dark and keep you posted at all times.

You arrived in Amsterdam a mere hours after Jack and Josh did. Your hotel was down the street from there’s as you didn’t want to risk running into them before your surprise. You stayed off social media, not wanting to accidentally let it slip to anyone that you were in fact following your boyfriend to another country.

Now settled into your hotel and up to date with the whereabouts of your boyfriend, you were ready for the surprise. Jack and Josh had a meet and greet with Mark in a few hours and you had tickets to stand in line. You were keeping your fingers crossed you would go unseen and that you could convince the fans around you to keep quiet. Josh promised he would keep Jack away from the crowd before the meet and greet, so as long as no one exposed you, everything would go to plan.

You got to your spot in line wearing sunglasses and a beanie, trying to keep anyone from seeing who you were. As soon as you were surrounded by the crowd, you took off your hat and glasses. “Oh my god,” the girl behind you said. “(Y/N)?” Your name alone was enough for a few people around you to turn their heads. You put a finger to your lips and convinced them all to quiet down.

“Jack doesn’t know I’m here,” you told them. “I’ve never been able to surprise him before and so far he still thinks I’m in London. Can we keep this quiet?” Everyone around you agreed and you felt like you had leaped over the last hurdle in your surprise for Jack.

You spent your time in line taking selfies with fans and chatting with them about their time in Amsterdam. You truly loved Jack’s viewers and you never had a problem with any of them. Your time waiting to surprise your boyfriend was actually a lot of fun.

When you got to the front of the line, you put your beanie back on and turned so that your back was to Jack, Josh, and Mark. The girls behind you were giggling and talking to you, letting you know when it was almost your turn to be called. When the event coordinator called for the next person. You turned around and ran up to Jack, wrapping your arms around him and burying your face in his chest. Josh was vlogging just like you asked him to. Jack grabbed your arms and pushed you away from him with wide eyes. “What the hell?” he laughed. “What are you doing here?”

“Surprise!” you smiled.

Jack just laughed again and picked you up, spinning you around in a big hug. “Alright, we better take a picture before we hold the line back anymore,” you said once Jack put you on your feet. You took a picture with Jack, then Josh and Mark just for the heck of it.

“You can go wait back there,” Jack said, pointing behind the curtain. “I’ll be there as soon as I’m done.” You nodded and went to walk away, but before you could, Jack grabbed your arm. You turned to look at him and he smiled, then held your face in his hands and placed a long kiss to your lips. You smiled beneath it, laying your hands on top of Jack’s. You could hear the line erupt into cheers as Josh and Mark laughed beside you.

You waited back stage for the boys for quite a while, but you hardly minded. You chatted with YouTubers who came by and it was nice to see people you hadn’t seen in a while. You were in the middle of talking to Niomi when Jack wrapped his arms around you from behind and nuzzled his face into your neck. Niomi laughed and told you that she’d talk to you later, then went on her way. You turned and looked at Jack who took no time at all in pushing you so that your back was against the wall. “You got me,” he said with a big smile, brushing some of your hair behind your ear. “You never manage to surprise me.”

“It was a lot of work,” you laughed, “but I reckon it was worth it.”

“Very worth it,” Jack agreed. With a small laugh, he added, “I actually can’t believe you’re here right now.”

“Maybe this will make you believe it.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled Jack in for a kiss. He smiled and kissed you back, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him. Even though you had seen Jack just a few days before, and even though you were sharing this kiss backstage at a Vidcon event, something made that kiss exceptionally perfect.

Maybe it was the fact that the kiss had stemmed from a well planned surprise. Or maybe it was the fact that you could still feel Jack’s smile against your lips. Or maybe it was the fact that you were with the love of your life in Amsterdam. Whatever it was, it felt pretty damn perfect.