Hi Hello!

I made a little music video just for fun! Tin Canyon took so much out of me, and I worked on it so hard for so long that I just needed to something silly and enjoyable to balance all of that out.
I did this in my free time over the past month.

I put my process here cause I thought some of you folks would be interested.

1. started with a really really rough sketch

2. refined that sketch!

3. traced over the sketch in illustrator

4. brought it into photoshop and added some nice textures

5. did color correction, added a background, some fog effects, and an old Betty Boop cartoon

Watch the film right here!

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Mardi Love is such a huge inspiration to me on so many levels. This video is one of my favourite performances by Mardi - so many things about this number are just too perfect: Mardi’s insanely fluid undulations, her gorgeous costume, and the Crow Quill Night Owls’ perfect rendition of one of my favourite songs (in case you couldn’t tell from the title of my blog!). I insist you watch!


crow quill night owls 

double wagon, heavy load