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I have tons of pigeons that live around my house and I would love to make friends with them! I also want to make friends with the local crows and jays. Do you have any advice?

I have so much advice!

I’ll start with pigeons:

Pigeons are ground feeders so they can’t use a bird feeder, they’d prefer a platform feeder or you should sprinkle the seeds on something like a cheap plastic outdoor table and will eat most commercial bird seeds, but of course pigeon specific feed is healthiest for them! They absolutely love to bathe and setting up a bird bath or just a large but shallow dish of water (like, at least foot long and at most six inches deep) will make them very happy and it’s a blast to watch. You can provide them with nesting material like straw and hay in a basket tied somewhere too, maybe it’ll help with the strings cutting off their toes epidemic.

Crows and blue Jays are pretty easy too. They need a large feeder or will gladly use a platform feeder, they like higher protein than pidgies. Peanuts, eggs (hard boiled or scrambled, raw in shell and cracked), cat or dog food (kibble or wet), meat, mealworms, sunflower seeds, and past even though it’s not good for them. They are very crafty and like a challenge, starting out you’ll want to just leave it out in the open for them to see but then you can mix it up and stuff food in cracks and crevices.

For all species a schedule is very important! Set their food out at the same days and times every time you feed them. Try to separate your pigeon feeding area as much as possible from the crows and jays cause the former are pretty feisty may chase the pigeons away or bully them. Sometimes they coexist though, so just observe them. You can feed the pigeons year-round but limit how much you feed the crows and Jays in the summer, they’re wild birds and need to learn how to forage. Be sure you don’t have any shiny/reflective things hanging around outside, those and wind chimes and flags may make birds uneasy.

Do not try to handle the crows or jays because they’re wild and that’s illegal, but feel free to with the pigeons! Once they trust you offer yummies in your hand and they’ll likely start landing on you! Maybe they’ll even nest on your building and you can watch the babies grow up!!! Maybe a baby will fall in love with you and try to court you!!! It’s pretty common for feral pigeons to court people that feed them hehe. Or you can even limit the feral population by replacing the eggs with fake ones!!!!!! Lmao I really wish feral pigeons lived near me, I would medicate them with natural things that wouldn’t harm critters that eat them and help them be healthy 😌

Be careful if you have neighbors because the birds will tell their friends, and sometimes neighbors don’t like that.

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amy rose i love your drabbles! could you perhaps write one about derek teaching his daughter werewolf 101?

“Okay, baby,” Derek crouches down beside Matilda, runs a hand down her back. “Focus on what you can smell.”

“Daddy!” Matilda points excitedly to where Stiles is weeding. He is, in actuality, tugging up all the greenery in their border, but Derek’s keeping his mouth shut for fear of having Stiles point out his inability to know the difference between a wool wash and a cotton wash. Not that Stiles complained too much when all of Derek’s tees came out two sizes too small, but he still teases Derek for the accident mercilessly. 

Stiles glances up when he hears Mattie shout his name, grins and waves, “Hey princess!”

Mattie waves back, and then looks at Derek expectantly, “Good?”

“Uh huh, but what else?” Derek points at himself, “Can you smell me?”

“Yes! Smell like bacon and daddy and powder.“ 

In the border, Stiles snickers. 

Derek ignores him, “Like you, too?”

"Yes, and I can smell flowers.”

“Good girl! Okay,” he flexes his claws slowly in front of her, smiling fondly when her eyes go huge as she watches. “You remember the other morning when you fell out of bed, and your claws popped out?”

Mattie pouts, still indignant and blaming the incident on her bed being too small, and not the fact she was jumping on it. 

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I said I’d start posting my nail polish here– I like to pose putting my hand on my bass because it makes me practice more.

This is A. England Lady of Shalott + Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon + a wee bit of Crow’s Toes Triple Black Diamond. Attempting a sort of gradient galaxy thing. I am not the bestest nail painter ever but I like how this came out.