crow ring

How to make a popular fantasy series

Have something everyone wants

Have a small group that everyone loves

Have a powerful main villain

A dragon or two never hurts

Include tragic deaths

Include badass female characters

Have an overweight character named Sam

I spent way too long on this omg.

Category 1: Friendly, benevolent, interact with people out of desire to maintain semblance of life they lost.
Category 2: Largely harmless, minimal interaction with humans. Frequently mischievous.
Category 3: Commonly confused with the idea of ‘guardian angels’. Exist to protect loved ones who still live or to right wrongs committed against the haunting spirit in life. Dangerous only to specific targets (varies with ghost).
Category 4: Mischievous to dangerous levels. Will try to fool the living into deals that benefit only the spirit.
Category 5: Spirits that died a violent death. Harbor extreme jealousy towards the living and will kill those who summon them. Are contained to one type of object - cannot manifest outside of said object’s bounds.
Category 6: Spirits that died a violent death and were unable to comprehend their loss of life (frequently children). Erratically playful and vengeful in behavior. Will kill anyone who they deem a threat or see as not playing by their rules. Can not stray far from site of their death.
Category 7: Malevolent spirits who died violently and want others to suffer as they do. Frequently bound to certain objects, but can exercise psychic influence over those around them. Some possess ability to hijack human vessels.
Category 8: Similar to Category 6 ghosts, but will kill indiscriminately. Frequently haunt one large area and goes through periods of ‘hibernation’ between murders.
Category 9: (Not pictured) Use dreamscape to capture victims. Sole purpose for existence is to kill. Can be temporarily contained, but never destroyed.
Category 10: (Not pictured) PRAY FOR MERCY

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Why Do You Stay?

The whole thing seemed like a horrible nightmare, the call from Chibs asking me to come to Diosa. He told me he was going inside, and told me I should leave him.  I didn’t have his crow, or a ring, I had nothing holding me to him.

I pushed him against the wall, furious with him, that he thought I’d leave him after two years. “ Gráím thú! (I love you)” It was the first time I’d spoken his language to him, I’d heard it from him often enough in the two years we’d been together. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get out! You have my heart!”

His eyes widened, he pulled me into his arms, whispering broken words of Gaelic to me. “I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for. They’ll be picking us up, later this afternoon at the club. Gráím thú! Tugaim mo chroí duit.  (I give my heart to you)”

I watched as he and, Tig, and Jax were handcuffed, Opie walked up, slugging Roosevelt in the face. He was quickly handcuffed and put in the truck with the others.

Several days went by without any word from them, I was beginning to worry. Tara called me, telling me they were coming home. I rushed to the clubhouse to wait for Chibs.

Watching them get out of the van, I could see they were broken, I could  see that they were battered from a brawl that they had been in. Opie was missing. I thought maybe he’s gotten hurt and was at St. Thomas getting fixed up.

Running to Chibs, I wrapped my arms around his neck, seeing the tears in his eyes, he pulled me to him. Burring his face in the side of my neck, I stroked the back of his head. “Ope, is gone. He was killed…”

I just held on to him, trying to give him comfort and peace. I knew that I needed to be strong for him, I pulled back, cupping his face. Wiping away his tears, I gently kissed him.  “I’m here!”

Somehow, I made it through the wake, I held myself together, being strong for Chibs and the others. Inside I felt happy and guilty all at the same time, happy that it wasn’t my Filip laying in that box, and guilty that I was so happy about it.

Later that night, as we lay in bed together, I held Chibs in my arms. “What do you stay? You could walk away at anytime, there’s nothing that binds you to me. You don’t have my crow or a ring..”

I look at him, letting out a small breath. “I don’t need a piece of metal or ink on my skin to know I belong to you Filip Telford. I stay because I love you. You’re everything I could ever want in a man. Brave, strong, loving, gentle, caring…”

He lifted his head from my chest looking down at me. “Do you want a symbol to show that you are mine?”

“I just told you I don’t need it…”

He sat up, turning towards the night stand, opening the drawer he pulled out a blue pouch. “I love you, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

“Filip…” I wasn’t expecting this, it had been an emotional few days. He wasn’t the type of man to act on impulse, so I know he’d been thinking about this. I looked up at him, he was actually holding his breath, waiting for my answer. “Yes.”

Opening it carefully, he pulled out a silver Claddagh ring, sliding it on my left hand with the heart facing outwards. “This was my grandmother’s engagement ring, she’d be happy knowing that it was on your hand. Cairdeas, Grá, Dílseacht (Friendship, Love, Loyalty).”

“ Cairdeas, Grá, Dílseacht (Friendship, Love, Loyalty).” I repeated back to him, He wrapped his arms around me, laying me down. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Request: Midnight Hour

Request: Imagine Juice having a wet dream, waking up in the middle of the night and trying to convince his old lady to make love to him.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by irvanae

“You are so jealous Juan!”, you ignored him following you around the house. “I mean, usually, this is cute and stuff, but not today. He is my boss!”

“Come on baby”, he whined, trying to hug you. “I’m sorry. I know I’m insecure, I’m so afraid to lose you”

“You should know by now that I’m not going anywhere”, you said, taking off your shirt and pointing to the crow on your lower back. “See this? This means I’m yours. A crow, a ring, a vow…What else do you need?”

“Don’t be like this baby”, he grabbed your hand but you got rid you’re his grip. You threw a blanket and his pillow on his arms.

