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who minds the table when they go out and who gets the food instead

Seto minds the table, while Crow gets the food. Crow isn’t sure about Seto’s preferences so he just gets whatever he likes. Seto complains a bit, but he’s starting what Crow gets him.

whos more likely to fall asleep with the lights still on

Crow (well, human!Crow) would fall asleep anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Seto always has to turn the lights off and cover him, and sometimes he falls asleep next to him. Because Crow’s too heavy and Seto can’t take him to bed.

who forgets to take the laundry back inside when its raining

Probably Seto is too busy with other things (or thinking about other things) we forgets about the laundry. Crow sees it’s raining but doesn’t quite understand the reason to put it back inside (it was already wet, why is it bad if it gets more wet?)

who falls asleep when theyre waiting for the other to come home

Seto wants to wait for Crow to come home, but falls asleep really fast. So when Crow gets home, he takes him to the bed and they sleep together. Next morning, Seto tries to understand why they’re fully dressed in bed.

who hoards stuff and who is the one who constantly throws things away

Crow likes shiny things and he collects lots of them. Even if Seto thinks they’re not useful and tries to throw it away. Seto is the type to only have the most necesary things with him. Sometimes, Crow steals them just for fun, but luckily he doesn’t get as annoying as he was at the beggining.

who spends days persuading the other to watch a movie that they end up hating themselves anyway

Seto is probably the reading type, but Crow loves movies, so he always tries to persuade him to watch a movie. Seto secretly loves the moves Crow makes him watch, even if they’re terrible.

who accidentally ends up celebrating the other person’s birthday a day early because they got too excited about it

Crow would try to give Seto a secret birthday party without even knowing when his birthday is. Also he’s terrible at giving birthday presents.

who is the angrier driver

They’re not old enough to drive.

But if they were, Crow would probably be the angrier driver. Actually, Seto would forbid him to drive after a near-death experience.

who is absolutely unable to keep surprises

Seto. He gets very excited when he wants to give a surprise (or when he knows about a surprise) so he’s smiling all day and very happy, so that makes Crow all suspicious. However, he tries to act impressed.

who gets to call their friends/family to explain why they’re running half an hour late for an event

Seto is the voice of reason in the couple with no doubt. When they’re running late (mostly because of Crow, you can imagine what they were doing), he calls and apologies. He absolutely can’t tell them why they’re late, but Seto’s apologies are so sweet they don’t get angry.

who breaks something but pretends they have no idea what happened and just puts it back where it was/leaves it for the other to discover

They both do it. Crow does it most of the time, and Seto always scolds him about it, especially because the thing he broke was probably important to him. However, Seto always does it sometimes, and he’s too ashamed to admit he broke something he just pretends nothing happened.

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guess who played fragile dreams ayy
this is for all my crow x seto homies because why not

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Found this on youtube and OMG I love it~ The song is great too~



Fanservice!  This is an actual scene in the game. Yup.

Too bad he ends up with a chick anyway.