misfits-den  asked:

KnighAU, PirateAU... what about ArabicAU? Ringleader of mercenaries Yusei? Jack tried once to get into class above by stealing some treasure of Yusei? Aki as a shaman, maybe marked by a demon so that's why she's avoided? Rua and Ruka are from higher class, but Rua was about to be forced into marriage so they run away with Yusei's band? Crow working with Yusei to get food for the poorer? I probably should have done more research before speaking but I just watched a ton of belly-dancing vids


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5ds and Bad habits

Yusei: tapping his fingers/pens on the desk, talking to himself, drinking from the carton.

Jack: drinking coffee (no surprise), losing his temper, procrastinating, cracking knuckles.

Crow: humming a tune while running errands, biting his lips, using slang in a conversation.

Aki: fiddling with her hair, collecting and arranging her belongings, impulse shopping for plants.

Rua and Ruka: finishing other people’s sentences, staying up late, indulging in one too many sweets.