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You know, we always think about the poor recruits interrupting Cullen and Quizzie - Jim, the fandom is looking at you.
What about Leliana’s scouts? Can you imagine their faces when they discover that their dark boss has a bunch of nugs, and one of them is called Schmooples II? And then Charter starts to reflect, and understands that Sister Nightingale is the one who has brought the nugs on the surface from Orzammar? And when they have to name their crows and the scouts all pick names as “Darkstorm”, “Silverwings”, “Nightfeathers”, “Frank”, and Leliana comes with “Baron Plucky”?
I think we need to think more about what’s going on in that tower.

The Black Ravens as things my Girl Scout troop has said

(btw this is all chronological from just over 24 hours of our most recent camping trip)

Crow: We’re down to Milk Duds, Lawyers, and Machine Guns.

Louis: I hope we’re drugged.

Tweeds: I mean, we’ve had lemonade Capri-Suns, we know what it’s like to be a little drugged.

Wren: There are donuts under the bed now.

Badger: I’m a daredevil! I can do anything! I- I- [Don’t kill me I just thought of this bc of the whole roof thing] [I actually love him I swear]

Marilyn: [about Lifesavers] How do you smoke these?

Nabby: The internet lies, motherfucker.

Marilyn, later: I’m smoking mold!

Scraps: He tried to push me off a cliff once, but that’s another story for another time.

Socket: Boi if you think I’m gonna go out and get chased by gingerbread men-


Tony: I have spider toes. Watch. [suddenly picks bag up with toe]

I’m going to be making comics for at least most of these, by the way, so look forward to getting some context for Badger’s quote

Request: “Songs for when you’re in love and really happy?”

Listen Here - Spotify: Happily In Love. // 8Tracks: Happily In Love.


01. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar // 02. Marry You - Bruno Mars // 03. Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer // 04. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows // 05. Happily - One Direction // 06. She’s So Lovely - Scouting For Girls // 07. Love Love Love - Avalanche City // 08. I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes


Native American Participants in the Battle of Little Bighorn

One hundred and forty years ago, from the evening of June 25 to dusk on the 26th, 1876, Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer and his troops engaged in battle with the Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Little Bighorn, Montana.

As was often the case from the Colonial Era through Expansion, Native Americans aligned on both sides of the battle, although in this case, only a few Army Scouts were involved with Custer.

Sioux & Cheyenne Leaders at the battle include Gall (Sioux) and Dull Knife (Northern Cheyenne). U.S. Army Scouts include Curley (Crow) and Bloody Knife (Sioux & Ree).

  1. Gall, or Gaul. Fighting leader of the combined Sioux tribes in the battle of Little Big Horn. National Archives Identifier: 533088 
  2. Dull Knife (Tah-me-la-pash-me), Chief of Northern Cheyennes at Battle of Little Bighorn; full-length, seated National Archives Identifier: 530912 
  3. Portrait of Curley, A Crow Indian Scout with the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.National Archives Identifier: 533090 
  4. Bloody Knife, Custer’s scout, on Yellowstone Expedition. National Archives Identifier: 524373 

via National Archives Education Facebook Page

See the first report of Custer’s defeat, telegraphed by his commanding officer, Gen. Alfred H. Terry:

“…it is my painfull duty to report that day before yesterday the twenty fifth inst a great disaster overtook Gen Custer + The troops under his Command…”

Small Friend

Marcel was lucky that he had been lurking around the battlefield of the current mercenary teams when the world had suddenly become so much bigger and scarier. Magic had shrunken him down until he was no taller than 7 inches, measured from head to the tips of his tentacles.
Out in his forest lake he’d most likely have to deal with some animal trying to eat him, but here so close to the bases it was much more likely to end up squised under someone’s boot or killed by a random explosion.
It was not easy and took quite a while but he made it into the BLU base and went on to look for Crow. Surely the Scout could help him survive this madness.