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When someone speaks about one of my fandoms:

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Have you ever been so excited to read a book that you don’t read it immediately, you kind of just stare at it and smile thinking about how excited you are to read it?

When your explaining your favorite book/ tv series to your friend:

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me: idk how good the good omens tv series is gonna be. im just hoping for the best. im trying to not get toooo excited just in case

neil: we’re releasing the crow and zira actors soon and here’s two scenes we cut of aziraphale!

me: *bursts into tears* i was wrong

The Glaive squad™ driving the Regalia Type-D

An AU where nobody dies and everyone lives happily ever after.

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  • Noctis letting the Glaives take the Regalia Type-D out for a joy ride.
  • Someone made the mistake of letting Crowe drive. This woman fears nothing when driving the Regalia.
  • Cue a very concerned Libertus™. “Slow down a bit Crowe!”.
  • “Don’t tell me how to live my life Lib!”.
  • Nyx encouraging Crowe to go for the “Big Jump”.
  • Libertus and Nyx bicker in the backseat while Pelna grows pale in the front passenger seat. This man gets carsick very easily.
  • Cue Pelna cursing in every language he knows because he did NOT sign up for this!
  • Crowe just being herself “We’re gonna be fine Pel, live a little!”
  • Crowe slamming her foot down on the gas pedal and launches the Regalia off a freaking cliff.
  • Pelna swears he saw his life flash before his eyes. Libertus shouting every curse word he knows as he braces for their landing. Crowe and Nyx cheering during their descent. 
  • Upon landing poor Pelna loses his lunch. Off road driving is definitely not his thing, especially with Crowe driving.
  • Panic ensues as they try to clean up the mess.
  • The squad awkwardly explaining the stain on the floorboard. 

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  • Me: Time to study for that test tomorrow.
  • Brain: Or you could read that book that's been on your shelf for weeks.
  • Me: I can read that after I've studied.
  • Brain: No you can't.
  • Me: that's a valid argument

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Unit Design Contest entry. Please click through for the full view! This is Malphasie, a lady who employs the power of a thousand crows. It was a lot of fun drawing her and thinking about her place in the world of Lapis (rather, who she may have been before she became a vision). 

Edit: I did not realize Tumblr would resize the image below the size required by the contest… :( The twitter version has the full 1920x1080 px, link here.

Okay but I am curious about something!! What was the persona you stuck with for a long time, if not to the end even if it became kind of useless/didnt learn anything new?
Mine were byakko and yatagarasu cause I just
really love their designs and they grew on me znbs

Me: *just finished a book/ good series*

person: *tries to tell me something


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  • Tessa: Can you two, explain to me again, why we thought following a murder of ducks was a good idea?
  • Jace and Will: (looking directly into Tessa's eyes) We actually never thought it was a good idea. It was actually the opposite, we thought it was a terrible, terrible idea. But, someone had it on their bucket list, so here we are.