crowd of hats

  • Luffy: (in a crowd and can't find Law) This calls for drastic measures
  • Luffy: (uses his hands as a microphone) Traffy is my Nakama now and forever!
  • Law: [from somewhere across Dressrosa] OH FOR FUCK SAKE WERE ONLY IN AN ALLIANCE, THATS IT!!!!!
  • Luffy: There he is...
How Carrie Fisher Became the Surprising Face of the Rebellion Against Trump
Todd Fisher weighs in on his sister’s political legacy.
By Joanna Robinson

Take your broken heart and make it into art,” Meryl Streep famously urged earlier this month, quoting her friend Carrie Fisher. Millions of men and women took to the streets on Saturday to protest the incoming administration and participate in Women’s Marches around the world. And when protesters turned their broken hearts into the art of handmade signs, the result, for many, pointed in one direction: Carrie Fisher. The protesters were diverse, and their causes varied, but Princess Leia—the surprising face of this particular rebellion—was a consistent symbol staring down over the many pink-hatted crowds.

Another one! This time it’s chubby McCree and an old sweetheart from his Deadlock days (who just so happens to be a chubby cutie too)

McCree swore he heard a familiar voice as he picked his way through the crowd, hat pulled low to conceal his face. “Jesse?” Questioning, still sounded like someone he’d heard before. He brushed it off, figuring the name wasn’t uncommon. “Jesse!” The call came louder, this time a bit closer and less of a question. He turned towards the sound, expecting it to be a misunderstanding. Nobody should have recognized him, he’d ditched his serape and armor for the day, settling on just a casual flannel and jeans.

When he saw who it was, his jaw nearly dropped. He hadn’t seen them in years, not since he was about 17, yet there they stood. McCree swore that time stopped when he saw them, all their soft edges just like he remembered, just like he’d loved. “Darlin’.” His voice was hardly above a whisper and the word came out a bit too reverent. It had been a bit over twenty years, if he remembered right, and he still couldn’t get past them, how amazing they were. It was like heaven lost an angel.

“Jesse,” they replied softly, reaching out towards him. McCree closed the distance, pulling them close into a hug. He didn’t worry about whether they were angry or upset, they were back. “You’re so warm,” they mumbled against his chest. He pulled away for a moment.

“Darlin’ it has been way too long.” With that he pulls them back into his arms, trying to keep from pressing the metal arm into their soft skin. They reach up with one hand, caress his cheek. 

“I missed you.”

The Halloween Party

If you get the inspiration.
Halloween drabble where Jamie and Claire can meet at a Halloween party or something. Claire is costume as a witch and Im not sure what Jamie would be. Hocus pocus they fall in love or something.

Claire sat alone at the crowded bar, her witch’s hat becoming more likely to tumble from her head with each drink she ordered. Her current cocktail was smooth, fruity, and didn’t have the slightest hint of alcohol.

“Colum’s rhenish?” A deep voice asked as a man sat down beside her. He was dressed as a knight, his shining breastplate glinted orange and purple from the bars tiki lights.


He nodded to her nearly empty glass. “The drink, is it Colum’s Rhenish?”

“Oh!” She exclaimed, her face coloring in embarrassment. “I haven’t the slightest idea. The barkeep said it was the most popular drink of the night.” She shrugged. “I can see why, it’s rather good, goes down smooth, and doesn’t even taste of alcohol.”

The man was handsome, the smile he gave her made her heart skip a beat. “Oh aye, it’s meant to do that, make the drinker completely intoxicated in a few sips so that any chap can come along to whisk her away to ‘safety.’”

“Like you? Mr. Knight in Shining Armor?” She was flirting! Claire couldn’t believe she was flirting with this stranger.

He smirked and shrugged. “Of course a knight in shining armor like myself. I always come to the fair damsel in distresses aid!” He winked at her as he pulled her cup to his lips and took a long drink finishing the cocktail.

“Hey!” She tried to be stern, but couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. “I wasn’t finished with that.”

“I’ll get you another. Most people I know, including the biggest and fiercest of men, are under the table after two of these. We can split your second one.” He flagged the barkeep down and ordered another glass.

Claire blushed. “Well, then maybe you should keep this one for yourself. That one you finished was my third round of Colum’s Rhenish.”

He let out a hearty laugh. “Aye, maybe I shall finish this one myself.”

“I’m Claire.” She held out her hand. He took it, instead of shaking it, brought it to his lips and gave her a kiss.