“Couch”, you said. “You are going to sleep there tonight”

“Oh come on!”, he whined, but you crossed your arms, not wanting to hear another word. He had to learn not to explode and behave like a immature teenager in front of your boss. Resigned, Juice sat on the couch and turned the TV on. He heard you in the shower and then in the kitchen. You served him dinner like you always did, but went to the bedroom right after leaving him alone. He watched TV for a while and only went to sleep when he saw you turn the light off, going to bed too. He sighed, trying to get comfortable on the couch, closing his eyes, diving into sleep.


“Juan…”, he heard a soft voice calling him as small hands were taking off his pants. He felt the same hands holding his cock, stroking his base, caressing his balls. He opened his eyes to see you knelt on the floor, next to the couch.

“Baby?”, he asked, reaching a hand to your hair. You smiled and took him in your mouth. Juice closed his eyes, smiling at the feeling and the fact he had been forgiven. You were there, licking his cook, your eyes looking into his and you whispered.

“Come to bed baby…I’m sorry, I need you”, you took him deep in your mouth again and Juice moaned, his hand reaching for you, but holding the empty space.

He was awake and you weren’t knelt close to the couch, only the darkness and he was alone with his hard cock desperately wanting you.


You were still awake, eyes open in the dark thinking about get up and call Juice back to bed. He had been jealous in front of your boss and that had angered you, but leave him in the couch was cruel, you recognized that. Plus, you were missing him, his arm around you, being the big spoon. Juice was so dependent on you and yes, sometimes he annoyed you, but at the end of the day all you wanted was your body against his, happily let him hug you tight, like he was afraid you would disappear.

The bedroom door was close and you heard when he opened it slowly. You tried not to smile, closing your eyes, pretending to be sleeping. You knew he was sad for being out of bed, but he usually respected your decisions. Juice sneaked on the bedroom in the middle of the night was a surprise and exciting somehow.

You felt him lay down on the bed and his hand on your hair, softly touching it. “Baby”, he whispered. His hand rested on your hips. Juice came closer, his body pressing against yours, making you fell him hard through his pants. “Baby”, he said a little louder, stroking your shoulder.

“What are you doing Juan?”, you asked, giving up of your game of being asleep.

“I need you baby”, he moved his hips, his erection against your ass.

“Go back to the couch”, you said, trying not to laugh and taking his hand from your hips.

“I can’t”, he said, you could hear the desperation on his voice and felt how much he wanted you. “I had this dream…You were licking my cock, your beautiful and sweet lips around me…It was a good dream”

“Go back to sleep then, back to your dream”, you said, trying to ignore your panties getting wet when he told his dream.

“Please baby”, he kissed your shoulder, pressing his body against yours, harder. His hand slid under your shirt and squeezed your breast, making you let out a moan. Juice took it as a positive answer and kicked off his boxers. You took of your panties, barely having time to throw them on the floor, Juice pulling you closer again. His fingers touched you, finding you wet for him, “Oh baby, you are such a liar, you want me too”

“Yes”, you whispered feeling him rubbing your clit. You moaned, opening your legs more, as you hugged your pillow. Juice’s chest against your back and his cock against you ass cheeks. You whined when his fingers let you and tried to get up on your elbows, just to fall against the mattress again when he slid inside you. His hand grabbed your ass while he thrusted inside you, taking his time to feel your walls stretching around him. Your moans were muffed against the pillow, Juice pulled out and made you face him.

“I wanna hear you baby”, he said, spreading your legs open for him. You threw you head back against the pillow when he thrusted again, deep and hard. You screamed his name, your nails leaving read trails on his skin. He was smiling, satisfied hearing you lost in the pleasure he was giving you. He was losing his pace, getting closer to the edge. “Baby…”

You rubbed your clit as Juice leaned to kiss you, coming inside you as you felt yourself tightening around him, moaning against his lips. He didn’t want to let you, Juice put butterfly kissed on your forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks. You caressed his back, feeling his body against yours.

“I’m sorry”, he said, caressing your cheeks. “I didn’t want to be rude in front of your boss, I’m just… You are everything to me”

“I know”, you smiled and pushed him on his back, straddling him. You traced his lips with your fingertips and then trailed down his chest. “I’m sorry I let you on the couch tonight, you needed to learn a lesson”

“I did”, he said, mouth ajar and eyes wide.

“Yes, you did”, you leaned to kiss him. Juice closed his eyes, groaning as his hands held your hips. “Now…Do you wanna tell me more about that dream?”

“Yes, I do”, he grinned watching you kiss his chest and feeling your lips around him, just like a dream.

C: I was watching the show “Finding Your Roots” with my mom the other day. That show was a complete and utter mess. On that episode they were investigating the family tree for a famous black athlete (I forgot his name). The host was telling the athlete how his third great grandfather was a “servant” to a white plantation owner. He was really gassing up the plantation owner too. Saying “he had one of the biggest plantations in the south and had over 600 workers. And I was sitting there saying to myself, “oh hell no!” Don’t sugar coat it. That man’s third great grandfather was a slave/ And his 600 workers? Yep, slaves too. There is a clear difference between servants/workers and slaves. Then the host kept going and said, “Your ancestor was so loyal that he continued to work for the plantation owner even after slavery ended.” Well no shit. Does share cropping and Jim Crow ring a bell? Where else was he supposed to go? This is why we can’t depend on others to teach our children our history. I can only imagine how slavery is going to be taught in school when I have kids.