crowd flying

I’m practically back on the ship. Why?

Yes, I am delusional and I’m fine with that. William Shatner, feel free to screen cap me.

Why do you ask I am climbing up to Lido deck? Well, here is my reasoning….


1. Wedding - There are a million and one reasons to attend a wedding with a friend as her date. 

And honestly, after seeing the wedding “money shots” which equate to a posed prom fanpic hugging your little sister and a candid moment of “do these people even know each other”, I am left with the following

Conclusion: these pics represent what they seem, pictures of friends at a wedding.

2. MPC - well, here are my thoughts on this - the question on everyone’s mind is, has Sam been spending his valuable time in LA with MM. I see no evidence of that honestly. He is in LA hanging out with the MPC crowd. 

He had Valbo fly in from Scotland!! To do what? Hang out at the gym? Really? Watch sunsets together? Visit LA? Awww…Sam and Valbo, what a bromance!!! :)

I am sure that is exactly what a man in love wants to do during his two weeks off with a gf he rarely sees…yes…fly in friends from overseas to hang out with.

Conclusion: Sam is keeping busy with MPC and hanging out with Valbo, MPC gang and I am sure other friends while Cait is busy doing the Oscar Party rounds. 

I mean, what are you going to do if your SO is busy, you will be busy yourself.


1. Oscar Parties - Interestingly, Cait has been busy in the evenings attending an Oscar Pre-Party here and there. 

Interestingly, we would have never known based on how much she posted about that…which is ZERO… hmmmmm

I can only assume she has been attending with her friend and escort Tony…because who else is she going to bring to all these work events if she can’t/won’t bring her SO.

2. Oscar Wilde Award - Happy for Cait! This is great for her. 

What does it mean for the ship? Same old same old… Tony was there as usual, hidden till one photo, where they both look as excited as a gold fish out of water and God forbid they put their arms around each other… they might combust (sarcasm).

Conclusion: Good friend/escort to events Tony was on hand as always…since he apparently has the total freedom of availability and lack of any other real-life responsibility.


Really all center around STARZ, who I am majorly side-eyeing because nobody from OL, including Sam, was at the OW awards and Starz is my prime suspect.

There seems to be a gag order of some sort - side-eyeing Starz, not only on SM (curious to see what will happen there) but also surrounding OL promo… 

How can you have Cesar in LA doing promo but not the leads… The Leads of the show are in LA and neither have done any promo at all for OL…????? 

Yep, looking at you Starz, as if it wasn’t enough that you botched the GGs and didn’t take advantage to have your leads do promo during GG week when you had a GG nominated actress.


This is all messed up enough to call bullshit and start climbing back onto Lido deck for reasons that I hate when I am lied to and marketing/PR people think I’m not going to catch onto whatever it is they are playing.

For the record: I have not caught on, I have no idea what is going on, but something is….


The request was for a cute/protective quicksilver imagine.  I just saw Age of Ultron the other day and let me tell you Pietro has stolen my heart completely and totally.  I hope this is the type of request that you had wanted anon, but if not please feel free to request again with something more specific and I’ll be more than happy to write it!

“Pietro you need to leave!”  You shouted, whipping around to shoot at the different versions of Ultron that were crowded the flying city.  The citizens of the town had all been loaded into hovercrafts and transported to the helicarrier and the group was checking for any remaining stragglers before getting onto the hovercrafts themselves.  Wanda had volunteered to stay with the detonator to keep it safe until everyone was able to get off of the city, and you knew that it made Pietro nervous to leave his sister behind.

“I’m not going to leave you here.  I already had to leave Wanda, I’m not about to leave you too.”  He stated stubbornly, stepping closer to you with concern evident in his eye.

“I’m going to be right behind you to get onto the hovercraft. But right now you have to go and check for any remaining survivors and get yourself on that ship.”  You argued, lowering your gun momentarily.  You could see Pietro thinking over your statement, fighting with himself to decide his next course of action.  He didn’t want to leave another person he cared about behind, but he didn’t want to be the cause of any more deaths either.

“Right behind me.  Or I’m coming to get you and forcing you to leave with me.”  He declared, closing the gap between you both and pressing a quick kiss to your lips before he was off in a blur.  Returning your attention to the fight you saw quick movement out of the corner of your eye and it drew your attention.  Clint had run off of the carrier he had been on and was racing his way across the rubble towards something you couldn’t see.  Figuring that he might need backup and that he wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t important you started running in that direction too.

Rounding the corner of a building you finally saw what Clint was running towards, a small boy trapped under rubble of a collapsed building. With both of you closing in on the child a new aircraft rounded the corner of a building farther down the street and started firing bullets at buildings.  Clint got to the little boy moments before you did, managing to pull the boy up out of the rubble and holding him to his body.

“Get down!”  You shouted, grabbing Clint’s shoulder and shoving him forward a few steps, covering his back with your own body and forcing him almost onto the ground behind a chunk of concrete to shield him from the hail of bullets that were moments away from raining down on you.  Expecting to feel bullets tearing through your skin you gasped when instead you were met with a pair of strong arms picking you up and the wind whipping around you as you were carried away from the path of the bullets.

“What the hell were you thinking?!  That was not the way to the hovercraft.”  Pietro chided you, ducking inside of an abandoned storefront and carefully setting you down on your feet.

“Clint and the boy?”  You asked, ignoring his question and focusing on the safety of your teammate and the little boy instead.  Pietro rolled his eyes and sighed.

“They are fine.  The concrete covered them.”  He replied, grabbing your upper arm as you passed him on the way back outside.  “We need to get out of this place.  This time I’m not leaving your side.”  He stated, reaching down to entwine his fingers with yours and holding onto your hand tightly.  “You’re not leaving my sight to just get hurt.”

“You’re stubborn, you know that?”  You ask with a smile tugging on your lips as you squeeze his hands back.

“That’s part of what makes me so endearing.  Is it not?”  He asks, the sarcastic grin you’ve come to adore playing across his face.

“Sure, let’s go with that.”  You smile, leaning against his shoulder and twisting your neck up to give him a kiss. “Thank you, for saving me.”  You whisper, resting your forehead against his.

“I’ll always save you.”  He answered. “That’s what I’m here for.”

Through the desert in the night we arrived with tired eyes, eager to explore a whole new game.

Heat of the day didn’t seem to matter, surrounded by the most awe-inspiring environment. From Palm trees to desert canyons. Ferris wheel to a giant caterpillar, you couldn’t find a more contrary arrangement, yet the colours of the sunsets melted all the ingredients together each afternoon and cooked the most colourful, Coachella cake ever.

Not only was i blown away by the scale of the actual festival, but seeing my all-time favourite acts with such impressive crowds…. Tame Impala, Flying Lotus, What So Not, Chet Faker, Caribou, Tyler the Creator, Alt J, Jaime XX and not to mention a killer set from Gessafelstein.

It was onerous to believe that Jordy, Barron, Adin, D’Arcy and I were all together… In California, at Coachella. Something all of us had only imagined with the highest of hopes. All in all the desert landscapes, live music, good vibes and friends to share it with… especially my long lost, big sister Sahara. If i had to change one thing for next year… i would probably stay in the Vestal Village and delve right on into the camping experience.

I want to say a special thankyou to Alice Mccall, The Lair- for my fringe skirt and matching accessory madness, Luiny, Lili Claspe, Heyoka Leather, Again Label and Senso for being so generous and inspiring.

Untill next time!


Dean huffed out a nervous breath and swaggered across the dorm hallway, trying to seem nonchalant as he looked for his room number. He was too busy looking at the doors that he didn’t see you, trying to meander through the crowds. Your books went flying and Dean immediately helped you gather them all. 
“Hey, I’m sorry,” he stood up and sent you an apologetic grin.
“That’s okay,” you smiled softly. “This college can be a little too overcrowded.”
“Makes for fun parties,” he raised his arms and you rolled your eyes. 
“Of course you’d be the party boy,” you shook your head and mumbled a goodbye before scampering off.
Two hours later, your lab partner was dumping his books all over the desk.
“Hey, watch it,” you exclaimed.
“We meet again,” he winked playfully. “I’m Dean,” he held out his hand.
“Y/N,” you took it and smiled politely. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. 

Requested by deanhesmygalaxy. Gif credit goes to owner. Imagine requests opened! Maybe I can write a fic based on this imagine? Let me know!